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The Land of Giants: Adult Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

The Land of Giants: Adult Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

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Being small sometimes has its advantages…

When Clover and her new friends arrive at the giant gates of Gargaton, more than their eyes are opened as they begin to explore the wonders of the oversize kingdom. When curious princess Ophelia asks them how they procreate, the trio are only too happy to provide a real-life demonstration.

But while Ophelia becomes increasingly aroused watching the amorous threesome, her father barges into the bedroom fearing something is amiss. When he catches the group in the act, he traps the little people in a bottle and carries them back to his master suite.

After he explains to his wife how the three were corrupting their innocent daughter with their concupiscent ways, the queen looks at the sexy trio and hatches a plan. If they will service the King and Queen for one randy night of indulgence, they will free the group and allow them to leave the castle.

But as the royal couple begins to disrobe, it quickly becomes apparent to Clover, Tara, and Jessop that they will have to adopt some creative techniques to stimulate their enormous bodies. It doesn’t take long for the three friends to learn that bigger is better when it comes to sex in the Land of Giants….

(This book is AI narrated.)

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Chapter 1: The Lonely Princess

Jessop stared up at the two-hundred-foot-tall gate to the castle of Gargaton and shook his head.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" he said to his traveling companions. "We're barely the size of gnats compared to these people. Even Rex looks no larger than a horsefly in comparison. I'm not sure how much help he'll be if we get into any trouble in there."

"That could work to our advantage," Clover said. "Being this small means we'll be harder to see. And we'll be able to hide in little crevices where they can't reach us."

"But I thought you said you wanted to make contact? To see if the king can help you find your missing waterfall?"

"Not until we scope things out a little first. Let's see what we're up against before we venture inside. Rex can give us a birds-eye view of the place and help us find the location of the king and queen, then we can decide how to proceed."

"Do you think he'll wait for us if we decide to go inside?" Tara said. "How do we know he won't fly off and abandon us at the first opportunity?"

"He seems to have grown quite fond of us since we healed his wing," Clover said, rubbing the dragon's scaly neck. "Besides, he knows as long as he stays with us that he can count on a regular lunch of roast boar. Right, boy? You wouldn't leave us in the lurch, would you?"

Rex swiped his face against the side of Clover's body, then the trio climbed aboard his back and she pulled gently back on his ears, signaling for him to take flight. As they soared over the palace ramparts, their eyes widened at the enormous scale of the fortress. With towers rising almost a thousand feet off the ground, the highest reaches were obscured by clouds. The whole place looked like something out of a distant world, built to ten times the scale of any other structure in Abbynthia.

"How will we know where to find the king and queen?" Jessop said, squinting through the heavy mist. "This place is enormous!"

"It stands to reason they'd be near the top, right?" Clover said, pointing to an elevated terrace illuminated by a shaft of sunlight. "Let's check out that platform over there. At least there's a place to land."

Clover pulled on Rex's left ear, shifting her weight forward, and the dragon angled downward, landing gently on the marble-tiled balcony. Two large French doors lay open, leading to a huge anteroom dominated by a giant four-poster bed. Gilded curtains surrounding the bed fluttered in the breeze floating in from the terrace, and Clover noticed the pale skin of somebody's body shifting restlessly in the bed. As the three friends crept closer, they gasped when a naked girl suddenly sat up, stretching her arms above her head. Rex flapped his wings excitedly, and the girl turned her head to peer outside.

"Who goes there?" she said. "Is it you nettlesome mice again?"

She got out of bed and picked up a broom sitting in a corner of the room, then crept toward the open doors of the terrace, holding the broom like a weapon, preparing to swat the unwanted intruders away. Clover pressed her hand against Rex's chest and inched backwards with the others behind a large clay pot, motioning for the dragon to stay quiet. The girl prowled around the terrace searching for the mice, and when she peered behind the pot noticing the group, she gasped.

"Little people!" she cried, lurching away. "How did you get up here?"

The three friends peered at one another with their mouths agape, unsure how to respond. The girl barely looked out of her teens, but with the full voluptuous figure of a grown woman. Her giant breasts jiggled as she moved her massive figure, and the bush between her legs glistened with a fresh dew as if she'd been touching herself before her unexpected interruption. She had long, wavy blonde hair with bright blue eyes and full, rosebud lips. Clover had never seen such a beautiful woman her entire life, and she could feel her own pussy moistening as she peered up at the girl.

"Um, we flew up on our dragon and–" she said.

"A dragon!" the girl exclaimed, leaning over to inspect the group more closely. "I've never seen one of those before. He's so cute! May I touch him?"

Rex hissed as the girl reached her hand down toward them, then she quickly retracted it.

"You better not," Clover said. "He can be a bit testy until he gets to know people better. And you definitely look a bit intimidating..."

"I don't mean to hurt you," the girl said. "It’s just that I've never met little people before. What brings you so far away from home?"

"My friend is a little lost," Tara said, stepping out slowly from behind the pot. "She fell through some kind of portal and can't find her way back. We thought maybe you could help us."

"I don't know about that," the girl said. "But if anyone would know where to find such a portal, it would be my father, the king. He knows everything about this land. Would you like to come inside and meet him?"

Tara looked at her friends and they shrugged. It was obvious they were smitten by the larger-than-life princess as they ran their eyes over her creamy, naked body.

"Okay," she said. "But are you sure it's safe? Will the king receive us?"

"He will if I introduce you."

"Do you mind if we leave the dragon outside? He gets a bit claustrophobic in closed spaces."

"Of course," the girl said, leading the group into her bedroom and closing the terrace doors softly behind her.

Then she knelt down on one knee, cupping her hands over the floor.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable on my settee while we get to know one another a little better? I'm dying to know all about your way of life in the little people world."

The three friends looked at one another for a moment, then stepped gingerly into the girl's hands as she lifted them onto the upholstered footstool at the end of her bed. Not even bothering to put on any clothes, she sat cross-legged at the end of the bed, peering at them curiously.

"My name's Ophelia. What are yours?"

"I'm Clover," Clover said. "These are my friends Tara and Jessop. And our dragon is named Rex."

"You've taken him as a pet?"

"I'm not sure pet is the proper term for him," Tara said. "But he does seem to have taken an affinity toward us, and he comes in handy when we need to cover a lot of ground in a hurry."

"So I see," Ophelia said, glancing outside the doors at Rex peering back at them with a forlorn expression. "Where are you all from?"

"I'm from a place far away called Tennessee," Clover said. "And Tara's from the land of Abbynthia."

"What about this handsome fellow?" Ophelia said, poking Jessop playfully in his stomach.

"He's from the Norseland," Clover said, noticing Jessop still staring up at the gorgeous naked princess with his mouth agape. "His father is lord of the Kingdom of Stordalen."

"A lord?" the girl said, raising an eyebrow. "That should help when it comes time to introducing you to my father. How did you all manage to come together from such far-flung lands?"

"That's a long story," Clover said. "The short version is that we bumped into one another."

"And the dragon?"

Clover turned her head toward Rex as she listened to him pining outside the window.

"We found him injured in the forest and nursed him back to health. Now he seems stuck to us like glue."

"I can see why," Ophelia said, darting her eyes over Clover and Tara's plump bosoms. "Are the three of you just friends, or something more?"

"Um...well," Clover hesitated. "We've become very good friends in the short time we've been together."

"If you don't mind my asking," the princess said. "How do you little people propagate?"

"I suppose in the same way Gargatons do," she said, peering into the dark shadow below the princess's crossed legs.

"I've never actually engaged in any contact with another of my kind," the princess said. "I've just learned from the scriptures my parents allow me to read. From what I can tell, the men and women have different parts designed to join together and that it's supposed to be quite pleasurable."

"It is indeed," Tara said. "But it's not just the men and women who join together. It can be just as pleasurable for the women and the men to engage in sexual contact with each of their kind as well."

"Really?" Ophelia said, inching closer to the three little ones on the end of her bed. "I've never heard of that kind of thing. Can you show me how it's done? I feel so ill-prepared in these matters."

Clover and Tara paused as they peered at one another for a moment, then they smiled.

"I suppose we could give it a try," Tara said. "But are you sure the king won't mind? It sounds as if he's keeping you sheltered for a reason..."

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him," Ophelia said. "I've been locked up in this tower for so long, I need a little distraction. It gets pretty lonely being left to my own devices all the time."

"Anything to help with the education of such a pretty princess," Tara smiled, beginning to strip off her clothes.

Clover did the same and when they were completely naked, they sat facing one another, shifting their hips closer together until their vulvas touched. As they began to rock their hips together, they leaned forward, moaning into each other's mouths.

"Does that feel as good as when a man touches you there?" Ophelia asked, beginning to spread her legs apart on the bed.

"Yes, in a different kind of way," Tara nodded, pinching Clover's hardening nipples between her fingers. "Have you ever touched yourself down there? It feels good no matter how you’re touched if you're sufficiently aroused."

"Sometimes," Ophelia said, drifting her fingers between her legs to caress her glistening pussy. "But it sure feels a lot better when I’m this excited."

As the two friends rubbed their pussies together, they turned their heads to watch the princess towering over them while she fingered her dripping vulva. Looking like a giant clam mere inches away from their faces, the movement of the princess's hand on her slit sent a gentle breeze wafting over their bodies while the slurping sound of her wet pussy sounded like a roaring waterfall.

"You're incredibly beautiful," Tara said, feeling their juices spreading over the inside of her and Clover's thighs as the two girls became more excited watching the pretty princess play with herself. "It's a shame you've never been permitted to share your body with anyone else. It's even better when you can feel the touch of someone else."

"I wish you girls were closer to my size," Ophelia groaned. "I'd love to feel your beautiful bodies rubbing up against mine the way you're doing now. It's making me feel some strange new sensations."

Clover noticed Ophelia's fingers moving more rapidly over the apple-sized nub at the top of her folds as a redness began to spread over her cheeks and chest.

"Have you never climaxed before?" she said, feeling her own pleasure rapidly rising within her.

"What's that?" Ophelia said.

"I have a feeling you're about to find out," Clover said. "Just keep doing what you're doing and relax as you let the pleasure wash over you. I'm going to come with you. I've never seen anything this sexy in all my life..."

"Oh!" Ophelia suddenly grunted. "Something's happening. It feels so strange..."

"Just let it go, baby," Tara said, moaning louder as she flapped her dripping pussy harder against Clover's burning cunt. "It's a beautiful thing when a woman climaxes."

"Oh God, oh God…" Ophelia huffed, beginning to go into convulsions. "It feels so good! Uhnnnn!"

As she began to tremble, the weight of her giant body shook the entire bed and the attached footstool, sending the two girls bouncing up in the air while they clung onto one another in the throes of their own powerful orgasm. Somehow the trampoline effect of the shaking settee added to their excitement, and they moaned loudly along with the princess while they took in the erotic show before them.

When the three women finally stopped panting from their simultaneous orgasms, they heard a different kind of moaning coming from behind them. When they peered over to the other side of the settee, they saw Jessop staring at them sheepishly while he jackhammered his hard-as-a-rock erection...

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Another fun and creative adventure for Clover and her friends!

Another fun and creative adventure for Clover and her friends! I liked how the author gave us some interesting new places for Clover to explore in this new fantasy world. This time the group gets into some trouble, I was a little hesitant about their circumstances but overall I'm good with how the author executed it. I'm looking forward to the next installment! Love me some dragons!