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The Coven: Sexy Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

The Coven: Sexy Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

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Never trust a witch who only wants you for one thing…

When Clover and her friends stumble upon a coven of sexy witches, at first it appears to be a dream come true. The witches are young and beautiful, with voracious sexual appetites.

Before long, the three travelers are pulled into the witches’ cult of carnal entertainment and group orgies. But it doesn’t take long for the trio to soon learn there is a price for succumbing to their lustful lures.

When they’re locked up with a band of other sex slaves, they must use all of their wiles to escape the witches’ clutches before everyone is executed in their final ritual ceremony…

(This is an AI narrated audiobook.)

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Chapter 1: The Three Sisters

After their exciting adventure in the mermaid lagoon, Clover, Tara, and Jessop returned to the mainland, continuing their journey south along the coastline.

"This place just keeps getting better and better," Clover mused to her friends.  "Erotic plants, friendly dragons, sexy mermaids, what other surprises does this magical land of Abbynthia have in store?"

"You never know until you round the next corner," Tara smiled, looking out over the glimmering sea.

"It's certainly a lot more interesting than my homeland," Jessop chuckled, adjusting his crotch as he reflected back on their last adventure.  "I don't know how many strange creatures I can fuck before my dick begins to fall off."

"We can always send you back home if you don't think you're up for it," Tara said.

"Oh, I'm up for it, alright," Jessop smiled.

Clover glanced overhead, hearing some rumbling in the distance.

"It looks like we might have a storm coming in," she said.  "We should try to find some shelter and settle in for the night."

"Look," Tara said, pointing toward a gap in the cliff next to the sea.  "We can hole up there while we gather some provisions in the woods."

"Works for me," Clover nodded, peering at the cave.  "It might not be as comfortable as the hammocks on the mermaid isle, but at least we'll be protected from the elements."

While Tara and Jessop disappeared into the woods to capture some wild rabbits for dinner, Clover prepared a fire near the entrance to the cave.  After they skinned the rabbits and cooked them over the fire, they sat down under cover of the overhanging cliff, watching the heavy rain pelting the surface of the water. 

Jessop peered up, noticing some large boulders perched precariously at the top of the cliff.

"Maybe we should go a little further inside the cave," he said.  "Those things look like they could fall on us any second."

Tara glanced up and chuckled, shaking her head.

"They've probably been like that for centuries.  You're being superstitious again.  We've probably got a better chance of being struck by lightning than being buried by one of those."

"Maybe so," Jessop said, inching his body backwards on the sand.  "But do you want to be the unlucky one who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when they finally decide to pry loose?"

Clover's body shook when she heard a loud clap of thunder, then she glanced behind her into the cave.

"Jessop's probably right," she said, wanting to get out of the rain.  "Why don't we see what's inside?  That cave looks pretty deep.  Maybe we'll find some more strange creatures to play with."

"You mean like a bear or a colony of bats?" Tara chuckled.

"Hmm," Clover said, beginning to have second thoughts.  "Let's bring some burning logs with us to light the way.  At least that way, we'll have a modicum of protection if we run into any trouble."

They each picked up a burning stump from the fire, then they followed Clover into the narrow passageway.  The further they went, the darker and more constricted the cave became, until it seemed to reach a dead-end.

"Let's get out of here," Jessop said, peering up at the steep walls.  "This place gives me the creeps."

"Wait," Clover said, noticing a dim light coming from a small gap on the upper ledge.  "Where's that light coming from?  I think someone else is here."

"Let's leave them to their business," Jessop said.  "There can't be anything of interest this far underground.  I'm starting to get claustrophobic."

"Come on, scaredy-cat," Clover said, peering up toward the ledge.  "We said we wanted adventure when we decided to hook up.  It should only take a minute..."

She braced her legs against the sides of the tunnel and began climbing up, then when she reached the top, she peered through the hole, bulging her eyes.

"What the–?" she said, shaking her head.

"What is it," Tara said.

"It's some kind of cavern," Clover said.  "With torches lining the walls.  It looks like somebody lives here."

"Does it appear safe?" Tara said.  "Do you think we should continue?"

"I don't see any sign of danger," Clover nodded.  "Come on, let's check it out."

Tara looked at Jessop, then she jumped up onto the wall, climbing her way up toward Clover.

Jessop sighed, shaking his head in resignation.

"Something tells me this is another one of your crazy ideas," he said, glancing at Tara's sexy ass while he followed her close behind.

When they squeezed through the narrow gap, they gasped, peering at the enormous cavern.  Decorated with intricate erotic carvings on the walls, the room was ablaze in torchlight.  In the center of the dome-shaped grotto was a large circular platform raised on wooden stilts, covered in straw and soft grass and surrounded by three tall chairs looking like lifeguard stations.

"What is that?" Jessop said, squinting at the strange-looking structure.

"It almost looks like some kind of bed," Tara nodded.

"But I don't see anyone around," Clover said, glancing around the cavern, noticing a small hole in the ceiling of the dome.  "This place reminds me a bit of the Pantheon in Rome."

"More like the Khajuraho Temple in India," Tara said, studying the assortment of friezes showing animals and couples engaged in all manner of sexual depravity.

"Whoever lives here," Jessop nodded.  "It would have taken them centuries to finish all those detailed sculptures.  Either that, or they've got an army of kinky craftsmen to do their bidding."

"Let's take a closer look," Clover said, climbing down the embankment into the heart of the chamber.

While they walked slowly around the perimeter of the chamber studying the depictions of men, women, and animals engaged in various positions of carnal activity, they didn't notice three scantily clad women emerge from hidden holes in the walls, wearing strange costumes and spiked headdresses...

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