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Glory Hole: An Erotic Party Game (ebook)

Glory Hole: An Erotic Party Game (ebook)

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They say your other senses are heightened whenever one is turned off…

When Jade’s invited to another party at her friend Madison’s house, she knows she’s in store for an exciting adventure. But when she arrives at her house and sees a four-sided curtain hanging from the living room wall with a one-foot diameter hole cut in each side, she squints her eyes, unsure what Maddie has planned.

After Madison divides the partygoers into four groups and positions each group on separate sides of the curtain, she chooses one random participant to go inside the box and strip down. A few moments later, Jade's eyes bulge when she sees a man’s penis sticking through the hole. When Madison randomly chooses another guest to stimulate the man from the other side of the curtain, the room is soon filled with the sound of loud moans and groans while the stranger behind the curtain is sensually caressed.

Just when Jade thinks the game get any more erotic, Madison chooses another random guest to enter the cage, and this time, she sees a woman’s naked butt pressing out of the hole. When Maddie asks Jade to take her turn stimulating the woman, she doesn’t hesitate to get on her knees and begin to lick and caress her hidden partner. The fact that neither one knows the identity of their other person only adds to the mystique and excitement of the encounter.

While Madison systematically mixes and matches the unsuspecting partners with boy-girl, girl-girl, girl-boy, and boy-boy pairs, the guests become increasingly excited awaiting their turn behind the curtain. When Jade’s turn finally arrives, she’s thrilled when her partner turns out to be a transgender woman with both sets of fully functioning equipment. While everybody watches to the two lovers panting in escalating sexual pleasure, Jade soon learns that half the fun is guessing who’s on the other side…

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Chapter 1: Party Time


When I received another titillating invitation to a party at my friend Madison's house, I couldn't wait to open the message. She always hosted the most interesting and sexy events, and with the cryptic subject heading Glory Hole, I could already feel my heart pounding while I began to read the message.

Dear Jade,

You are cordially invited to a party at my place this Saturday evening, starting at 9 p.m.

As with my previous events, there will be an exciting game designed to loosen everyone's inhibitions and get our juices flowing.

I don't want to give too much away, except to say there'll be more than a few surprises behind the curtain.

So get ready to mix it up with friends and foes alike, because in this game, there's no telling who or how you'll be paired up.

Be there or be square,


P.S.: Make sure you're scrubbed clean, and I do mean everywhere, because no area of your body will be off limits!

Holy cow, I thought after reading her message. What in God's name has she dreamed up this time? No area off limits? Mixing it up with friends and foes? And what exactly was going to happen behind this so-called curtain? I had no idea what she was planning, but she was right about one thing. It was already getting my juices flowing.

As my mind began to wander about the hijinks she had in store, my hand slipped under my panties, imagining who might be stimulating me through this mysterious glory hole...

* * *

When I arrived at Madison's house on the night of the party, she escorted me to her living room, where a group of guests sipped wine around the perimeter of a large, cube-shaped curtain hanging from her living room ceiling. In the middle of the curtain on each side, roughly at waist height, were circular cut-outs of six-inch diameter. Some of the guests playfully wagged their fingers through the holes, while others nodded knowingly, anticipating what Maddy had in store.

I recognized a few of the faces in the crowd, but there were also some new people I hadn't met before. With an even sprinkling of men and women, I scanned the group while everybody made small talk introducing themselves. On the women’s side were my friends Emma, Bonnie, and Lily from last summer's all-girl camping trip, plus Brad's hot wife Laura, the sexy African-Asian girl Mia, the full-figured redhead Paige, Lucas's pretty girlfriend Amy, and the transgender cabaret singer Shae. But standing next to Shae was a new woman I hadn't seen before. Tall and statuesque with a body to die for, she and Shae were rubbing shoulders in the corner while they checked out the figures of the other attending guests.

On the men's side, I noticed my three friends from work, Ryan, Neil, and Dylan, plus Laura's husband Brad, Amy's boyfriend Lucas, the Brad Pitt lookalike Noah, the cute pizza delivery boy Alex, Paige's date Liam, and of course, Lincoln, with his big, beautiful, black cock. Standing in a separate corner chatting quietly with Madison was an intriguing new man, who reminded me of the handsome actor Patrick Dempsey from the television show Grey's Anatomy. I grabbed a glass of white wine from the kitchen island and sashayed up to Madison, winking at her playfully.

"You've got a bigger crowd than usual," I said, smiling at the new guy. "Word must be getting around about your stimulating parties."

"Possibly," she said, nodding toward her partner. "But I like to keep them on an invitation-only basis, unless we attract the wrong elements. I don't believe you've met my new boyfriend, Ben."

"Pleased to meet you, Ben," I said, shaking his hand softly. "Glad to see Maddy is beginning to widen her horizons. Does this mean the two of you will be participating in the festivities tonight?"

"I'm not sure what to expect," Ben said, peering at Madison with a furrowed brow. "I have to admit, this set-up looks a bit scary."

"You're in for a treat, then," I smiled, bumping the side of Madison's hips. "Because Maddy's parties are always a hoot. I expect you'll be getting to know the rest of the group quite a bit more intimately before we're finished tonight."

"Speaking of," Madison said, peering around the room at the buzzing crowd. "It looks like everyone's arrived. I suppose I should get started explaining how this is going to work."

She strolled to the center of the room and tapped the side of her wineglass with a fork to get everyone's attention.

"Thank you all for coming to another one of my special parties," she grinned. "I know I was a little coy in my invitation regarding what I had planned, but those of you who've been to my previous events know that's half the fun. Not knowing who you'll be paired with or what you'll be asked to do makes it all the more interesting."

"True," Brad said, motioning toward the holes in the curtain. "Although the theme of this one doesn't seem quite as mysterious."

Madison nodded her head while everybody giggled.

"Yes," she said. "I suppose you can guess what those are for, but what you won't be able to guess is how I'll be arranging you to participate in the fun. I've cut a hole on each side of the curtain and four random participants will stand on each side while I select one person to stand on the opposite side…”

"I'm guessing we won't just be standing while we face one another, will we?" Mia chuckled.

"That's kind of up to you," Maddy said with a sly grin. "Depending on the manner in which you choose to engage with your partner."

"And by engage, I assume you don't mean with all of our clothes on?" Laura said, glancing at her husband's crotch, which was already beginning to tent outward in anticipation of the coming activities.

"Well, I suppose you could, but what would be the fun in that?" Maddy said.

"And these pairings will also be random in terms of sex and gender?" Shae asked.

"Absolutely," Madison nodded. "Although to keep it interesting, I'll be mixing up the pairings from round to round to build the excitement. By the end of the evening, hopefully all of you will have broadened your horizons in terms of potential connections."

"What if some of us aren't comfortable engaging in same-sex connections?" Lucas said, peering awkwardly at his girlfriend, Amy.

"Nobody will force you to do anything you don't want to do," Madison said. "That's part of the reason we'll have groups of four standing on each side of the curtain. If for some reason one of you doesn't feel like participating, I'm pretty sure there will be another interested participant ready to step up. Mind you, given the size of the hole in the curtain, you probably won't even know who's attending to your needs from the other side."

"And by needs, you're just not referring to the usual social niceties?" Dylan said, raising an eyebrow.

"I suppose that depends on what kind of niceties you're accustomed to," Maddy smiled. "I have a feeling that by the time we get through the first couple of rounds, your needs will be quickly expanding–"

"It looks like that's not the only thing that's expanding," I chuckled, motioning toward the bulging crotches of most of the men.

"I'm glad to see some of you are already starting to get warmed up," Madison grinned. "That will definitely help us get off to a running start."

She glanced around the group, nodding her head while she tapped her finger softly in the air.

"To arrange our initial pairings," she said, "I'd like each of the men to count themselves off starting with the number one. Then each of the women will do the same, beginning with the number eleven. But don't forget to remember your number, because I'll be grouping you by number."

Everybody glanced at one another with a confused expression, then Madison pointed at Ryan to get the numbering started, nodding her head gently towards him.

"One?" Ryan said tentatively.

"Two..." Neil said after Madison pointed at him next.

After the last man counted to ten, Madison then pointed toward Lily, nodding her head to keep it going.

"Eleven..." Lily said, followed by the rest of the women until the entire group was divided equally into two groups of ten.

"Alright," Madison nodded. "Now I want those persons with numbers one and eleven, plus two and twelve, to shift to the side of the curtain nearest the fireplace.

Lily, Ryan, Bonnie, and Neil slowly shuffled their position as Madison had instructed, then she called out the next sequence of four to take up positions on the other sides of the curtain until there were only eight of us left.

"Now I'd like those with numbers seventeen through twenty to move to the final side of the curtain," Madison said.

Shae, Paige, the new girl, and I glanced at one another with a confused expression, then we peered back at Madison with pinched eyebrows.

"Why are the other groups mixed, but ours is comprised only of women?" I said, shaking my head.

"Because the last group of men will be going inside the curtain," Madison smiled.

She raised one side of the drape and motioned for Alex, Ben, Lucas, and Lincoln to step inside.

"What do you want us to do once we get in there?" Ben said, peering at Madison with a puzzled expression.

"For now, I just want each of you to strip down naked. I'll tell you what to do next in a minute."

Her boyfriend paused for a moment, shaking his head uncomfortably.

"Are you sure you’re okay with me mixing it up with the other guests this way?" he said.

"I'm more than okay with it," Maddy grinned, winking toward me. "And I'm pretty sure it won't take long for you to be okay with it too."

After the men disappeared inside the tent, Madison turned toward the four women remaining on our side of the curtain, then she paused until the sound of rustling clothes stopped inside the cube.

"Are you boys ready in there?" she called from outside.

"If by ready, you mean naked, then yes," Lucas chuckled.

"Good," Madison said. "Now, I want each of you to walk toward one side of the curtain and stick your willies through the hole."

There was an awkward pause from the other side of the curtain, then one of the men cleared his throat.

"What if we' aroused already?" Lincoln said.

"All the better," Madison smiled.

When I saw one of the men's half-erect dicks poke through the curtain on our side, I was a little disappointed it wasn't Lincoln's big black tool, but it was nevertheless still fair-sized, and rapidly rising. I had no idea which of the other three men it belonged to, but that was part of the excitement. Neither person on either side of the curtain would know who they would be engaging with, and my panties were already beginning to moisten imagining all the possible permutations.

"Excellent," Madison nodded, admiring the upturned pole of the contestant on our side of the curtain. "Now, for this first round, we're going to start off somewhat slow and easy. I'm going to ask one person from the opposite side of the curtain to step forward and manually stimulate your partner's penis with your hands only."

"Only one?" Paige smiled.

"For now, yes," Madison said.

"Does it have to be a girl?" Laura said from the opposite side of the cube.

"Absolutely not," Madison replied. "That's half the fun with this game. Besides not knowing who your partner will be on the opposite side of the curtain, you also won't know what sex or gender they are."

She paused for a moment while she darted her eyes across the faces of the women in my group, then she smiled.

"Are you guys ready to get started?" she said.

"Judging by the angle of our partners' cocks, I'd have to say that's a yes," Shae chuckled.

"Alright then," Madison smiled. "Let's get the party started.”