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The Mage's Spell: A Kinky Fairy Tale (ebook)

The Mage's Spell: A Kinky Fairy Tale (ebook)

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Alcohol isn’t the only kind of spirits served at the Cock and Hen bar…

When Clover encounters a mysterious man in a tavern and they begin sharing their stories, it soon becomes apparent he has special powers. As he begins to describe his exploits, Clover hatches a plan.

Feeling inadequate among her forest-dwelling friends, could the mage equip her with Jessop’s strength and Tara’s beauty? Pulling a glass ball out of his pouch, he begins massaging it with his hands. As the globe glows brighter and brighter, he directs the energy toward Clover, making her jump in her seat.

At first, she doesn’t notice much of a difference, but when the pretty barmaid comes to serve them drinks, she feels a strange stirring in her loins. Excusing herself to go to the washroom, she’s shocked when she discovers the magician has endowed her with a man’s sexual organs. Worse still, the appendage seems to have taken on a life of its own and she can’t seem to get it to relax.

Eager to try out her distracting new toy, Clover takes the pretty barmaid to the upstairs brothel, where she discovers a whole new way to excite her partner. When she rejoins her bandmates, they notice a strange glow about her, but it’s not until later in the day when they’re bathing in the river that they begin to appreciate Clover’s new powers…

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Chapter 1: A Kinky Witch

After two days of traveling through the forest, Clover and her friends were happy to see a dusty wooden sign announcing their arrival at the outskirts of Longdale.  As they walked down the town's main street, they peered up at the storefronts lining the thoroughfare.  When Jessop caught sight of a saloon named The Cock and Hen, he grabbed the girls' hands, pulling them in the direction of the swinging doors.

"I don't know about you guys," he said.  "But I could use something to eat besides rabbit and grouse.  Why don't we stop to rest and recharge our batteries at the local watering hole?"

"Are you sure it's just food you're interested in?" Tara said, noticing two scantily dressed women leaning on opposite sides of the doors.

"After our last adventure in the woods," he chuckled, "I think I've had more than enough sex for a few days."

"Speak for yourself," Clover said, winking at one of the girls as they entered the bar.

"Your sexual appetite never ceases to amaze me," Tara said, shaking her head.  "Is everyone from your homeland of Tennessee this horny?"

"Probably not," Clover smiled, glancing around the tavern.  "I've just got a lot of catching up to do."

Noticing all the tables occupied, the trio ambled up to the counter to order some drinks.

"What'll it be?" a pretty barmaid said, approaching the group.

"Whiskey," Jessop nodded.

"I'll have a beer," Tara said, peering around the room.

"Same," Clover said, glancing down at the barmaid's plump bosom pressed up in her tight decolletage.

Jessop looked upstairs at the overhead balcony, noticing a steady stream of men disappearing into small rooms escorted by half-naked call girls.

"Now I see why they call it the Cock and Hen Saloon," he said, smiling at the barmaid.  "What do you have to eat in this place?"

"Our specials today are chicken pot pie and corned beef with cabbage."

"I feel like something warm," he nodded.  "I'll have the pie, thank you."

"I could go for something warm too," Clover said, glancing up at the pretty harlots flaunting their wares on the balcony.  "Make that two."

"I'll have the corned beef," Tara said, rolling her eyes.

"Two beers and two pot pies, one whiskey, one corned beef," the barmaid nodded.  "Be right back."

While she went to pour the drinks, Tara turned around to appraise the room.  The noisy lounge was filled with groups of boisterous men playing cards and dart games. But in the back corner of the room sat a lone man with a pointed hat, balancing a levitating ball between his hands.

"Here are your drinks," the barmaid said, placing the glasses in front of the three travelers.  "The food will be a couple more minutes."

"What's the story with that odd fellow sitting in the corner?" Tara said, nodding in the direction of the brooding man.

"Oh, you mean Odarin?" she said, peering toward his table.  "They say he's a mage who can conjure spells.  Best you steer clear of him.  The last customer who gave him trouble got turned into a goat."

"What other powers does he have?" Clover said, her attention temporarily diverted from the preening ladies.

"Invocation, translocation, antimagic," the barmaid said.  "The usual hocus-pocus stuff."

"Translocation?  You mean he has the ability to transport people to different places?"

"So I'm told," the barmaid nodded.  "But I couldn't say for sure.  Like I said, I try to keep my distance as much as possible."

When the waitress left to retrieve their food orders, Jessop peered at Clover with a wrinkled forehead.

"You weren't actually thinking of approaching this character?" he said.  "After the crazy warlock and that kinky witch in the woods, haven't you had enough of this magic business?"

"It wouldn't hurt just to talk with him," Clover said, mesmerized by the glowing orb between his hands.  "Maybe he can help me get back home."

"Are you still in such a hurry to leave us?" Tara said, placing her hand atop Clover's. "I thought you were starting to enjoy our little adventures together."

"I am," Clover nodded.  "I only want to go back for a short while.  Just to let my loved ones know I'm okay.  Maybe he can help me find the portal to allow me to come and go as I please."

"I suppose it's worth a try," Tara said, squinting at the man suspiciously.  "At the very least, we can rest our legs while we see what else he's got up his sleeve."

As the trio wove their way through the cluttered barroom, drunken patrons tried to reach out to pinch and caress the girls' bodies.  While Clover and Tara swatted away their hands, Jessop did his best to put himself between his friends and the leering customers.  When they finally reached the mage's table, Clover paused, peering at him hopefully.

"Excuse me, sir," she said.  "We've been traveling for the last couple of days and just wanted to rest our legs.  Do you mind if we join you until we finish our lunch?  All the other tables seem to be occupied."

The man darted his eyes between the three friends, then motioned to the empty chairs.  Clover noticed the orb that he'd been balancing between his palms still levitated over the table, even when he withdrew his hands.

"Of course," he said.  "I can always use the company."

"Thank you," she said, motioning for Jessop to take the seat next to the man while she and Tara sat on the opposite side of the table.

"The barmaid said you have special powers," Clover said, taking a bite of her pie.

"You mean this little ball trick?" he said, bouncing the orb softly from side to side with the two sides of one hand.

"She said you also have the ability to transport people from one time and place to another."

"Sometimes," the man nodded.  "It depends how far and for how long."

"Have you ever heard of a place called the USA?" Clover said.

The man pinched his eyebrows and shook his head.

"Can't say that I have," he said.

"So you couldn't send me back there?"

"Can you give me a few more details?" the mage said.  "In which direction is it?"

"I have no idea," Clover said, shaking her head.  "I fell into this land of Abbynthia through a portal in a waterfall a few hundred miles north of here.  But it appears to be from a completely different time and place.  Maybe a few hundred years in the future..."

"I can only send people to places we both can recognize," the mage said.  "I'm sorry, but it looks like I can't help you."

"What other powers do you possess?" Tara said, munching on her corned beef sandwich.  "The maid said something about invocation and antimagic..."

"Antimagic is the ability to remove spells created by another wizard," he said.  "Invocation involves endowing you with special powers."

"We could have used your antimagic powers a few days ago," Jessop chuckled, reflecting back on the witch who'd turned them into half-animal/half-human creatures.

"What kind of powers?" Tara said, darting her eyes across the mage's face, trying to assess if he was legit.

"Strength, skill, virility," the mage said.  "Everybody seems to want something different."

"Do you charge a fee for these services?" Tara said.

"Not usually," the man said.  "It's good practice for me to hone my craft.  My powers weaken if I don't use them from time to time."

Tara peered across the table at her friend sitting next to the mage.

"What do you think, Jessop?  If you could choose a special power, what would it be?"

"Hmm," he said, peering around the room at the bar patrons still leering at the girls.  "All I know is how to fight with a sword.  If I could be granted one wish, I suppose it would be to be the best swordsman in the land."

"That doesn't sound too difficult," the mage said, passing the orb across the table in Jessop's direction.  "Place your hands around the ball, then close your eyes imagining yourself with these powers."

Jessop paused as he peered at the object with its unusual rays surrounding it like an electrified sphere.

"Will it hurt?"

"Not unless you wish for something bad."

Jessop raised his hands and reached out to grasp the sphere, then he closed his eyes for a few moments, trying to concentrate.  When he lifted his lids, he turned to face the mage, shaking his head.

"I don't feel anything different," he said. 

"You might not be aware of your new powers until they're tested," the mage nodded.

"Tested in what way?"

Suddenly, two drunken bar patrons approached their table, saddling up next to Tara and Clover.

"You girls look like you could use a little different entertainment," one of them said, nodding toward the second-floor balcony.  "We've got some bigger balls for you to play with if you want to join us upstairs."

Tara turned her head and peered up at the man with a sneer.

"What makes you think I'd be the least bit interested in touching your filthy balls or any other part of your stinking body for that matter?" she said.

The man pulled out a knife, placing it next to Tara's pointed ears.

"You better watch how you talk to me and my friend, you little nymph.  Otherwise, we might have to teach you some manners–"

Suddenly, Jessop slid out from the other side of the table, pulling his sword from his sheath and snapping the man's knife out of his hand, sending it spinning across the floor.

"What the–" the man said, staggering backwards in surprise.

The second man lunged forward, pulling an equally long sword from his side and brandishing it threateningly toward Jessop.

"Why don't you play with something your own size?" he said.

Jessop peered at the man for a moment, then swiped his blade in a criss-cross fashion so quickly the man barely had time to respond, and his pants fell to the floor with his belt cut open at the front.  While everyone in the saloon laughed at them, the two men slunk back to the other side of the room, realizing they were badly outmatched.

"Wow," Tara said, smiling at Jessop as he returned to his seat next to the mage.  "That was pretty impressive.  I've never seen you use your sword so adeptly.  Although it really wasn't necessary.  I was more than capable of taking care of those two scoundrels my own way."

"I'm sure you were," Jessop said.  "But I thought it might be a good opportunity to test my newly acquired powers."

"Were you suitably impressed?"

"Given that I hardly had time to think about it and how I was able to dispatch those two ruffians without anyone even suffering a scratch, I'd have to say yes."

"What about you, Tara?" Clover said, noticing her friend still peering warily at the table of hoodlums.  "What would you wish for if you could be endowed with special powers?"

"Since my primary weapon of choice is the bow and arrow," she said, "I suppose I'd want to be able to defend myself against any threat, no matter the size or strength of my opponent."

The mage peered across the table at Tara's quiver of handmade arrows slung over her back and nodded.

"Something tells me you're already more than capable," he said.  "But if you're looking to up your game, grasp the orb and make a wish."

Tara reached out to hold the globe levitating over the table in front of Jessop, then she closed her eyes, clasping onto it tightly.  After a few seconds, she released the ball, peering at the mage with a strange smile.

"I feel something different," she said.  "Like I'm stronger, faster–and sharper."

"You might have a chance to test your new skills sooner than you expected," the mage said, noticing the ruffians approaching their table again with five other hooligans.

"You!" the ringleader shouted, pointing his knife toward Jessop along with each of his friends.  "Let's see how fast you are with your sword when you've got a small army to contend with."

Jessop began to stand up to confront the mob, but Tara placed her hand gently over his and nodded.

"Let me take care of it this time," she said, rising up from her chair and placing an arrow in her bow, pointing it toward the ringleader.

"There's only one of you and seven of us," he sneered.  "Even if you got lucky enough to spear one of us, we'd be on you before you had time to reload your bow."

Tara hesitated for a moment then she raised her bow a few more inches, firing her arrow through the man's hat, sending it sailing across the room and pinning it against the bullseye of a dartboard on the far side of the saloon wall.  The group of hooligans paused for a moment then they all began rushing toward the table.  Within the blink of an eye, Tara pulled one arrow after another from her quiver, impaling two of the men in their thigh and one in the foot, stopping them dead in their tracks, squealing in pain.  The rest of the group paused for a moment, unsure if they wanted to continue their advance, and when the ringleader took another step forward, she sailed an arrow between his legs, tearing the underside of his pants. 

He thrust his hands over his crotch, staring at the elf incredulously.

"You nearly cut off my balls!" he screamed.

"Maybe you should think twice about asking me to touch them next time," Tara smiled.

"Come on, boys," the ringleader said, motioning for his friends to exit the saloon.  "It looks like this mage is playing his little games again.  We'll regroup to fight another day.  These two sluts aren't worth the effort anyway."

"Jesus," Clover said when Tara sat back down beside her.  "That was bad-ass!"

"Not bad if I do say so myself," Tara nodded, smiling toward the mage.  "I've never been so fast or accurate with my bow before.  You really do have special powers."

"What about you, Clover?" Jessop said, peering across the table at the last member of their triumvirate.  "What would you wish for if you could have anything you wanted?"

Clover paused for a moment, peering at each of her friends, then she turned toward the magician.

"What if I wanted Jessop's virility and Tara's beauty?  Could I have two things at once?"

"I suppose you won't know until you try," the mage smiled, nodding toward the floating orb.  "Hold the sphere and make your wish.  It's worked out pretty well for your friends so far."

Clover looked at her friends, and they nodded softly.  Then she reached out to clasp the orb and pinched her eyes closed, imagining her new powers.  After a few moments, she felt a strange tingling sensation, then she released the ball with a grunt.

"Well?" Tara said.  "Do you feel anything different?"

"It's hard to say," Clover said.  "I feel something new, that's for sure."

A few seconds later, the pretty barmaid returned to the table to collect their plates.

"I'm sorry for all the trouble," she said.  "Some of our customers can get a bit ornery when they get loaded up with too much liquor.  The saloon owner watched the whole thing and asked me to apologize.  He said the food is on the house.  Would you like anything else?"

Clover peered at the barmaid's sexy cleavage, feeling a strange stirring in her loins.

"Can you point me toward the restroom?" she said.  "All this excitement seems to have gotten my fluids flowing in the other direction."

"Absolutely," the barmaid said, pointing to the opposite side of the bar.  "It's behind the counter, on the left.  Let me know if you need anything else."

"Thank you," Clover said, sliding out beside Tara and brushing up against the waitress loading her tray with the empty dishes.

When she entered the lavatory, Clover went into one of the cubicles and began unbuttoning her snug sheepskin suit, feeling a strange tightening sensation in her crotch.  When she pulled down her tunic, she was shocked when a large erect cock sprung up from between her legs.

"What the fuck–?" she said, peering down at the organ incredulously.  "What happened to my..."

Reaching down to grasp her new appendage, she moaned, realizing how good it felt to touch it.  As she caressed the bulbous head and began to stroke the shaft, she rocked her hips unconsciously, pretending like she was fucking someone.

"Oh my God," she muttered, stoking her dick more rapidly, feeling her pleasure beginning to rise.  "Now I know what Jessop means when he says this thing has a mind of its own.  This feels incredible."

As she continued to jerk her hard-on with greater excitement, she felt an unusual sensation building up in her balls, and she grasped them tightly, feeling the urge to void.  Without warning, she suddenly began spurting long ropes of white cum over the back of the cubicle door while hunched over in delirious pleasure.

"Holy fuck!" she panted.  "This thing is amazing!  If it feels this good with my hand, I can only imagine how good it would feel inside a warm, wet pussy."

While she cleaned up the mess she'd made in the lavatory, she noticed her erection still bobbing excitedly against the front of her abdomen, dripping cum from the top of its throbbing purple head.

"What the hell am I supposed to do with it now?" she said, looking at the scrawled pictures of spewing cocks lining the cubicle wall with the names of the bar patron's favorite hookers.  "It doesn't seem to want to go down."

Unsure where to stuff her engorged tool, she pulled her suit back up over her body, angling her boner to one side, trying to make it less noticeable.

"Maybe Jessop can give me some tips on how to quiet this monster," she said to herself.  "I can't stay in here all day waiting for it to relax."

As Clover exited the restroom, she bumped into the pretty barmaid returning to the kitchen with another empty food tray.

"Everything okay?" she said, noticing Clover's flushed face and sweaty brow.

"Um, yes," Clover stammered, trying to hide her throbbing erection bulging under her tight sheepskin bodysuit.  "I guess I'm still a little worked up after all that excitement at our table."

The barmaid peered down toward Clover's crotch, noticing the long pole swelling in her garment and the wet spot near the tip.

"I see the mage has been busy casting his special spells again," she smiled.  "It looks like you could use a little help putting that thing to good use.  I'm just about to finish my shift.  Would you like to go upstairs where I can give you some proper attention?"

Clover peered down at the barmaid's heaving breasts, then glanced up at her with a slack mouth, unsure how to respond.  Suddenly, the maid pressed Clover up against the corridor wall, kissing her passionately while grinding her pelvis against Clover's throbbing prick.

"It's okay, sweetheart," the girl said.  "I know my way around a dick or two.  I'm pretty sure I can get you quieted down before anyone else notices your predicament."