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Hedonism: Sex on the Beach (Erotica Themed Ebook Bundles, Book 7)

Hedonism: Sex on the Beach (Erotica Themed Ebook Bundles, Book 7)

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Sometimes all you need to spark up your love life is a little change of scenery…


Book 1: Swedish Sauna

When Jade takes a holiday flight to Sweden, she’s floored by how beautiful the flight attendants are on the plane. As she watches the sexy stewardesses go about their duties, she curls up in her seat by the window and has a silent climax under her cozy blanket.

On the way off the plane, the lead flight attendant passes her a note, inviting her to go skiing with her and some of the other stewardesses during her stayover. When Jade gets picked up at the ski resort, things quickly escalate as the four girls get increasingly friendly...

Book 2: Nude Cruise

When Jade seeks to broaden her sexual horizons, she discovers a nude cruise where naked couples enjoy unusual shipboard activities. She books a cabin and on the first day meets a stunning brunette who volunteers to show her around.

As they move from one exciting venue to another, Jade and Heather experience an escalating series of encounters with beautiful men and women, culminating in a final ‘petit four’ that takes everybody’s breath away...

Book 3: The Harem

When Jade travels to Marrakesh for a North African vacation, she’s captivated by the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis. But when a handsome and mysterious sheik invites her to join him on his desert caravan, she hesitates deciding to accept his offer.

The next day, she takes a camel ride out to his encampment and is mesmerized by the serene beauty of the Sahara landscape. But when they reach his camp and Amir introduces her to his stable of young and pretty wives, her thoughts suddenly turn to a different form of entertainment...

Book 4: The Orient Express

When Jade decides to take a five day/four night tour aboard the famed Orient Express train, she quickly finds the amenities on the luxury liner are more than she anticipated. On the first leg of her trip, she meets a pretty French girl in the bar car, and before long the two women are getting tipsy. They return to their seats on opposite ends of the car, where Jade is shocked but excited to watch Adele give her a sexy show.

After the two women exchange a brief but passionate exchange surrounded by other distracted passengers, Jade is horrified to learn that a high-school senior traveling with her father had been spying on them the whole time. When the girl leaves her seat and motions for Jade to join her in the train’s public lavatory, Jade can’t resist having another exciting fling hidden from view of the other passengers...

Book 5: The Polynesian Girl

When Jade decides to take a chartered sailing cruise of the South Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. While hiking on a remote Polynesian island, she gets bitten by a poisonous snake while watching a beautiful native girl bathing in a waterfall.

The girl brings Jade back to her tribal village and nurses her back to health. After spending time exploring the island together, they quickly fall in love. But when the chief arranges for Teuila to be married to one of the tribesmen, the girls run away and begin building a new life on a secluded side of the island...

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Chapter 1: The Friendly Skies


As I streamed down the aisle with the other passengers, I couldn't stop staring at the crew as they greeted the travelers with perfect smiles and lilting European accents. Instantly smitten, I felt my skin beginning to moisten while I gawked at them like a star-struck colt. When a hunky male attendant in a tight blue uniform offered to help me lift my overstuffed carry-on bag into the overhead storage compartment, I stuttered like an infatuated schoolgirl.

"Can I help you with that madam?" he offered.

"Um, yes," I said, flushing unconsciously. "I guess I overpacked for such a short trip."

As he effortlessly lifted my bag into the bin, I watched his pec muscles bulging under his neatly pressed shirt, with my face mere inches away from his chest.

"How long will you be staying in Sweden?" he asked, flashing me a full set of pearly whites.

With his handsome face and tall muscular build, he looked like a dead-ringer for the Scandinavian actor Alexander Skarsgard.

"Just a couple of weeks," I muttered.

"You can't be too careful at this time of the year," he said. "Wintertime in Sweden can be quite chilly and the nights are very long. It's best to bundle up."

"Thank you," I said, smiling at him warmly.

"Enjoy your stay," he nodded before moving down the aisle to assist another passenger.

When I plopped down into my seat, I suddenly became conscious of how wet my panties had become in the short time I'd been on the plane. A slightly older woman sitting across the aisle from me glanced at the beads of perspiration on my forehead and smiled.

"He had the same effect on me," she grinned. "Do you think everyone in Sweden is this beautiful?"

"I don't know," I said, shaking my head. "But if so, this should be one hell of an interesting trip."

I pulled out my phone and pretended to text someone on the screen. I knew it was going to be a long flight overseas, and I didn't want another Chatty-Cathy burning up my ear the entire way. I didn't want to lose another moment soaking up the dazzling flight attendants as they walked up and down the aisle.

When the doors finally closed and the jet began to pull away from the gate, I was happy to have an unobstructed view of the pretty stewardesses from my perch at the back of the forward cabin. As the lead flight attendant provided instructions over the intercom system, her pretty assistant took up position at the front of the aisle and smiled at me. Normally, I ignored these boring safety demonstrations, burying my head in a newspaper or playing games on my phone. But on this flight, virtually every passenger in the first-class compartment sat upright in rapt attention, with all eyes on the model at the front of the room.

While the attendant demonstrated how to properly use the seatbelts and oxygen masks, I squeezed my legs together to quell my throbbing pussy. Beyond her perfect bone structure and pretty updo under her tight bellman's cap, her skin was absolutely flawless. Her creamy alabaster tone radiated a natural blush over her Nordic cheekbones, her ramrod-straight posture reinforcing the impression of watching a model on the catwalk. When she raised her arms to point out the location of the emergency exits, her full breasts pressed against the front of her blouse, showing off her Amazon-perfect physique.

Jesus, I thought, listening to myself audibly panting as I watched her go through the motions. No wonder men joke about the Swedish Bikini Team as their ultimate fantasy. These people really are as gorgeous as the legend says.

As I sat in my chair getting more and more turned on watching the sexy flight attendant, I felt like I had a front-row seat at a Paris fashion show. I had the blind fortune of checking out some of the most beautiful people on Earth from in my own personal viewing room. Even my first-class leather chair made it seem like I was sitting in my home studio watching an Ingmar Bergman movie. I was glad the window seat next to me hadn't been filled, as I squirmed between the armrests trying to give my aching clit some much-needed stimulation.

But as I began to fantasize about taking the sexy flight attendant into one of the lavatories for a mile-high fling, the demonstration abruptly ended and she took a seat facing me at the front of the cabin in preparation for takeoff. Soon after, the jets began to roar and I felt the pull of gravity push me back against my seat as the plane lifted off the runway. When the attendant made eye contact with me momentarily, I fantasized that it was her pressing against me instead of the pull of the aircraft.

As she politely glanced around the cabin, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Whenever our eyes met, I looked away, embarrassed at my invasion of her personal space. As the heat between my legs began to build and the dampness in my panties spread, I peered up at the seatbelt sign, impatient to go to the restroom to relieve my pent-up tension. Watching this sexy goddess had gotten me thoroughly worked up and I knew it wouldn't take much to get me off. Even though it wouldn't be as glamorous as the usual in-flight fantasy, I'd have my own fun envisioning the two of us intertwined in the close confines of the tight water closet.

But when the bell chimed signaling that we'd reached cruising altitude and could remove our seatbelts, I found myself wanting to stay in my seat when I saw her getting up to begin the meal service. As she moved down the aisle offering a choice of beverages, I leered at her firm ass whenever she leaned over to hand a glass to one of the passengers. I was happy to be seated in the last row of the first-class cabin, with the relative privacy of the partition separating me from the coach compartment.

While I pretended to flip through the inflight magazine resting on my lap, my right hand began to inch between my legs in desperate need of stimulation for the aching nub underneath my jeans. The closer the cute attendant got to my seat, the more excited I got caressing myself under my magazine. By the time she reached my row, my eyes had already glazed over as I needed all my strength to contain the pleasure beginning to consume my body.

"Champagne?" she said, turning to me with a tray filled with tall goblets.

"Um, yes, thank you," I stammered, gripping the sides of my magazine tightly with two hands.

When she leaned over to hand me the glass, I couldn't help staring at her ample breasts spilling out over the top of her tight vest. A silver name tag dangled from her blouse reading Elsa.

"Can I get you anything else?" she said, smiling at me as I blushed shyly.

"What else are you offering?" I asked, my mind racing ahead with fantasies of her jumping into my lap while I ravished her in my quiet little alcove.

"Coffee, tea, juice," she offered. "Or would you prefer another cocktail?"

There was only one kind of tail I was thinking about at this particular moment.

"This will be fine for now, thank you Elsa," I said, biting my lip at the temptation to flirt with her further.

"I'll return in a little while with your meal service," she said. "Would you like the salmon or the filet mignon?"

I smiled, happy that I’d chosen to fly first-class for a change. Not only was the food and service a notch above normal, but I had a far better view of the pretty flight attendants in the smaller confines of the forward cabin.

"I'll have the salmon, thank you," I said, fixing my gaze on her brilliant blue eyes.

When she began walking back to the front of the plane, my eyes locked again on her firm ass.

That's not the only thing I'd like to eat right now, I thought, imagining my face buried between her thighs while she sat facing me on the sink in the lavatory.

While I continued undressing her with my eyes, my clit throbbed painfully under my tight jeans. After a few more minutes of anguished frustration, I finally stood up and bee-lined my way to the washroom. When I opened the door next to Elsa working in the galley, she turned around and glanced down at my midsection. I smiled at her, then closed the door and looked at myself in the mirror in shock.

Was she just checking me out? I thought. What would be the chances of getting her to join me in here? Maybe if I leave the door slightly ajar...

I shook my head, realizing the absurdity of my fantasy...