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The Witch's Brew: Adult Fairy Tales (ebook)

The Witch's Brew: Adult Fairy Tales (ebook)

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Some witches are bad, some witches are good, and some are devilishly good…

When Clover and her friends meet a mysterious witch in the woods, she invites them into her cabin for some tea. But unbeknownst to the group, the witch has ulterior motives.

After drinking her secret potion, the trio suddenly becomes groggy and one by one begin morphing into half-human, half-animal creatures. First Jessop transforms into a centaur, then Tara morphs into a medusa, and finally Clover changes into a gorgon.

While the witch watches the beasts circling one another and begin mating, the three explorers are oblivious as to what’s happening to them. When they return to their original form, the witch transforms into a three-headed hydra, binding them together with her tail while giving them a new kind of simultaneous climax.

By the time the group leaves the witch’s cottage, their only memory of the event is a strange ache in their lower extremities…

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Chapter 1

After Clover and her friends bade farewell to their dragons on the island of Sappho, they headed southward along the coastline, foraging in the woods for wild game and buried tubers.  It wasn't the sumptuous feast they'd grown accustomed to on the island, but they were happy to be together again, looking for their next adventure.  As she walked along the steep cliffs above the shore, Clover peered longingly out to sea.

"Are you missing our friends?" Tara said, noticing Clover's pensive mood.

"You mean Rex and Betty?" she said, referring to their pet dragon names.  "It sure made moving around a lot easier.  My feet are killing me."

"They'll be happier fending for themselves," Tara said.  "Dragons weren't mean to be domesticated.  Soon they'll be raising a family of their own, and we'd just be a distraction." 

She paused as she peered out at the setting sun on the horizon. 

"We should stop soon and put in for the night.  Let's look for some wood to build a fire, then try to catch some rabbits and quail for dinner."

"I'm going to miss our big feasts around the campfire," Jessop said, following the girls along a narrow trail into the forest.  "What I'd do for some fresh grouper baked in lime juice right now."

"Are those the only juices you're going to miss from the island of Sappho?" Clover said.

"Probably not," he smiled, adjusting his crotch.  "Those tribeswomen knew how to satisfy our every need.  I'm going to miss being the only man surrounded by a band of sex-starved beauties."

"Is your blood beginning to recirculate to your lower extremities?" Tara smiled, noticing the bulge in his pants.  "I thought after a week of non-stop orgies that you needed a rest?"

"It seems to be feast or famine with our adventures," Jessop frowned.  "If I had to choose between the two, I'd rather have too much sex than too little."

"Don't worry, sport," Clover said, winking at Tara.  "I'm sure between the two of us, we can help satisfy your needs.  You're not the only one missing all that girly attention."

Suddenly Tara stopped along the path, holding up her hand as she crouched for cover.

"Do you hear that?" she said, peering back at her friends.

"Yes," Clover said, pinching her eyebrows.  "It sounds like–"

"Someone having sex," Jessop nodded.

"But what's that other sound?" Tara said.  "It sounds like some kind of animal..."

The three friends pulled the dense brush aside and peered through the branches at some moving figures in a clearing thirty feet away.  A pretty nymph with lilac-colored hair was bent over next to a fire pit while a tall, heavily built man was humping his hips against her ass.  But instead of the normal head of a human, the man had the head and long tail of a bull."

"What the–" Clover said, tripping backwards in surprise, snapping a twig.

The two figures in the clearing suddenly turned around and the man-bull disengaged, revealing an enormous penis with a thick, bulbuous head.

"Who's there?" the woman said, standing up. 

She motioned for the man to investigate, and as he approached their position, Jessop pulled his sword from its sheath as Tara placed an arrow in her bow, pointing it in the direction of the creature.

"Stop right there!" Jessop said, shaking his sword at the beast as it broke through the brush and advanced toward them on the path.

The animal tilted its head, not knowing what to make of the intruders, and as it continued moving closer, Tara pulled her string back, preparing to strike him in the chest.

"Wait!" the purple-haired woman said, emerging onto the path a few feet behind the man.  "Don't hurt him!  He doesn't mean you any harm."

"That's not what it looks like to us," Tara said, holding her bow tautly while she peered up at the hulking creature.

"He doesn't know any better," the woman said.  "He's just defending his territory like any animal would."

"What kind of creature is that exactly?" Clover said, staring at the still tumescent enormous organ dangling between his legs.

"He's a minotaur," the woman said.

"But how–?" Tara said, shaking her head while feeling a strange tingling between her legs.

"Join us for dinner and I'll explain," the woman said.  "You can put those weapons away, he won't hurt you. 

"Come, Darius," she said, motioning for the man-beast to return to her side. 

He looked at her then back toward the three friends, then sauntered back toward the mysterious woman, kneeling at her feet while she petted his giant head.

As the trio followed the strange pair back to their campsite, Jessop peered at the two girls with a worried expression.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" he said, watching the beast's tail swinging behind him as he plodded up the path.

"Something tells me it's better to make friends than enemies of these two," Tara said, still holding her bow defensively by her side.  "Besides, there's three of us and only two of them, and we have weapons."

"More like two and a half of them," Jessop said, staring at the large curved horns atop the creature's head.  "He seems to have plenty of weapons."

"Are you referring to his pointy horns or his giant penis?" Clover chuckled.  "Don't tell me you're getting jealous of this beast."

"Hardly," Jessop said, glancing around the woods.  "But who's to say what other strange creatures this woman is keeping for pets?"

When they reached the fire pit in the clearing, the woman motioned for the group to sit on a log while she poured some stew into a large bowl and passed it around.

"Who are you?" Tara said, tipping the bowl up to her nose before taking a sip of the hearty broth.  "And what are you doing with this–creature?"

"Wasn't it obvious while you were watching us through the branches?" she smiled.  "My name's Bronwyn, and I'm a witch.  Sometimes a woman needs to satisfy her needs..."

"Okay, but why with a half man, half bull?"

"Why not?" the witch smiled.  "Normal men can be so feeble and predictable.  This one is strong and well-endowed, and does whatever I train him to do."

"And what exactly is that?" Clover said, still staring at the beast's organ bouncing between his legs as he peered at the two girls.

"Whatever I want," the witch smiled.  "I see you're intrigued, judging by the way you're looking at his penis and squirming on your log."

"Not really–" Clover stammered, peering up at the creature's flaring nostrils.  "It's just that I've never seen anything like him before.  He's so–"


"Well, yes," Clover said.  "In more ways than one.  Can you create your partners in whatever form you choose?"

"It depends on the material I have to work with," the witch said, drifting her eyes over toward Jessop, who was staring at the creature's oversize cock enviously.  I can't turn men into female creatures or women into male creatures.  And to some degree, the subject has to want the transformation."

"Is it permanent?" Tara said, passing the bowl along to her hungry friends.

"Usually only for a day or two," the witch said.  "But they have to perform in order to return to their previous state."

"You mean...?" Clover said, admiring the creature's muscular and sinewy human-shaped body.

"Exactly," the witch smiled.  "Otherwise, what's the point?  Animals are only good for two things."

Clover peered at the woman with a furrowed forehead, not sure what she meant.

"Food and fucking," the witch said.

"That seems a bit harsh," Clover said.  "We've found certain animals make excellent companions as well."

"Like I said," the witch nodded, stroking the inside of the man-bull's thigh as his organ continued to swell.

"I didn't mean that way..."

"You never know until you try," the witch said, squeezing his hardening pole in her fist.  "Darius seems quite taken with you.  Would you like to see for yourself?"

"I prefer to stick with my own kind," Clover said, nodding toward Jessop sitting beside her, gulping down the soup.  "Something with a human head."

"Suit yourself," the witch smiled, glancing toward Jessop's lower body.

Suddenly, his body began twitching as he rose higher on the stump and his feet turned into rounded hooves.  While he peered at the rest of the group with a confused expression, the seat of his pants suddenly tore open as his backside extended behind him, growing a second pair of legs in the form of a horse's torso.

"What the fuck?" he said, looking down at his fur-covered lower body and bucking his hind legs awkwardly.  "What have you done to me!"

"I saw you looking at Darius's penis enviously," the witch said.  "And your girlfriend said she preferred something with a human head.  So I thought I'd give you both something you can enjoy."

"Turn him back immediately!" Tara said, leaping up off the log and pointing her bow toward the witch and the bull.

"I can't," the witch said.  "Like I said, once a person is transformed, they have to meet certain requirements before they can return to their former shape."

"You intend to have sex with him like that?" Tara said.

"Actually," the witch said, tilting her head to peer at Jessop's hind quarters.  "I was thinking one of you might want to take a turn with him.  His animal instincts seem to already be taking over."

Tara and Clover turned toward Jessop and glanced between his rear legs, noticing his horse cock pushing out of its sheath, lengthening to the size and breadth of his forearm.

"Jessop!" Tara said, staring at his enormous pink erection.  "What the hell are you thinking?"

"I'm not thinking of anything," he said, shaking his head in dismay.  "This thing seems to have a mind of its own."

"This is totally unacceptable," Tara said, turning back to the witch.  "You can't just go around turning innocent people into horny woodland creatures!"

"Like I said," Bronwyn smiled.  "I can only transform people who've already been thinking about it.  You never know, maybe your boy will enjoy having a horse-sized cock for a change."

Tara paused as she looked at the witch incredulously.

"And the only way to return him to his previous form is to have sex with him?" 

"It doesn't have to be you necessarily," the witch smiled.  "Perhaps he'd be just as happy to fuck another horse.  Judging by the drip from his flaring cock, it looks like he could fuck just about anything at this point."

Clover and Tara peered between his hind legs, staring at his enormous bobbing pole.

"Holy fuck, Jessop!" Clover said.  "That thing is huge!"

"And I don't see another horse around here for him to mate with," Tara said, shaking her head.

Clover suddenly turned to the witch, feeling her pussy moistening while she stared at her friend's twitching organ.

"Does it matter how he, um, mates to remove the spell?" she said. 

"Not really," the witch smiled.  "As long as he finishes.  But if he did it in the conventional way, it would likely work faster."

"I'm not exactly sure there's a conventional way to fuck a horse..." Clover said.

"You're not actually considering–?" Tara said, staring at Clover with wide eyes.

"Not in the usual way," Clover said.  "I don't even think that thing would fit inside me.  Maybe I could stimulate him with my  hands if that's all it takes."

"Like you're milking a cow?" Tara said, turning to glare at the witch.  "Where do you come up with these perverted ideas?"

"It looks like I'm not the only one intrigued with the idea of having sex with an animal," the witch smiled as she watched Clover kneel under Jessop's belly and touch his twitching erection softly.  "Why don't you watch and enjoy?  You never know, maybe you'll want to try it next."

"Not in a million years," Tara said, unable to stop looking at Clover grasp Jessop's giant pole with both hands and begin rubbing them forward and back along his long length.

"It's actually not as bad as it seems," Clover said, staring at the flat head of his cock with wide eyes.  "It almost feels like a regular cock–just much longer.  And the head is shaped differently..."

As she rolled her hand over the tip of Jessop's shaft, he grunted, rocking his hind quarters more forcefully into Clover's tight grip.

"Oh my God, Clover," he panted.  "That feels incredible.  Jerk my big horse cock.  This feels three times as good as usual."

"Maybe that's because you're three times as big," she smiled, reaching out to caress his gigantic horse balls.

"Fuck!" he panted.  "You're going to make me come if you keep doing that.  You might want to get out of the way when I explode.  I'll probably emit three times as much cum as well."

While Clover continued caressing Jessop's giant dick and balls, she turned to look at the witch, who had impaled herself on her manbull's equally hard dick as they both sat on the log facing the couple.

"Can these creatures impregnate a human with their seed?" Clover said, pinching her brows.  "What if–?"

"Knock yourself out," the witch smiled, grunting as she hopped up and down on the bull's fat prick.  "He can only reproduce with those of his own kind.  And since there's no other horses around, I'd say you're pretty safe."

"What do you say, stud?" Clover said, leaning over from under Jessop's belly and peering up at his face.  "If I assume the position, do you think you can be gentle with me?"

"As gentle as one can be inserting a square peg into a round hole.  As long as you're properly lubed up, I should be able to get at least part of it inside you."

"Are you guys fucking crazy?" Tara said, still staring at her two friends in disbelief.

"Possibly," Clover said, pulling off her sheepskin vest.  "But if there's only one way to return Jessop back to normal, we might as well make the most of it.  I don't know about you, but I'm getting seriously turned on with all this male testosterone floating around in the air."

When she pulled all her clothes off, she bent down on all fours then tilted her ass up toward Jessop's cock, pulling his flaring tip toward her hole.  As he pressed his tool against her dripping folds, she moved it from side to side until the thick tip began to penetrate her slit.

"Oh my God," Clover panted, feeling Jessop's cock slowly sliding into her wet hole.  "I see what Bronwyn meant when she mentioned  trying something different for a change.  Three times the size really is three times as good."

"I told you you'd like it," the witch grinned, stroking Darius's big balls while she bobbed up and down with her legs spread far apart.  "Fuck Jessop's big dick and let him come inside you.  You've never experienced a real fucking until you've been filled with horse semen."

"Yes, Jessop," Clover panted, clutching onto some roots to keep herself from being pushed forward while he plowed his dick into her ass.  "Fuck me hard and come inside my pussy.  I can't imagine you're thinking about those sexy Sapphite women right now, are you?"

"Just when I thought it couldn't get any better," he grunted, clenching his fists against his hairy flanks.  "You better get ready, because I'm about to come like a firehose."

"Let it go," Clover said, grasping the bottom of his hooves for additional support.  "Sink that dick all the way inside me.  I'm going to come with you–"

"Unghh!" Jessop suddenly growled, pounding his hips forward and pressing Clover's face into the dirt.   "Oh my God, Clover!  This feels insane.  I'm cumming so hard inside your pussy."

"I feel it, Jessop," Clover grunted, beginning to spray her juices out of the side of her tight slit all over his quivering balls.  "I'm cumming with you!  I've never felt anything like this in all my life!"

While Clover and Jessop buckled against one another in mutual ecstasy, Bronwyn began screaming along with them as Darius thrust his twitching member deep inside her pussy while he pulled her hard against his heaving chest. 

After everybody finished grunting and shaking, they peered over at an unusually quiet Tara, who was squeaking softly as she rubbed her fingers rapidly between her legs.

It appears I'm not the only one who enjoys the idea of animal sex, Clover smiled to herself.