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Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 46 - 50 (erotica ebook bundle #10)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 46 - 50 (erotica ebook bundle #10)

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Enjoy the bestselling bisexual erotica series — now 50% off.

Book 46: The Kiss

When Jade’s invited to Madison’s house for another secret sex party, she can’t wait to see what her friend has dreamed up this time. The game will involve a series of rounds where two random people will each pick a card from a deck. The person picking the high card gets to choose which body part to kiss, and the person with the low card must receive the kiss in the selected place. As each round becomes more adventurous and risqué, gay, lesbian, and same-sex couples begin exploring progressively more titillating erogenous zones, until everyone is fully naked and dripping in excitement…


Book 47: Pledge Week

When incoming college freshman Abby joins a sorority, her eyes are opened to a whole new world of sex and depravity. During her initiation week, she’s subjected to an increasing range of submissive and humiliating rituals. In the first ritual, each of the newcomers are handed a sex toy and required to stimulate themselves in full view of their sisters. Those who are unable to resist climaxing are forced to bend over while the seniors take turns spanking their asses...


Book 48: Carny Games 1

When Jade’s invited to another sex party at her friend Madison’s house, she knows she’s in for a special treat. But it’s not until Madison explains the rules of the bizarre carnival game that she begins to understand just how kinky this one is going to be. With names like organ ring toss, ping-pong blow gun, joystick Jenga, and milk-the-bull, each round becomes increasingly titillating, until all the naked participants walk away with their own special prize...


Book 49: Carny Games 2

In Part 2 of Madison’s ribald sex party, Jade and her friends enjoy six more wild and kinky games. With names like cotton candy, pin the tail on the donkey, ride-em cowgirl, and bobbing for peaches, each round becomes increasingly titillating, until all the naked participants walk away with another special prize...


Book 50: Carny Games 3

In this final phase of Madison’s ribald sex party, Jade and her friends enjoy five more wild and kinky games. With names like kissing booth, firing range, finger painting, and orgasm face, each round becomes increasingly titillating until the final game leaves everyone exhausted and spent.

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Chapter 1: Oral Love


When I received a new invitation to a party at my friend Madison's house, I couldn't wait to open the message. She always hosted the most interesting and sexy events, and with the cryptic subject heading Kissing Game, I could already feel my heart pounding as I began to read the message.

Dear Jade,

You are cordially invited to a party at my place this Saturday evening, starting at 9 p.m.

As with my previous events, there will be an exciting game designed to loosen everyone's inhibitions and get our juices flowing.

I don't want to give too much away, except to say you're likely to pick up some new pointers for spicing up your love life.

So get ready to mix it up with friends and foes alike, because in this game, there's no telling who or how you'll be paired up.

Be there or be square,


P.S.: Make sure you're scrubbed clean, and I do mean everywhere, because no area of your body will be off limits!

Holy cow, I thought after reading her message. What in God's name has she dreamed up this time? No area off limits? Mixing it up with friends and foes? I had no idea what she was planning, but she was right about one thing. It was definitely going to get my juices flowing.

As my mind began to wander about the hijinks she had in store, my hand slipped under my panties, imagining who might soon be kissing me all over my naked body...

* * *

When I arrived at Madison's house on the night of the party, she escorted me to her living room, where a group of people sat cross-legged around a large mattress covered with satin sheets. I recognized some of the faces in the crowd, but there were also quite a few new people I hadn't met before. With an even sprinkling of men and women, I scanned the crowd as everybody made small talk introducing themselves.

In addition to my friends Lily, Bonnie, and Emma, there was the sexy neighbor couple from the last party, Brad and Laura, plus my old friends from work, Ryan and Marco. But there were two new faces in the crowd that attracted most of my attention. One was a gorgeous African-American stud who looked like a young Denzel Washington, and the other was a stunning Asian girl who reminded me of the kick-ass actress, Lucy Liu. Rounding out the group was my transgender friend Shae and the full-figured Christina Hendricks lookalike from my tribbing workshop, Paige.

This should be interesting, I thought, squirming excitedly on the floor as I surveyed the beautiful assembly of men and women.

When the last guest arrived and was seated in the circle, Madison placed large wine goblets beside each of us, then she sat near the foot of the bed, passing two bottles of wine in each direction. After everyone had filled their glass, she pulled a packet of playing cards from her pocket and smiled at the group.

"First, I'd like to thank everyone for coming to my party," she said. "I know I was a little coy in my invitation about what I had planned, but those of you who've been to my previous parties know that's half the fun. Not knowing who you'll be paired with or what you'll be asked to do makes it all the more interesting."

Then she raised her glass, nodding to each of the participants.

"So, before we get started, I'd like to make a toast: to new friends and new discoveries!"

"Cheers to that," Emma said.

"Amen," the handsome African-American newcomer, Linc, said.

"Okay then," Maddy said after everybody took a large gulp of wine to loosen up. "You're probably wondering what kind of kissing game I've cooked up and how we can make such a seemingly innocent act a little more interesting."

She opened the packet of cards then placed the deck face-down between her legs.

"As always," she smiled. "Most of the fun is in the expectation and the surprise. But instead of using a spinning wheel this time to determine the match-ups, we're going to use a deck of cards."

She began pulling cards off the top of the deck and spinning them toward each person around the circle, and as they reached out to catch their card, they peering at it with a puzzled expression.

"Here's how it's going to work," Maddy smiled after everyone received a card. "The person with the highest card will be the one giving the kiss in each round, and the one with the lowest card will be the one receiving the kiss."

There was a brief moment of silence in the group, then Ryan raised his hand cautiously.

"Are we going to be kissing each other in the usual manner?" he said. "I mean, insofar as being restricted to kissing on the lips?"

"Well, that's where it gets interesting," Madison grinned. "The person with the high card will also get to choose where on the other person's body he or she wishes to kiss. And as I suggested in my party invitation, there is no area off limits. Subject to the agreement of your partner, of course. As always, this is a full consent zone."

"Are we going to be doing this fully clothed?" the full-figured redhead, Paige, said, winking in my direction.

"That's up to the two of you," Maddy nodded. "Depending on the area targeted, you might find the experience more titillating, in a matter of speaking, if you choose to expose a little skin."

"And this so-called kiss," Brad said, peering at his wife, Laura, to clarify the limits of the game. "Are we limited to lips-only contact, or are we allowed to engage certain other oral body parts to heighten the experience?"

Madison paused for a moment, smiling at Laura.

"If that's how you and your wife kiss, closed-mouthed like in those old black-and-white movies, then knock yourself out. But if you want to make it more interesting and exciting, then I encourage you to take a page out of the French playbook and bring a little tongue action into the equation."

Everyone chuckled at the subtle dig at Brad's kissing technique, then the pretty Asian girl, Mei, raised her hand.

"Exactly how far are we allowed to go with these kisses?" she asked. "What if we start to get, you know, aroused by the experience? How will we know when to stop?"

"Something tells me you'll know when the time comes," Maddy smiled. "Like I said in my message, there are no limits with this game. I encourage each of you to explore the full range of possibilities until you're fully satisfied."

"So, there'll be no hourglass or egg-timer this time?" Marco chuckled.

"I'm not going to stop you just when things begin to get interesting," Madison nodded.

"What if we're handed an ace?" Shae said, turning her card around to reveal an ace of hearts. "Does that count as a low card or a high card?"

"I'll leave that up to the holder of the card," Madison smiled. "In that case, you can decide if you want to give or receive your kiss with the next lowest card holder."

"Mmm," Shae hummed, peering around the circle at the flushed faces of the already excited participants. "I'm starting to like this game already."