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Call Girl: Bisexual Menage Erotica (paperback)

Call Girl: Bisexual Menage Erotica (paperback)

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Sometimes it pays to be naughty…

When Jade picks up a guy in a bar and they go to her hotel room, she’s shocked when he leaves a few hundred dollars on her nightstand. At first, she’s outraged that he thought she was a hooker, but then she begins to wonder. If it was that easy to make some extra spending money having sex with hot guys, how far could she take this?

On a lark, she places an ad in an underground newspaper, then goes back to the same bar the following night. A mysterious older gentleman offers to buy her a drink, but she plays hard to get, unsure at first of his intentions. But when he invites her up to his room, she’s surprised at his lovemaking skills and even more shocked when he slips her a crisp G-note.

Emboldened to try this experiment a little longer, the next night she attracts the attention of a handsome couple watching from the corner of the room. When the man approaches her and asks if she’d like to join the two of them upstairs, she accepts his offer and enjoys a wild, three-way romp after which the man pays her $2,000.

Wondering what the upper limit might be for her services, she decides to try it one more night. This time she’s approached by a beautiful dark-haired woman in a business suit, but when Jade makes it clear she’ll need a little extra enticement to go to bed with her, she’s escorted upstairs to the woman’s room. After a long night of passion, the woman leaves some money on her table and when Jade leans over to pick it up, the woman suddenly flashes a badge…

(Length: 106 pages)

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Chapter 1: All Work and No Play


After another long day of boring client meetings, I felt exhausted. It was hard enough staying focused all the time trying to demonstrate my value. But the worst part was always having to keep my game-face on to protect my professional standing. I had a longstanding policy about not fraternizing with my clients. After an earlier office affair had gone bad and my more influential partner had blocked me from further promotions, I vowed never again to mix business with pleasure.

When I got back to my hotel room, I kicked off my heels and flopped down onto the bed, exhaling deeply at the chance to finally let down my guard and relax. I'd chosen to treat myself on this business trip to Washington DC with an upgrade to the St. Regis Hotel using my accumulated Marriott reward points. Only two blocks from the White House, it was perfectly situated for me to make the rounds of all the power centers where I'd carefully cultivated business relationships over the years.

Sumptuously appointed with all the features of a world-class hotel, it had everything a weary business traveler could want. Whether it was their fully-equipped health club with large swimming pool, an in-house spa for facials or massages, or my choice of three five-star restaurants, I hardly had to leave the hotel to satisfy any personal needs. But today, I was feeling in need of some other personal services. After suffering through eight hours of stuffy meetings with fat overweening executives, I was feeling the need for a sexy young body next to me. One who I could suck up to in a whole different kind of way.

After calming my mind and letting my blood pressure return to normal, I had a long hot shower then opened my travel bag to see what outfits I'd packed for more leisurely pursuits. I pulled out a tight mid-thigh red dress with low-cut decolletage, and after pairing it with black Christian Louboutin heels with matching red lacquer soles, I turned around admiring myself in the full-length dressing mirror.

You still got it, girl, I smiled to myself, appraising my tight ass and full breasts spilling over the neckline of my dress. For a thirty-six-year-old, I still had the lithe figure of someone ten years younger than my age. After curling my shoulder-length hair and adding some dark eye shadow and matching red lipstick, I grabbed my gold-colored clutch and headed downstairs to the main floor bar. When I entered the elegantly-appointed room, I noticed a group of older gentlemen sitting in a corner lounge eyeing me up while I strolled over to the bar to take a seat in one of the raised chairs.

Great, I sighed to myself. Just what I need right about now. Another group of pudgy old business executives leering at me from the other side of the room.

Seeing my discomfort sitting on the raised pedestal like an exotic bird on display in a zoo, the bartender approached me with a warm smile.

"Welcome to the Regis Bar," he said, placing a coaster on the counter in front of me. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Grey Goose martini, please," I said. "With three olives."

"The more the merrier," he chuckled, turning to prepare my cocktail.

I peered in the mirror pretending to check my messages on my phone and noticed a younger couple staring at me out of the corner of their eyes. I must have been quite a sight dressed up in my candy-apple-red dress with bare shoulders, teetering on the edge of my stool with my long legs dangling over the edge. As I fantasized about taking them up to my room, I squirmed in my chair, feeling the heat beginning to emanate between my crossed legs.

The bartender returned with my martini, and just as I raised one of the olives to my mouth, a handsome hunk wearing a perfectly tailored suit entered the room from the lobby side of the hotel, meeting my gaze in the mirror. Without skipping a beat, he walked calmly up to the bar and took a seat immediately to my left.

"Good evening," he said, motioning for the bartender to bring him a drink.

"It's getting there," I purred, rolling the olive around in my mouth as I smiled back at him.

He took a quick glance at my tight-fitting outfit, then peered back at me with smoldering gray eyes.

"Did you plan that on purpose, or are always perfectly coordinated with your surroundings?"

"What do you mean?" I said, not entirely sure where he was going.

"Your dress," he said, peering around the room at the bright decor. "The red and gold motif. Didn't you notice how well it complimented the decoration of this place?"

"Not until you mentioned it," I smiled, suddenly noticing the resemblance. "Don't you like it? Should I change?"

"God no," he said. "It's perfect. Please don't change a damn thing."

The bartender arrived and nodded toward the gentleman.

"Good evening, sir. Would you something to drink?"

The man peered over at me sucking on another olive balanced on the end of a plastic skewer, shifting uncomfortably on his chair.

"That looks mouthwatering," he said. "What are you having?"

"A Grey Goose martini, straight up."

"I like the sound of that," he said. "But I usually prefer mine dirty."

"So do I," I cooed. "It's just tonight I felt the need to suck on something hard and juicy."

"Dirty it is then," the man said, clearing his throat as he nodded toward the bartender.

Trying to suppress a knowing smirk, he turned around and headed back to the other side of the bar.

"I'm Dane," the man said, extending a well-muscled arm and immaculately manicured hand toward me.

"Jade," I said, placing my hand in his as he squeezed me softly.

"That's a name you don't hear too often," he smiled, lingering a bit longer than usual with his handhold.

"Mmm," I nodded, not yet ready to inform him it wasn't my real name but a nickname I'd adopted not long after divorcing my husband when I began dating anonymously again. "I suppose so. But I'm getting used to it."

"Shouldn't you be wearing something green to compliment that feature of you also?" he said, brushing my hair gently aside to peer at my earrings.

"Do my eyes count?" I said, pulling back slightly to rebuff his advance. As hot as he was, I wanted to make it clear that I wasn't going to fall into his arms as easily as all the other conquests he'd undoubtedly bedded employing his intoxicating charms.

"Absolutely," he said, sitting back in his chair and taking a large swig of his murky martini. "So what brings you to these parts on this cool autumn day?"

"Just looking for a little adventure," I said coyly, still playing hard to get, not wanting to give him too many details. After changing into sexy evening wear, the last thing I wanted to talk about was work. "This looked like a nice enough place to meet some interesting candidates."

"Indeed it is," Dane said, taking a more measured sip of his martini.

I took a moment to appraise his handsome face and shapely build, having little doubt he'd picked up many other lonely wayfarers with his impressive package of assets. His hair was thick and wavy with a light dusting of hair gel, keeping it perfectly tousled atop his head. His nose was strong but straight, and his jaw was smooth and bereft of any sign of five-o'clock-shadow, like he'd just shaved in anticipation of going on the prowl. He was definitely a looker, but there was something about his perfect countenance that seemed a bit off.

"How about you?" I said. "You look like you fit in pretty well in this power-hungry city yourself."

"I don't know about that," he smiled. "But I try to play the part. I'm a lobbyist."

"Ah," I nodded. "That explains your perfectly manicured look. I bet you're pretty successful getting your way with the targeted prospects."

"I have my occasional conquests," he said, calmly gulping down the rest of his martini.

I glanced down toward his crotch and noticed one side of his trousers tenting from an obvious erection.

"I bet you do," I smiled.

"Do you want to get out of this stuffy joint and go somewhere more comfortable?" he said, realizing we were thinking the same thing.

"Sure," I said, tipping my martini glass and bobbing the last olive in and out of my lips suggestively. "Your place or mine?"