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Paint Me: Exhibitionist Sex (ebook)

Paint Me: Exhibitionist Sex (ebook)

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Sometimes life imitates art…

When lonely divorcée Jade sees an ad for a bodypainting workshop at the local supermarket, her interest is piqued. She books an appointment and is excited when she’s paired with a pretty redhead at their first session.

As Jade begins painting Bree’s body and the two exchange playful banter, she finds herself growing increasingly attracted to the girl. By the end of the workshop, both women are at a fever pitch of excitement.

At the next session, Bree paints Jade’s body with a faux business suit. The design is so convincing that they decide to test it outside with a group of strangers. When everybody seems oblivious to her nude condition, they raise the stakes with a ride on the subway train. During their ride home together, they have more fun than they ever imagined teasing each other in plain sight of the other passengers.

At their third and final session, the workshop instructor introduces an unexpected surprise. Each of the participants chooses a new exciting theme, and by the time everyone is finished, the studio is filled with gasps and sighs as the partners enjoy their masterpieces together.

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Chapter 1: Surrealism


It had been weeks since I'd felt the live touch of another woman and I was beginning to feel restless. There was only so long I could go relying on my own devices for fulfillment, even with the help of live online partners. I needed to experience the excitement of a warm body next to me, one who responded to my touch just as I was to hers. I wanted to feel her hot breath on my skin, her moisture on my lips, and her moans in my ear.

One recent day after clearing through the checkout line at the grocery store, an intriguing poster caught my attention on the bulletin board near the exit. It had a photo of a buxom beauty dressed in a Wonder Woman costume with the headline Looking for a New Adventure? I stopped my cart and leaned in to admire the girl's curvy figure. Her uniform was so intricately detailed and form-fitting, it almost looked like it was painted on her. The stylized 'W' emblem on her chest arched over her firm breasts and her star-spangled briefs hugged every curve of her hourglass-shaped hips.

I'd never seen a woman in costume look so sexy and striking. As I squinted at the picture ogling her centerfold-perfect figure, I gasped when I recognized the telltale dimples and bulges on her body. At the edge of the black outline surrounding her chest emblem there were two raised nubs located in the center of each breast, and in the middle of her gold belt buckle was a little indentation right where her belly button should be. Even in the crotch of her tight blue shorts, I could make out the tiny appendage of her clitoris poking seductively between her splayed legs. I grasped the handle of my grocery cart, suddenly becoming weak at the knees.

That's not a uniform she's wearing, I thought. She's naked! That costume is actually painted on her body!

As I began reading the banner description to see what it was all about, my panties flooded with moisture:

Embrace your inner superhero—join our nude body painting workshop and experience the thrill of living out your wildest fantasies in the flesh. Explore your artistic side using the beautiful human form as your canvas. You can choose to be either the painter-voyeur or the model-exhibitionist. Bring a friend or partner up with one of our like-minded muses at our private studio. Either way, you'll find this to be an unparalleled experience. Find more details at

By the time I finished reading the ad, the front of my jeans was soaked with a giant wet spot. I found the idea of painting a beautiful naked body up close and having someone do the same to me incredibly arousing. If their customers looked anything like the Wonder Woman model, I couldn't wait to lay my brush—or my hands—on her naked body. This forum was a perfect fit with my graphic design skills. Except this time, I'd be exploring my passion for illustration with live brush and oil.

Holding my cart close to my hips to conceal the stain between my legs, I wheeled the buggy to my car and quickly drove home to gather more information about this intriguing class. When I opened the website, I was greeted with a gallery of colorful men and women bodypainted in a variety of themes. Some were covered in nature motifs with beautiful flowers and foliage covering every square inch of their bodies. Others appeared to be wearing professional uniforms that looked as authentic as the real thing. And there were plenty more superhero costumes, ranging from Batman and Superman to Catwoman and Elastagirl.

In every instance, the designs were so detailed and intricate that it was difficult to separate their naked private parts from the rest of their figures. Extra embellishment was added to their erogenous zones in a concerted effort to disguise their nudity. But as I zoomed in on each picture, it was impossible not to notice the little shadows betrayed by their bare nipples and navels. Most of the men appeared to be wearing a codpiece, but at least one brave model painted as The Thing let it all hang out with the creative placement of orange-colored stones coating his genitals.

As I scrolled further down the page viewing more pictures showing artists applying their brushes to the naked figures of their models, my panties clung to my rapidly moistening vulva. I imagined caressing my model's nipples with the soft brush hairs, watching them harden and elongate as I swirled the dye around her areolas. What a turn-on it must be to feel the wet oil being dabbled on the most private areas of your body! I slid my hand down my panties and rubbed my fingers along my slick lips, trying to imagine the sensation.

But I still had many questions about how the program worked. What happens if the model gets excited while they're being painted? How could anyone not feel aroused with someone caressing your private parts with a soft, moist brush? I imagined the studio filled with soft moans and sighs as the male models' penises hardened and the female models' hips gyrated from the pleasurable sensations.

And what becomes of the models when the artist's composition is finally finished? I thought. It would be a shame to have to wash it all off before leaving the studio. I'd want to take my newly fashioned superhero into a private room and have my way with her as I fantasized about her using her superpowers on me. Suddenly, a Live Chat box opened in the lower corner of the website window, and an ellipsis appeared, indicated someone was sending me a message...