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The 300: An Erotic Time Travel Adventure (ebook)

The 300: An Erotic Time Travel Adventure (ebook)

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The battle that changed the course of Western civilization…

When Riley’s time machine transports her to ancient Sparta, she meets the Greek general Leonidas, who is preparing to resist the Persian army of Xerxes in the mountain pass of Thermopylae. Aware of the much larger size of Xerxes’ army, Riley tries to convince Leonidas to alter his strategy in order to avoid a certain rout.

When Leonidas refuses to concede, Riley uses her knowledge of modern warfare to help the Greek army bolster their defenses and fight off the invading Persians. But the battle takes another turn when the Persian navy penetrates the Greek defenses in the Straits of Artemisium.

With Riley taking an increasingly prominent role in the military planning, before long she and Leonidas develop a torrid romance. Fearful of history’s fate on the outcome of Leonidas’s campaign, she must make a difficult decision whether to alter the course of human history…

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Intruder


After her adventure in the shogun period of Japan, Riley felt herself tumbling through the time machine portal once again, wondering where she'd land this time. After a few minutes, she plopped down on a dusty courtyard surrounded by stone houses with clay-tiled roofs. While she struggled to raise herself up on her arms, she was quickly surrounded by a trio of armed soldiers wearing metal helmets and brass chestplates. Glancing around her surroundings, she noticed tall mountains rising up on every side.

"Who are you?" one of the guards said in ancient Greek, squinting at her strange-looking kimono.

"Um, my name's Riley," Riley stammered, surprised by how her time machine had once again enabled her to speak the local language.

"How did you get here?" the guard said, pointing his spear threateningly in her direction. "And what is that strange costume you're wearing?"

"It's kind of a long story," Riley said, peering around the courtyard at a group of well-muscled and scantily clad soldiers sparring with heavy swords and thick shields. "Is there someone in charge that I can talk to?"

The soldier motioned toward one of the warriors who seemed to be supervising the training of the other soldiers, and the man walked over to Riley's position, peering at the young blonde girl with a curious expression. His costume was more ornate than the other soldiers, with a feathered headdress adorning his bronze helmet, an elaborately carved breastplate, and leather ribbons hanging from the hems of his linen tunic and padded skirt. Most of his face was obscured by the curved cheek plates of his helmet, but Riley could see his piercing blue eyes and square-set jaw protruding from the cutout of his mask, and he had a confident bearing, indicating his position of authority.

"What is this distraction that is keeping you from your stations?" the senior officer barked, annoyed at being pulled away from his other task.

"I'm sorry, sire," one of Riley's captors said. "We found this intruder and weren't sure what to do with her."

The officer peered at Riley for a moment, darting his eyes over her curvy figure bound tightly by her silk robe, then he chuckled dismissively.

"She doesn't look like much of a threat to me," he said, fixing his gaze on Riley's bright green eyes. "Where are you from, young lady?"

"Somewhere far away," Riley said, realizing no one would believe her improbable story of tumbling through time with her unusual time machine.

"And how did you come upon our village of Sparta?" the officer said.

Sparta? Riley thought, widening her eyes. The famous Greek city-state of ancient legend?

"I just wandered here in my travels,” she said, not sure how to explain her strange circumstances.

The soldier bent down and ran his fingers along the inside of Riley's kimono lapel, rubbing his hand against the silky fabric.

"You certainly don't look like you've been traveling very far," he said. "Where did you find this unusual uniform? The fabric isn't like anything I’ve seen before."

Riley blushed as she felt the tips of his fingers brushing over the side of her breast.

"It comes from a place on the other side of the sea," she said. "It's a bit difficult to explain–"

"Well, you'll have plenty of time to explain later," the officer said. "I'm afraid we'll have to keep you under guard until you can account for your whereabouts. For all we know, you could be a spy for the Persians."

The Persian Army? Riley thought, pinching her eyebrows together. She knew about the countless battles between the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, but only one between the Persians and Spartans. Could this handsome officer be the famous Greek general, Leonidas, who fought so valiantly to hold off the much larger Arab forces, ultimately succumbing with the rest of his men to their superior numbers?

"Take her to the stockade," he instructed the other soldiers. "But make sure she's well fed and cared for. I'll continue my interrogation after we finish today's training."

"Yes, sire," the other soldiers said, bowing in submission to their superior.


Riley was taken to a stone building with a single locked door and some time later, an attractive woman about ten years her senior appeared at the door, flanked by two guards.

"Are you hungry?" she said, carrying a cistern of water and a brass platter filled with dried meat and fruit.

"Thank you," Riley said, feeling her stomach grumbling from lack of food over the previous twenty-four hours.

"I brought you a pail," the woman said, placing an empty bucket beside Riley. "I'm sorry we can't allow you to use the latrines, but perhaps the king will give you more freedom of movement once he ascertains your intentions."

"King Leonidas?" Riley said, sitting up suddenly. "The Spartan general?"

"Yes," the woman nodded. "Perhaps you've heard of his exploits. He's never lost a battle."

"No," Riley frowned. "At least not yet..."

The woman paused while she studied Riley's face and vestments, unsure what to make of this strange intruder.

"Are you aware of some impending campaign that we don't know of?" she said, peering at Riley's exotic Eastern costume. "You look like you've come from the Orient."

"Perhaps," Riley said, squinting at the woman's linen tunic, trying to guess her position in the village hierarchy. She was eager to gather more information about the precise time in history, wondering if she might be able to assist in the looming battle that changed the course of western civilization.

"Can you stay with me for a while?” she said. “I could use a bit of company in these cramped quarters."

The woman glanced behind her at the soldiers guarding the exit and nodded softly.

"Can we have some privacy?" she said. "It appears our guest may need some extra supervision."

"Of course, Your Majesty," one of the soldiers said, beginning to close the door. "We'll be standing guard outside if you need anything else."

Your Majesty? Riley thought, flaring her eyes. Could this be Leonidas's wife? She's certainly attractive enough...

After the soldiers closed the door, the woman sat down cross-legged in front of Riley, peering at her with a soft smile.

"Where exactly are you from?" she said, appraising Riley's milky skin and fair hair. "You don't have the slanted eyes of someone from the Orient."

"America, by way of Japan," Riley nodded, knowing full well no one from the current time would know about these countries.

"I've never heard of those places," the woman said, caressing the lower hem of Riley's robe, humming at the soft feel of the fabric. "It must be awfully far away to have produced such a beautiful garment."

"They are," Riley smiled, feeling her pussy twitching at the flutter of the fabric over her hips from the woman's touch.

"So what brings you so far from home?" the woman said. "You seem like a fish out of water among all these burly warriors dressed up in metal armor."

"I didn't mean to come here particularly," Riley said, fingering her time travel smartphone concealed on the inside pocket of her kimono. "I suppose I just stumbled from one place to another..."

The woman paused while her eyes darted over Riley's colorful robe, noticing her erect nipples darting the soft fabric on the front of her smock.

"You seem remarkably well preserved for someone who's traveled such a long distance…"

"Thank you," Riley said, returning her interest in the pretty queen as she felt a drop of moisture dribbling down the slit of her pussy. "May I ask your name?"

"Dafni," the woman said, holding out her hands with her palms turned upward as a form of welcome.

Riley," Riley nodded, grasping the woman's hands softly.

"Happy to meet you, Riley," Dafni said. "Regardless of your reasons for visiting our village."

"My intentions are purely honorable, I assure you," Riley said, squeezing Dafni's hands gently.

"That's a pity," the queen smiled, squeezing Riley's fingers more firmly. "Because I'm intrigued to see what other surprises you've brought with you under that pretty robe of yours."

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Riley’s adventures in Ancient Sparta

I loved this book! I was intrigued with Riley’s adventures in Ancient Sparta. I loved that she met King Leonidas and Queen Dafni and interacted with them. It gave us insight into what these characters are really like. I loved how Riley used her engineering skills to assist Leonidas and his men to make explosives to defeat the Persians at Thermopylae. This is ingenious!

I know this is book is in the fantasy genre but I was so impressed with Victoria’s knowledge of Greek history, mythology and she has clearly read Aeschylus’s play the Persians.

Well done, Victoria!! I will definitely be reading Riley’s other adventures.