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All Girl 1: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 12)

All Girl 1: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 12)

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Only a woman really knows how to satisfy another woman...

Book 1: The Girl Next Door

When the parents of the shy college girl next door decide to take a vacation, recent divorcée Jade sees a window of opportunity to meet her. One night before heading to bed, she notices a light in the girl's bedroom and a crack in her blinds.

Jade grabs a spyglass and sees the girl viewing an erotic video while touching herself. The girl notices movement in the window across the lane and catches Jade watching her.

Things escalate quickly as they exchange increasingly provocative displays, until Jade decides to ask the girl over for dinner. When they finally meet, Jade is shocked to find the shy girl next door isn't nearly as innocent as she's let on...

Book 2: Girls’ Camp

When Jade's best friend Hannah invites her to go on a wilderness camping trip with four other friends, Jade isn't sure it's a good idea. She hasn't yet come out with Hannah or anyone else about her recent lesbian dalliances.

But when Jade meets the new member of the entourage, she's instantly smitten. Emma is cute, sexy, and ten years younger than the rest of the group.

Over the course of the next few days, Jade is increasingly frustrated trying to find some alone time with the new girl. When they're finally caught making out in a corner of their secluded island, the rest of the girls quickly lose their inhibitions and decide to share in the love…

Book 3: The Convent

When Jade is working quietly at the library one day, she notices an unusual figure in a black and white cloak pass by her desk. She looks up and sees a pretty nun heading into the stacks to find a book. Jade follows her and when the nun sits in an upholstered chair in the corner of the library, she finds another chair not far away to watch her more closely.

She begins to get more and more aroused watching the stunning nun and starts to touch herself quietly. The nun notices what Jade is doing and begins to rub her legs together under her long gown. Within minutes, the two women enjoy an intense private climax together from across the aisle…

Book 4: The Exchange Student

When Jade decides to host a foreign exchange student during her final semester of high school, she gets more than she bargained for. Recently turned eighteen, Luna is smart, mature beyond her years, and drop-dead gorgeous.

While Luna settles into her studies at her new school, the two women find themselves growing increasingly attracted to one another. When they begin sharing nude hot tub baths together, the sexual chemistry between them threatens to boil over…

Book 5: The Orient Express

When Jade decides to take a five day/four night tour aboard the famed Orient Express train, she quickly finds the amenities on the luxury liner are more than she anticipated. On the first leg of her trip, she meets a pretty French girl in the bar car, and before long the two women are getting tipsy. They return to their seats on opposite ends of the car, where Jade is shocked but excited to watch Adele give her a sexy show.

After the two women exchange a brief but passionate exchange surrounded by other distracted passengers, Jade is surprised to learn that a high-school senior traveling with her father had been spying on them the whole time. When the girl leaves her seat and motions for Jade to join her in the train’s public lavatory, Jade can’t resist having another exciting fling hidden from view of the other passengers…

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Chapter 1: Keeping up with the Joneses


I'd always considered myself a good neighbor. I'd kept my property in good repair, exchanged pleasantries whenever our paths crossed, and tried to respect everyone's personal space. But there's only so much privacy one can maintain when your homes are separated by a modest wooden fence. Especially when you live in a two-story house.

From my master bedroom balcony, I had a commanding view of my fellow residents' backyards. It didn't take long to figure out who lived in each abode, and everybody's predilections. Whether they liked to skinny-dip in their pool, sunbathe in the nude, or cavort in their hot tubs, it was pretty hard to hide from prying eyes.

Not that I made a point of spying on my neighbors. But the ones on my immediate west side were unusually reclusive. I knew they had a single teenage daughter because I'd seen her playing in the backyard when she was younger. But unlike all the other neighbor kids, she hardly ever left the house. She never got on the school bus rounding the neighborhood, and she rarely swam in their large in-ground swimming pool.

On the few occasions that she did venture into the water, it was always in a full-piece swimsuit. I watched her blossom over the years from a skinny pony-tailed girl to a full-figured, voluptuous young woman. With her shapely figure, long blonde hair and full sensuous lips, she looked like a young Marilyn Monroe. The perfect girl next door.

But I couldn't help feel sorry for how she'd been sheltered by her parents. There were no gentleman callers, no prom dates, no giddy sleepovers with her schoolmates. With her home-schooling, who knows what other worldly pleasures she'd been denied? The more often I caught fleeting glimpses of her, the more intrigued I became with her. I'd shamelessly spy through my shutters to catch a glimpse of her patting her wet body dry after a dip in the pool.

Counting the years since she'd fully developed, I figured she was approaching college age. I was dying to see more of her or find a way to have some one-on-one time with her, but her parents protected her like a hawk.  Even her bedroom blinds, which directly faced mine through the narrow alleyway between our houses, were always closed. Not that I didn't try on more than one occasion to catch fleeting glimpses of her through the cracks. 

One night, I knew a change was in the wind when I overheard her parents whispering on their back patio.

"We've got to let her go one day, Frank," a woman's voice said.

"I know, but college is such a huge step," a middle-aged man replied. "She hasn't been on her own her whole life."

"Abby's a smart girl," the woman said. "We've taught her well. She'll be fine. Besides, she's a grown woman now. If you ever want grandchildren, she'll eventually need to find a mate. Emory's a good Christian college. It won't be that big a leap for her."

"But it's halfway across the country—"

"There comes a time when every young person needs to spread her wings. This is Abby's moment to begin making her own way in the world."


"I've been thinking," the woman interrupted. "Summer’s almost over. Why don't we take that trip to Europe we've been putting off for so long? We can have some time to ourselves and give Abby a little space to start looking after herself. That way it won't be such a shock when she leaves home."

"How long did you have in mind?"

"Two weeks. Enough time for us to do a little sightseeing and for Abby to get used to being alone."

"What if there's an emergency?"

"Aunt Jenny's only a half-hour away. Plus, Abby's got her driver's license and already knows how to cook and clean up after herself. How much trouble can an eighteen-year-old get into in two weeks on her own? We can call her every day if you're that worried."

The man sighed.

"All right, hon. I suppose we're going to have to let her be on her own one way or the other."

"Good. Because I've already booked the plane tickets for next week.

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