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Riley's Time Travel Adventures: Books 1 - 5 (Erotic Fantasy) (ebook bundle)

Riley's Time Travel Adventures: Books 1 - 5 (Erotic Fantasy) (ebook bundle)

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Five time-travel erotic adventure stories.  Five toe-curling fantasies.  Five times the pleasure...

Book 1: Pirate’s Bounty

When curious college student Riley stumbles upon a lost smartphone, she attempts to unlock it to return it to its owner. But after decrypting the passcode, the screen suddenly emits a swirling three-dimensional funnel hologram.  Holding her hand above the strange apparition, she feels a powerful force pulling her body inside. Moments later, she finds herself transplanted to the crew quarters of an old wooden ship.

When the all-women sailors discover the stowaway, they take her to the captain who reveals that she’s captive aboard the Joan of Arc, a seventeen-century pirate ship. After the captain informs Riley that she’ll have to work to earn her keep, the vessel is soon besieged by a much larger pirate ship…

Book 2: Wild West

When Riley’s time machine transports her to the Wild West of the 1880s, she finds herself in a saloon surrounded by a group of rowdy roughnecks. When one of the hooligans gets a little too personal making a pass at her, she kicks him in the crotch, setting off a melee.  After the affronted cowboy demands retribution, Riley challenges him to a duel in the town square. With the entire town watching from both sides of the street, Riley dispatches her opponent with two well-aimed shots from her six-shooter.

Eager to calm her surging adrenaline, she decides to avail herself of the services of a local prostitute. But when she learns that the widowed lady of the house is being besieged by a band of greedy ranchers, she offers to help save her land.  With her reputation as an able gun-for-hire growing rapidly, the mayor offers to set her up as the town sheriff. Soon after, the town is attacked by a drunken band of outlaws, whereupon the citizens rise up to defend the pretty new sheriff…

Book 3: Private Riley

When Riley’s time machine transports her to WWII Nazi Germany, she finds herself in a platoon of special forces commandos. Their mission is to infiltrate the office of a top SS general and uncover plans for the Wehrmacht’s next strike.  Riley’s job is to get close enough to the general to earn his trust and find the location of his top secret documents. But when one of her teammates is captured and her cover is blown, she and her team must use all of their special skills to escape the tightening dragnet.

When she exposes plans for the advanced development of nuclear weapons, the team decides to blow up the plant used to enrich the necessary uranium and abduct their top scientist. The fate of millions of allied soldiers and the balance of power hangs in the balance while Riley distracts the military brass long enough to turn the tide in the war…

Book 4: Cleopatra’s Secret

When Riley’s time machine transports her to the first century B.C. Egypt, she finds herself enlisted as a maid in the household of Antony and Cleopatra. Before long, her good looks and knowledge of world affairs brings her special attention from the Egyptian ruler, and they begin a torrid affair. When Antony discovers their secret liaison, the queen invites him to join in the fun and soon Riley becomes a trusted advisor to them both.

But after Julius Caesar is assassinated in Rome and Antony loses his political leverage, the newly aligned forces of Caesar Augustus begin closing ranks on Alexandria. With Riley providing advance intel of their planned invasion, the Egyptian navy is able to fend off the Roman armada long enough for the two rulers to make their escape to Mesopotamia. With the famous lovers able to live out the rest of their days in safety, Riley sets off for her next time travel adventure as a bounty hunter in 2125…

Book 5: Bounty Hunter 2125

When Riley’s time machine transports her one hundred years into the future, she finds herself a bounty hunter on the mutinous planet Zemius. Her commission is to track down and bring to justice the notorious warlord Theta.  Surrounded by a band of bloodthirsty thugs, her job isn’t made any easier by the corrupt group of police officers on the warlord’s payroll.

But Riley has a secret advantage – her hot body and beauty soon breaks down the band’s defenses and makes it easy for her to gain entrance to their inner sanctum.  When she finally comes face to face with Theta, she’s disarmed by his good looks and charm. Beginning a torrid affair with the gang leader, Riley starts to second-guess her mission to bring him in…

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Chapter 1: Lost and Found


Riley Jackson had always been a bit of a geek and a tomboy. She loved nothing more than losing herself in the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings, traveling to faraway lands to experience epic adventures and overcoming heroic odds to defeat a powerful enemy. But now that she'd entered her second year at MIT, the reality of her new life as an engineering student at one of the country's most advanced universities had set in. She'd chosen the quixotic topic of time travel for her undergraduate thesis, and while her physics professor had chided her for choosing such a 'mythical' subject, she was determined to prove him wrong.

One day while walking between classes, she stumbled upon a strange-looking smartphone resting under a bush. After looking around to see if anyone was nearby, she picked up the device and examined it carefully. It was thicker than most of the latest models and had no recognizable manufacturer name. It would have been easy for her to drop it off at the nearest campus lost-and-found depot, but the engineer in her was curious. What was the origin of the mysterious device and why would its owner be so absent-minded to leave it lying in the grass?

She tapped the surface a few times, hoping to find a clue as to its source, but the only thing that appeared on the screen was an empty box for entering a six-digit passcode and an image of a wormhole-like celestial object in the background. Realizing the odds of her decrypting the passcode was a million to one, she considered leaving it where she found it, thinking the owner might retrace his steps to recover it. But she knew it was just as likely someone else would pick it up and keep it as a souvenir. When she returned to her dorm room, she closed the door behind her and sat down at her desk, staring at the passcode box with a blank expression.

How hard could it be to decipher the code? she thought to herself. After all, most people use codes that reflect some aspect of their personal lives. The fact that the phone was left on the campus of MIT meant it likely belonged to another student or professor. Maybe the code had something to do with the university and its surroundings? After unsuccessfully plugging in familiar place names like Barker Dome, Hayden Library, and the Kresge Auditorium, she paused, pinching her eyebrows at the screen.

Could the code have something to do with the cryptic image of the wormhole on the screen? But wormhole and black hole had too many characters. She knew wormholes were based on Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, but the words Einstein and Relativity were also too long. Could it be a simple matter of entering his most famous equation? Riley punched in the formula E=MC2, but there was still one field missing. After adding each of the numbers one through nine to the last field, she began to worry that the device would lock up after too many failed attempts.

Then she realized that she'd forgotten to try one final digit – zero – and after entering the number, the phone suddenly began to shake violently in her hand. Within seconds, a swirling holographic vortex rose up from the surface, making her hair fly in every direction. Mesmerized by the fascinating light effect, she reached out to touch the edge of the apparition then she felt her body being slowly pulled into the funnel.

"What!" she cried, trying to stop herself from being swallowed up by the swirling cyclone.

But it was too late.

Moments later, she was lifted out of her chair and dragged into a paranormal dimension, tumbling through a blindingly bright, ferociously loud portal like an out-of-control freight train. When the noise suddenly stopped, Riley felt her body drop onto the floor of a dank, dark room smelling of pungent vegetables. She squinted her eyes, raising herself up slowly to peer out the barred opening at the top of the entrance door, then she heard the sound of footsteps of someone walking toward the door.

Unsure where she'd landed, she glanced about her, looking for a place to hide. Finding some crates stacked in the corner, she wedged behind the boxes, feeling her body rocking slowly from side to side. Someone placed a key in the lock and when the door opened, a young woman dressed in a pirate costume peered around the storeroom, heading straight toward Riley's direction. When she picked up one of the food crates and noticed Riley hiding in the shadows, she peered at the stranger with a puzzled expression, then she drew her pistol, pointing it threateningly at Riley.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"I – I'm Riley," Riley stammered. "Riley Jackson."

"How the hell did you get on board our ship and into this locked storeroom?"

"Ship?" Riley said, hardly believing her what she was hearing. "I have no idea how I got here–"

"Well, we'll see what Captain Kate thinks about that," the girl said, pulling Riley up by her t-shirt. "We have a special way of dealing with stowaways…"