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The Land of Mutants: Sexy Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

The Land of Mutants: Sexy Fairy Tales (AI audiobook)

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When it comes to sex organs, there's no such thing as having too many…

When Clover and her friends come upon a secluded settlement in the forest, at first they don’t know what to make of the unusual inhabitants. With strangely colored skin and oddly shaped bodies, they seem more like aliens from another planet than another tribe in the fantasy land of Abbynthia.

But as they get closer, their eyes widen when they notice that these strange and exotic people have multiple reproductive organs and can mate with themselves. With three phalluses and an abundance of orifices with which to copulate, there is no shortage of scenarios for each member to entertain themselves among their tribe.

When Clover asks if they have some food to share with her friends, the tribe welcomes the trio into their camp, whereupon the three travelers soon discover the advantages of their titillating morphology.

(This is an AI narrated audiobook.)

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Chapter 1: Double Trouble

After Clover, Tara, and Jessop left their newly liberated dwarf friends, they continued traveling southward, foraging and enjoying the peaceful solitude of the inland forest. But the further they traveled, the fewer settlements they came upon, until they emerged at the base of a large waterfall with some scattered thatch-roof huts and strange-looking people kneeling by the bank of a river. At first, the three friends thought they were washing clothes or collecting water, but the closer they looked through the dense brush, the more their eyes widened in surprise.

The women, having otherwise beautiful, curvy bodies, had three breasts and strange, glistening slits on their stomachs that flared open whenever they bent over the water. And the men, buff and muscular with carved pecs and abs, sported two cocks hanging between their muscular thighs in varying degrees of tumescence. Some of the men were paired up with two women bobbing side-by-side on their elongated organs, while the other women rubbed their bodies together in obvious sexual arousal while their bulbous breasts with thick, hard nipples slid over their partners' abdominal openings with a loud slurping sound.

"Holy shit!" Jessop whispered, holding one of the branches aside with a trembling hand. "Who are those people, and what the fuck are they doing?"

"It looks like they're having sex," Clover said.

"That's not the way I've seen anybody have sex before," Tara said, shaking her head with a wrinkled brow.

"It seems that they've got some unusual anatomy," Clover nodded, glancing at the women's strange breasts and the men's bifurcated cocks.

"I'll say," Jessop said, shifting uncomfortably behind the bushes while his dick swelled in his pants as he watched the spectacle on the riverbank. "Three tits and multiple cocks? What do they do with all those extra appendages?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Clover chuckled. "They make use of them in much the same way we do."

"Except they've got a lot more to work with," Tara nodded. "If I had two dicks and three pussies, I'd be using them as often as I could, too."

"Look," Jessop said, pointing to a lone figure further down the riverbank who was humping the opening in her stomach with her curved dick while her three tits bounced on her chest. "There's one with both male and female body parts! Where did these people come from?"

"I don't know," Clover said, glancing around the settlement, noticing some farm animals penned behind rough-hewn fences and lush gardens filled with leafy vegetables. "But they seem to be fairly self-sufficient."

"In more ways than one," Tara said, watching the hermaphrodite grunting in pleasure while she played with her nipples and her long appendage pumped in and out of her stomach.

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves..." Jessop said, reaching into his pants to straighten out his hardening tool.

“I'd hate to interrupt their obvious pleasure," Clover said. "Although it looks like you're more than willing to barge in on the festivities."

"I think another dick is the last thing they need right now," Tara chuckled.

Suddenly, the three friends heard some rustling in the bushes behind them, and they turned around to see a group of naked men lined up, pointing spears toward them. Tara instinctively reached for her bow hanging over her back, but Clover placed her hand on her arm, motioning for her to stand down.

"Let's not stir things up any more than we need to," she said, raising her hands over her head to show the trio meant no harm to the strange band of natives.

The tribesmen paused for a moment then one of them stepped forward, thrusting his spear angrily in their direction.

"What are you doing here?" he said.

"Nothing," Clover said. "We just stumbled upon your settlement. We didn't mean to interfere in your...activities."

"You're humans," he grunted. "Nothing ever good comes from mingling with your kind."

"I understand," Clover said, remembering how their dwarf friends had been banished from the local village and persecuted for their unusual features. "We'll just continue on our way and give you no trouble–"

"Wait," Tara said, pulling Clover back down beside her. "They've got a lot more food than we do. Maybe we could offer a trade in order to stock up on provisions before we move on..."

The lead tribesman paused as he ran his eyes over Tara's diminutive figure, squinting at her pointed ears.

"What could you humans possibly offer us?" he said.

"Well, technically, I'm an elf," she said, peering down at the tribesman's twin phalluses bumping together between his legs. "I'm not built like other humans, much like you. Plus, we're pretty handy with our tools. We might be able to help you capture some wild game like boar, grouse, and rabbits."

"We already have plenty of chickens and goats–"

One of the other tribesmen glanced at Tara's firm tits covered by her animal-skin bodysuit and gently lowered the angry tribesman's spear.

"They seem harmless enough," he said. "Why don't we introduce them to Akirie and see what she says? Maybe they can prove useful to us..."

"Humfft!" the lead tribesman huffed, pulling back his spear and thumping the blunt end on the ground. "Come, we'll see what our leader wants to do with you. But keep your weapons sheathed, lest we poke you with our lances."

"I might kind of like that," Tara grinned, noticing the pronged cocks of the second tribesman beginning to swell as he ogled her sexy figure.

When the trio emerged from the brush with the group of tribesman escorting them toward the central courtyard, the rest of the tribespeople stopped what they were doing and peered up at the strange intruders while they decoupled, displaying their glistening sex organs.

"Holy fuck," Tara grunted as she passed one of the men with his erect organs pointing at forty-five degree opposite angles over his ripped abdomen. "Can you imagine what we could do with two of those?"

"I'm beginning to wonder," Clover nodded as her eyes flared at his throbbing equipment.

"I'm starting to feel a bit inadequate around here," Jessop sighed, staring at the tribesmen's huge, swelling tools.

"Don't worry, Jessop," Tara said, noticing his dick angling upward in his tight pants while he stared at the women's triple tits. "If you play your cards right, you might be able to show these natives a few tricks of your own."

"Oh, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve, alright," he smiled, walking past a young tribesman jerking both of his erect poles with two hands inside one of the thatched huts. "I just don't know where to start."

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