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Spin the Bottle: A Bisexual Party Game (AI audiobook)

Spin the Bottle: A Bisexual Party Game (AI audiobook)

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Sometimes the most fun you can have naked happens by chance…

When Jade’s invited to another party at her friend Madison’s place, she can barely contain her excitement. Maddy always hosts the wildest parties, and Jade is intrigued to see what’s she’s cooked up this time.

When she arrives at Madison’s house on the night of the party, she’s escorted to her living room where a crowd of strangers are sitting in a circle around a vinyl-covered mattress. But it’s not until Maddy asks everyone to strip when things begin to get interesting.

She’s developed a special game board displaying pictures of various body parts. The first person the spinner points to will 
receive stimulation to the selected body part. The second person it points to will be the one giving stimulation using a different body part.

But it’s not just the usual erogenous zones the game spinner points to. There are some pretty unusual areas depicted, and as the game gets underway, Jade is thrilled and excited to see one couple after another stimulate each other in the most erotic, unconventional ways.

But its not until 
her turn arrives that she learns how much fun it can be to rub the least expected body parts together in the most unusual ways…

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