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The Dragon's Lair: Adult Fairy Tales (ebook)

The Dragon's Lair: Adult Fairy Tales (ebook)

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Humans and elves aren’t the only ones with sexual appetites in the land of Abbynthia…

When Clover and her friends realise their pet dragon is feeling left out of their randy escapades, they set out to find him a girlfriend. But when they discover a suitable mate atop a craggy mountaintop, they find the poor animal beset by a band of dragon hunters.

Fighting off the band, the group sets out to find a safe haven far from human civilization. When they find a secluded island off the coast, they set up a new camp where the two dragons happily begin mating.

Setting off to explore the island, the trio comes upon a band of female warriors. Fearing for the safety of their pets, they quickly discover the Amazons’ only sworn enemies are men, not dragons.

With Jessop now surrounded by a group of voluptuous but angry women, the group soon warms to the presence of their new visitors, whereupon the trio enjoy an orgy of delights among the sex-starved clan…

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Chapter 1: A Friend for Rex


"So where do you want to go next?" Jessop said as he climbed onto Rex's back with his two friends.

"The days are starting to get shorter," Clover said, pulling back on the dragon's ears, directing him to take flight. "What do you say we head south toward warmer climes?"

As the animal soared skyward, the trio peered over his flapping wings at the tall trees in the land of giants.

"Where do you think we'll be able to find a mate for Rex?" Tara said, clasping her arms around Clover's waist for support. "The last time we stumbled upon one was deep in the forest. How do you expect to find another one way up here?"

"Dragon's fly, right?" Clover said, peering over her shoulder at her elf friend. "It stands to reason we have a better chance of finding one up in the air than on the ground. They're pretty hard to miss once they take flight."

Tara swiveled her head, scanning the horizon in every direction.

"There's nothing but open sky for hundreds of miles around. How do we even know there's another dragon anywhere near here? They're kind of rare, after all."

Clover saw a tall mountain range a few miles to the east and tilted her body to point Rex in that direction.

"Don't they usually hang out on high ground? Every fairy tale I ever read always had the dragon's lair on some craggy mountaintop."

"You and your fairy tales," Tara said, shaking her head.

As Rex angled higher above the treetops, the trio looked down at the changing landscape. The higher the land rose up from the sea, the thicker the brush became. As the trees changed from widely spaced redwoods to more closely packed pines and cedars, the rising hillsides became awash in green, woven with slivers of silver as tumbling waterfalls carved their way through the dense canopy toward the bright ocean shimmering in the afternoon sunlight.

It was a magical sight from so far above the ground, and Clover smiled as she felt the warm breeze ruffling through her hair. It had only been a little over a week since she'd tumbled into this fantasy land of Abbynthia, and after so many exciting adventures in the short time she'd been here, she could scarcely remember her boring life back in Tennessee.

"Do you feel like a refreshing shower?" Tara said, pointing toward a large waterfall a few hundred feet to their left as her fingers caressed Clover's exposed belly. "It's been a while since we had a bath, and I'm still sticky from the king's cum all over my body. Besides, you never know, maybe this is where you'll find another portal to take you home."

"I'm not sure I want to anymore," Clover said, watching the sun tracing lower on the horizon. "I'm having way too much fun hanging out you guys. But I definitely think we could do with a little clean-up before we turn in for the day."

Clover leaned her body forward and pulled on Rex's left ear, steering him in the direction of the waterfall, and he landed softly on an embankment a few feet below the cascade. As he knelt down to let the trio disembark, she felt the spray from the cataract showering over her body and she closed her eyes while she opened her mouth, tasting the fresh elixir.

"Mmm," she sighed. "It's been a while since I've been under one of these things."

"And it's been a while since you've had sex with someone your own size," Tara grinned, removing her frock and placing her bow on the river bank. She glanced over at Jessop, who'd already removed his clothes and was sporting a half-woody peering at the sexy elf's naked body. "It looks like I'm not the only one eager to feel the skin of a normal human for a change."

"Is that right, Jessop?" Clover said, peering at his erection flapping up against his belly. "Are you ready to feel the touch of a woman's pussy after rubbing up against the king's giant pecker?"

"I think I've had plenty enough dick for a while," Jessop said, wiping the king's cum off his body from the overhead spray.

"Speak for yourself," Clover smiled, grabbing his pole and leading him under the falling water.

When they entered the cascade, the three friends quickly melded together, kissing each other passionately while their hands roamed over their bodies. As they began rubbing their private parts together, they moaned into each other's mouths while the waterfall washed their bodies clean of the vestiges of the king and queen's sexual emissions. It didn't take long for the trio to begin shaking and climaxing in each other's arms, and after they finished coming, they stumbled out from under the cataract, lying exhausted on the river bank in the afternoon sun.

"Are you disappointed the waterfall didn't take you back to Asheville?" Tara said, reflecting back on how Clover had fallen into her new world.

"Not really," Clover said, smiling at Rex snoring contentedly beside them on the embankment. "I'm not ready to return home anyway. I left because I wasn't happy with my lonely life and my parent's expectations of me. Here, I can do whatever I want and go anywhere I please. Plus, the airfare's a lot cheaper..."

"Airfare?" Tara said, looking at Clover with a puzzled expression.

"Where I come from," she smiled. "People fly through the air in giant machines that use jet engines to provide propulsion. Rex is a lot more environmentally friendly and more fun to ride. I'm kind of getting used to roughing it in your world."

"We seem to be managing just fine with our old-fashioned tools," Tara said, lifting her bow in the air.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Clover laughed, reaching over to clasp Tara's hand. "To paraphrase a famous poet from my world, all I need is a bit of sustenance and the company of some good friends."

"Hey!" Jessop said, suddenly sitting up and cocking his head. "Do you guys hear that strange sound?"

Tara and Clover sat up beside him and tilted their heads, furrowing their brows in concentration. They heard a faint screeching sound coming from further up the mountainside. Suddenly Rex jerked awake and began flapping his wings excitedly, growling like he sensed danger.

"What is it, boy?" Clover said, peering over at him. "What's that sound?"

"It better not be any more of those gargoyles," Jessop said, shaking his head. "We're kind of exposed down here on the ground."

"I agree," Clover said. "We can get a better idea of what's going on up in the air. Let's get dressed and check it out."

The three friends put their clothes back on then climbed atop Rex's back, and he quickly took flight, heading in the direction of the screeching sound. As they scaled the mountain in the direction of a rocky outcropping, they noticed some unusual movement outside a large cave.

"Look!" Tara said, pointing toward the hollow. "It's another dragon!"

"Yes," Clover said, squinting her eyes. "And it seems to be agitated by something."

"Let's hope it's not by the sight of another dragon rapidly approaching with three strange humans riding on its back," Jessop said.

"I don't think it's us he's worried about," Clover said, pointing toward a band of men waving bows and spears below the dragon.

"They're firing arrows at it!" Tara said. "And it seems injured. I don't think it can escape!"

As Rex swooped in on the band, they pointed their bows at the interloper, firing a fusillade of arrows over the trio's heads. The dragon angled toward them, unleashing a stream of fire in their direction, but they retreated behind a cluster of boulders, shielding them from the attack.

"There's too many of them," Jessop said. "Rex's fire can't reach them in their hiding places."

"We're going to have to flush them out," Clover said, steering Rex onto the cliff beside the injured dragon. "You stay here and protect your friend," she said as Tara and Jessop crept into the surrounding bush on opposite sides of the outcropping. "We'll see if we can drive them out of their holes."

Then Clover crawled down to join her friend near where the band was holed up.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Tara said, shaking her head at Clover. "There seems to be a lot more of them than us."

"We just need to scare them out of their hiding places," Clover said. "Rex will take care of the rest."

As they crept closer to the cluster of boulders, they saw a group of five men crouching in the shadows. Tara pulled her bow off her back and began firing arrows in their direction. As they curled back around the large stones, Jessop suddenly appeared from the other side, attacking them with his sword. When they realized they were trapped on both sides, they stepped back from the hollow, whereupon Rex let loose with a giant hail of fire. The men screamed in terror, retreating into the woods as the flailed at their burning clothes. After waiting a few minutes to make sure the men weren't going to return, the three friends joined back together, looking at each other anxiously.

"Do you think they're gone for good?" Jessop said.

"I can't imagine they'll be coming back anytime soon with two fire-breathing dragons bringing infantry support," Clover said. "Let's go see what's going on with the other dragon."

As they climbed back up onto the ledge, the wounded dragon hissed at them, rearing up as he prepared to fire at them. But Rex stepped in front of him and spread his wings as if to signal that they weren't a threat. The other dragon eased back down on its haunches while he peered at the approaching group, growling softly.

Tara placed her bow on the ground and tiptoed slowly toward the animal, holding out her hands to show that she meant no harm. When she got next to Rex, she patted the side of his face and he purred to signal his friendship with the humans. The other dragon peered at Rex then back towards Tara, tilting its head, unsure what to make of her. As she crept closer toward the wounded animal, her eyes widened when she saw two large arrows embedded in the side of its belly.

"Is he alright?" Clover said. "Can you see if he's hurt?"

"It's been hit by a couple of arrows, but they don't look life-threatening. And it appears to be a she, not a he."

"Can you patch her up like you did with Rex a few days ago?"

"I think so," Tara said, inching closer to the animal while patting the side of its mouth gently. "But we're going to have to administer another dose of anesthetic to put her to sleep. I don't think she's going to take too kindly to my trying to pull those arrows out of her flesh."

Clover nodded, noticing the dragon beginning to relax.

"You stay there and keep making friends while Jessop and I look for the necessary ingredients."

"Keep an eye out for any other dragonslayers hiding in the woods," Tara said. "The last thing I need is to be stranded up here alone with two angry hydras."

"Not to worry," Clover said, noticing Rex scanning the brush for any other sign of danger. "We'll be back soon. It looks like Rex has got your back in the meantime."