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Rapunzel: Adult Fairy Tales (paperback)

Rapunzel: Adult Fairy Tales (paperback)

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Not every girl wants to be married to a prince…

When Clover and her friends stumble upon a pretty maiden locked in a fortress tower, they craft a plan to help her escape. But after freeing the cloistered girl, they learn that she was imprisoned to protect her virtue for an unwanted marriage to the sinister prince Garibald.

With a powerful army at his command, Garibald will stop at nothing to find his kidnapped fiancée and hold the intruders to account. With one narrow escape after another, Rapunzel draws closer to her liberators, soon discovering the world of erotic pleasures she’d been missing.

While her pursuers close in around them, it appears that Rapunzel’s freedom will be lost again. Then, at the eleventh hour, an unlikely savior appears on the horizon…

(Length: 98 pages)

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Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress


After Clover's harrowing escape from the witches' coven, she and her friends headed deeper into the forest in search of some food.

"Man, I'm starved after being cooped up in that cave for so long," Jessop said, peering through the bush for any sign of wild game.

"Yeah," Tara grunted. "Food wasn't exactly the top priority of our recent hosts."

"I think you're being generous referring to those witches as hosts," Clover nodded. "At least they won't be terrorizing any more innocent travelers for a while, now that they're trapped in their little torture chamber."

"It wasn't all bad," Jessop smiled, pointing toward a boar digging for some roots in a thicket. "Where else can we enjoy unrestricted sex with a bunch of strangers on an improvised stage?"

"If you don't mind being burned alive after you get your rocks off," Tara chuckled, pulling an arrow out of her quiver.

She placed the arrow on her bowstring and pulled it back, aiming at the unsuspecting animal. When she released the dart, it impaled the boar on its flanks, and it squealed in pain until Clover closed the distance, slicing its throat to put it out of its misery.

"At least we have the decency to kill our quarry before roasting it for dinner," Clover nodded, beginning to skin the animal while Jessop and Tara prepared the fire.

"So what now?" Jessop said while the group sat around the fire to enjoy their braised pork.

"I guess we just follow our noses," Tara said, tearing into the succulent meat. "We always seem to find a new adventure around the next corner."

Clover stared into the fire pit, watching the sparks dancing in the air.

"I don't know about you guys," she said. "But I could use a little rest and relaxation after our last escapade. Maybe we should lay low for a little while."

"Works for me," Tara nodded, laying out her bedroll to begin turning in for the night.

* * *

The next morning, the trio headed further inland, hoping to escape the bustle of the towns and villages closer to the sea. After a few hours, they noticed a tall tower standing next to a farmhouse, and they crouched lower in the brush, peering at one another curiously.

"What's that?" Jessop said, squinting his eyes at the strange-looking object. "Some kind of granary?"

"I don't know," Tara said, examining the structure more carefully. "It doesn't seem to have any kind of entrance or exit other than the small window near the top."

"Maybe it's some kind of watchtower to protect the people living in the cottage," Clover said, noticing a narrow tendril of smoke swirling above the lone chimney on the side of the cabin.

"That's a pretty tall watchtower for such a modest house," Jessop said, scanning the surrounding area for any other sign of activity.

"I think we should continue on our way," Tara nodded, rising up and motioning for her friends to follow. "Whatever it is, it looks sturdy enough to resist any intruders from trespassing on their territory. Remember what we said about keeping a low profile for a while–"

"Wait," Jessop said, tilting his head toward the top of the tower, noticing a glimmer of light reflecting off the window. "There's somebody in there."

While the friends knelt back down in the bushes, they noticed a girl looking to be in her late teens opening the window and tumbling her long hair over the edge of the sill.

"Oh!" Jessop gasped, catching his breath at the sight of the pretty girl.

Her coppery-red hair glistened in the morning sunlight, stretching down almost the full length of her body. Her face was pale, but her emerald eyes sparkled like jewels, and when she stretched her arms lazily outside the window, Jessop could see the curvature of her plump breasts pressing against her thin nightgown.

"That's a strange place for a bedroom," he said, mesmerized by the sight of the seductive maiden.

"So much for it being a watchtower," Tara nodded, peering inside the chamber for any other sign of occupation. "She looks to be all alone up there."

"It wouldn't hurt to say hello," Jessop said, turning toward his friends with a hopeful expression. "She doesn't seem to be any kind of threat to us..."

"That's what we thought when we stumbled upon the witches' coven," Clover said. "Appearances can be deceiving. Besides, she doesn't appear to be in any kind of distress–"

Suddenly, the girl thrust a wooden bucket outside her window, flinging a cascade of dirty water down the side of the tower.

"Unless you count having to piss in a bucket and being cooped up in a brick tower with no visible means of escape," Jessop said, adjusting his crotch while he gazed up at the golden-haired beauty. "Why don't we see if she's being held against her will..."

"I don't know," Clover said, darting her eyes over the girl's voluptuous figure. "She seems well enough fed..."

"Let's see if anyone else is home," Jessop said, peering toward the cottage. "Something doesn't feel right here."

Clover turned toward Tara, and the elf simply shrugged her shoulders.

"It wouldn't hurt to check it out," she nodded.

"Okay," Clover said, glancing at Jessop. "But keep your eyes peeled for any sign of trouble. The last thing we need is to be led into another ambush."