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The Enchanted Forest: Adult Fairy Tales (paperback)

The Enchanted Forest: Adult Fairy Tales (paperback)

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Sometimes it’s not just the grass that’s greener on the other side….

When wayward youth Clover passes through a hidden portal on a nature hike, her eyes are opened to a whole new world of wonders in the fantasy land of Abbynthia. As she stares in wonderment at the sensual shape of the plants and trees, she soon loses her innocence succumbing to their intoxicating lure.

When she’s surrounded by wolves after a moment of distraction, she’s saved by exiled elf Tara, who takes her back to her fort in the woods. The two bed down for the night where Clover quickly learns that elves have some additional magic skills.

But before long she yearns to return home, and when she can no longer find the location of the portal that brought her to Abbynthia, Tara suggests they meet the local warlock who might be able to help. But upon meeting the comely young girls, the warlock only seems interested in taking advantage of them in a different way.

When they’re rescued by handsome bandit Jessop, the three miscreants set out to find the magic portal. After coming upon an injured dragon and nursing him back to health, the dragon offers to give them a ride to expedite their journey. On route, they come upon a kingdom of giants where the new friends experience a whole new set of erotic thrills and chills…

(Length: 95 pages)

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Chapter 1: Erotic Dreamland

Clover had always been a precocious girl.  Maybe it was because she was the youngest child.  Or maybe it was because she had four older brothers.  Whatever the reason, she'd developed a fierce independent spirit at an early age, and it only seemed to grow stronger as she moved into her teenage years.

Now that she'd finally turned eighteen and was able to make important decisions on her own, she was beginning to rethink her future plans.  Her parents had expected her to go to college once high school was over, but Clover wanted to explore the world.  She'd grown tired of the rigid structure of formal education and was eager to forge her own path.

After another heated argument with her parents, she'd left the house and run out into the woods to find solitude.  Growing up in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains outside Asheville, Tennessee, she'd always loved exploring the rivers and valleys of Cherokee National Forest.  There was something about the unspoiled beauty and the wild landscape that pulled her away from the city and made her want to live the nomadic life of a woodsman.

She'd always loved exploring the woods with her brothers, who'd taught her how to fish and live off the land.  But now that they'd all left home to pursue greater things, she was left on her own to find amusement.  Although she was beautiful with a striking figure, her brothers had protected her from the clutches of leering boys, and because she preferred to escape to the forest to seek stimulation, she hadn't made many friends.

Now, alone and unsure of the next step in her adolescent journey, she sat atop a craggy outcropping watching the sun setting over the hazy shadows of the Smoky Mountains.  The purple silhouette of the undulating hills framed by the iridescent sky looked like a fantasy world a million miles away from all her troubles.  But she knew her parents would begin to worry if she didn't return by nightfall, so after waiting as long as she dared, she lifted herself off the embankment and began to follow the winding creek back into town.

It was hotter than usual for this time of year, and after making her way halfway down the mountain, she stopped at a waterfall to cool off.  Knowing there was nobody for miles around, she had no hesitation about removing her clothes and stepping into the cataract stark naked.  She and her brothers had often skinny-dipped in the fresh rivers and lakes of Tennessee, and as she felt the pulsating water falling over her bare breasts, her hand wandered between her legs where she felt a warm tingling.

She'd always admired their athletic figures, and the older she'd become, the more she began to wonder what it would be like to feel a man's hard body pressed against her own.  After discovering the pleasures of self-stimulation soon after puberty, she'd been left to her own devices to seek the pleasures of the flesh. 

As she rolled her fingers over her hardening nub, she tilted her head back, approaching a powerful climax.  With the rays of the setting sun twinkling in her eyes, she blinked in ecstasy from the torrent of pleasure engulfing her body.  Experiencing a stronger orgasm than usual, she stumbled backwards against the rocky face of the waterfall.  But instead of feeling the hard surface she expected, she collapsed onto a soft, grassy surface.

When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see an entirely new landscape stretching for miles into the distance behind the waterfall.  Instead of the familiar oak and chestnut trees of the Blue Ridge mountain range, the trees were much taller, with gleaming trunks and long, drooping branches looking like enormous willow trees.  And instead of the usual ferns and loose sedge covering the ground, the new land was blanketed in bright flowers and giant toadstools, like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

Clover picked herself up and began strolling through the meadow with her hands out to her side, caressing the silky petals of the waist-high flowers and the soft shamrocks underfoot.  The flowers had a moist feel to them, and after walking a few hundred feet, she stopped to inspect them more closely.  They looked a bit like closed clams, but when she ran her fingers over their petals, they spread their wings, revealing long pistils and stamens that undulated in the late afternoon sun.

As she peered at the flowers more closely, she was struck by how much they resembled her own female anatomy.  The curves and folds of the petals looked just like the lips of her vulva.  They even emitted a slippery dew like her own flower, spreading further apart the more she caressed their soft outer edges and probed their inner depths.  But the animated appendages fluttering inside the folds was definitely something she'd never seen before.

She'd learned about homosexuality in health class, and often wondered what it would be like to make love to a girl. Suddenly, she was surrounded by a field full of life-like vulvas beckoning for her to stimulate them while they spread their wings and undulated, seemingly enjoying her erotic caresses.  Still moist and tingling from her orgasm under the waterfall, Clover looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then she positioned her hips over one of the plants and lowered her pussy onto the open face of the flower.

When she felt the animated fingers caressing her slit, she gasped.  She'd never felt anything touching her like this before other than her own hand, and she closed her eyes imagining it was a person touching her instead of the disembodied plant.  The thick and dewy pistils felt more like a tongue than a finger, and as she began to moan in rising pleasure from the erotic caress of the plant on her private parts, she lowered her hips a little further until the rigid stigma entered her hole.

As it started to stimulate the sensitive area a few inches inside, she began to flap her legs in and out, but this only seemed to cause the plant to increase the speed and pressure of the vibrating pistil.  Suddenly, the long stamens surrounding the central ovule also began flapping against her sensitive bulb and lower perineum.  Overwhelmed by the combination of sensations stimulating her vulva, Clover groaned feeling another orgasm wash over her, this time even stronger than the one she'd experienced under the waterfall.

When she finished climaxing, she lifted herself off the flower, watching it return to its closed clamshell appearance.  Noticing the nectar dripping around its edges, Clover swiped her finger along the crest and raised it to her mouth.  The syrup tasted sweet, not unlike her own moisture when she became aroused, and she swirled it around her mouth, shaking her head in amazement at the human-like form of the flora in this strange new world.

Other than the sound of birds flitting from tree to tree in the magical forest, there was no sign of people or any other wildlife.  Just the brightly colored flowers and the soft carpet of clover lining the forest floor, punctuated by the tall weeping-willow-shaped trees looking like hunched over hippies with their long hair dangling down to the ground.  Even the sky seemed bluer and the sun brighter than in Tennessee, and for a moment, Clover wondered how much longer the portal would remain open.

But as she peered back at the waterfall a few hundred yards in the distance, she was in no hurry to return from this enchanted new land.  As she continued wading through the field of animated flowers, she paused under one of the giant trees, feeling its soft, pendulous leaves.  They felt as soft as feathers, and when she leaned in to smell them, they had a subtle minty aroma to them.  She walked up to its gleaming trunk decorated with toadstools and ran her hand over the smooth, caramel-colored surface.  Then she gasped when some of the toadstools began expanding and curling upward like a boy's erection. 

The only time Clover had actually seen an erect cock was when she caught one of her brothers masturbating behind a tree in the woods.  Just like her brother's organ, these toadstools had the same thick shaft and flaring heads.  They were even roughly the same size as an erect penis.  Curious, she reached out to touch one of the phallic-shaped objects, squeezing its spongy stem and stroking it up and down like she'd seen her brother do in the woods.  As she rolled her hand over the bulbous end of the mushroom, its head became slippery with a different kind of fragrant syrup.  She stooped down to flick her tongue over the flaring tip and smiled at how sweet it tasted.  Unlike the salty taste of a man's semen that some of her girlfriends had talked about, this artificial penis had a pleasant taste and aroma.

As she began to bob her head up and down on the erotic fungus, imagining what it would feel like to suck a real man's cock, she felt her pussy throbbing once again.  Unable to resist the growing temptation, she turned around and positioned her dripping slit over the tip of one of the toadstools and slowly lowered herself over it until it filled her cavity.  Unlike the erotic flowers, which felt more like a woman's face against her cunny, this exotic plant left little doubt about its intentions.  Warm, firm, and spongy, she sighed as she rocked up and down on the turgid toadstool, feeling it probing her deepest depths.

Sensing herself getting closer to the peak of her pleasure, she reached out to some overhanging branches for support, howling in delight as she felt the insides of her pussy begin pulsing in powerful contractions.  After climaxing for many long seconds while holding onto the shaking branches, she couldn't help smiling at the fact that she'd finally lost her virginity to the natural wonders of the world she'd so long admired.

As she lifted herself off the toadstool, she noticed that it was coated in a new layer of fragrant dew, almost like it was trying to spread its seed.  But after experiencing her third orgasm in less than an hour, Clover was too tired to begin thinking about the grand design of this strange new world.  Watching the setting sun illuminating the colorful forest like some kind of fantasy fairy tale, she fell asleep with a huge smile on her face.

Her parents would have to wait a little longer for her to return to Asheville.  For the first time in her life, she felt like she'd found where she truly belonged...