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Pledge Week: First Time Lesbian Erotica (paperback)

Pledge Week: First Time Lesbian Erotica (paperback)

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There’s more than one way to be initiated to the pleasures of lesbian sex…

When incoming college freshman Abby joins a sorority, her eyes are opened to a whole new world of sex and depravity. During her initiation week, she’s subjected to an increasing range of submissive and humiliating rituals.

In the first ritual, each of the newcomers are handed a sex toy and required to stimulate themselves in full view of their sisters. Those who are unable to resist climaxing are forced to bend over while the seniors take turns spanking their asses.

In the next ceremony, the girls are required to kneel down and give lip service to the elders while being judged on their talent. Those who don’t pass the grade must bend over and receive a new kind of punishment.

But it’s not until the final ritual, where the newcomers are required to pair up and demonstrate new ways of stimulating one another, that the underclassmen learn just what kind of an education they’re in store to receive…

(Length: 101 pages)

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Chapter 1: Fresh Meat


When Abby drove onto the campus of Emory University with her parents, her eyes widened in wonder. With tall stately buildings, lush mature trees, and broad open courtyards, it seemed a world away from her boring suburban subdivision on the outskirts of Chicago. As she watched the young students strolling across the grounds, her heart skipped a beat, realizing this would be her first time living away from her parents.

Home-schooled since she was a child, she'd chosen Emory partly because of its Christian Methodist roots, but also because it was far enough away for her to stretch her legs and gain a degree of newfound independence. As much as she'd enjoyed being spoiled as an only child, she was eager to experience the world outside her cloistered home life.

When the car pulled up in front of the Alpha Sigma Chi sorority house, she peered through her window at the large Victorian mansion. A group of girls wearing cut-off jeans were sitting together on the front steps, and when Abby opened her side door, the heavy Georgia humidity hit her like a ton of bricks.

"Wow," she said, pulling her light cashmere sweater away from her sweaty skin. "It looks like I've overdressed."

Abby's father got out of the other side of the car, circling around to the trunk to remove Abby's heavy travel bag.

"I'm not so sure about that," he said, wrinkling his forehead at the scantily clad girls lounging on the steps. "I think you're dressed just fine for the occasion. Remember your upbringing. Just because you're leaving home doesn't mean you have to lower your moral standards."

"Yes, Daddy," Abby huffed, pulling her laptop bag out of the trunk.

"Let the poor girl breathe, Frank," Abby's mother said, glaring at her father with a disapproving stare. "She's just stepped foot on the campus, and you're already trying to smother her with your rules and expectations."

"Humpf!" Frank grunted as he limped toward the front steps carrying the heavy bag.

"Is this the Alpha Sigma Chi sorority house?" he said, pausing in front of the group of women.

"It's pretty hard to miss," one of the girls nodded, pointing up to the stylized symbols emblazoned over the eavestrough at the top of the house.

"It's all Greek to me," Frank muttered, shaking his head.

"This is our daughter Abby's first week on campus," Abby's mother said, stepping forward. "Can you point us toward her room?"

"Ah, yes, Abby," the girl said, rising up and walking down the steps while she peered at Abby's tight sweater hugging her curvy figure. "My name's Taylor and I'm the chapter president. If you follow me, I'll be happy to show you the way."

As Abby and her parents followed Taylor up the steps, Abby's pupils swelled staring at Taylor’s tight round ass, barely concealed under her cut-off shorts. Everybody else in the house seemed similarly dressed, wearing either flip-flops or bare feet on the hardwood floor, skipping from one room to the next while chatting noisily with their roommates. As much as Abby had been looking forward to meeting boys on campus, her summer fling with the next-door neighbor Jade had opened her eyes to the pleasures of lesbian sex. By the time they got to her room, her tight jeans were already soaked in the crotch.

"You can drop your bags here," Taylor said, pointing into an open room with a bunk bed and two small desks. "Your roommate hasn't arrived yet, so you get your choice of the top or bottom bunk. I'll come around a little later to get you set you up with the first day's activities."

After Taylor disappeared upstairs, Abby slid her duffel bag under the lower bunk then placed her laptop bag on the desk closest to the window.

"She seems nice enough," Abby's mother said, looking out the window. "And your room has a nice garden view."

"It's a little more cramped than my room at home," Abby nodded. "But I think I can make it work."

There was an awkward silence as Abby's parents glanced at the empty walls, unsure how to say goodbye.

"Well, you don't need us hanging around any longer than necessary," Abby's mother said. "We'll let you unpack and meet some of the other girls. I'm sure you're eager to make new friends and get the lay of the land."

"Um, yes," Abby said, pulling open the lower window to bring some fresh air into the stifling room. "Thank you for bringing me all this way. You really didn't need to drive all the way from Chicago..."

"Nonsense," Abby's father said, wrapping his arms around Abby. "We couldn't send our baby girl off to college on an airplane."

"Be sure to drive safe on the way back," Abby smiled. "I'll send you a note in a few days to let you know how things are going."

"That would be helpful," Abby's father said. "And don't forget to keep your wits about you with all these oversexed boys running around campus. There's going to be a lot of temptations now that you're all alone."

"Yes, Daddy," Abby sighed, not ready to tell him she was far more likely to lose her innocence to her sexy housemates than some college stud. "I've got my sorority sisters to keep me protected from the big bad wolves."

* * *

After Abby finished unpacking her belongings, Taylor stuck her head in the door while she passed by in the hall.

"How does it feel to be a free woman finally?" she said, stepping into the room.

"A bit strange, actually," Abby smiled, turning around to face Taylor. "This is my first time on my own, or even at an independent school."

"Yes," Taylor said. "I remember reading in your sorority application that you were home schooled. It must be quite a leap, jumping from constant supervision to being on your own."

"Well, it looks like I won't be entirely on my own," Abby smiled, motioning to the empty upper bunk. "Plus, I've got all my sorority sisters to keep me company."

"You do indeed," Taylor said. "And it all starts tonight with the initiation ceremony. Everyone will be convening downstairs at eight p.m. to welcome you and the other freshmen into the club."

Abby paused for a moment as she appraised the college senior. Taylor had a thick shock of shimmering brown hair falling over her tight halter-top shirt hugging her large, pointed breasts. Her thin bra barely concealed her dark medallion-sized nipples, and her exposed belly button seemed to be practically begging her to lower her gaze toward her slender, tanned thighs.

"That seems like an unusual term for a group of first-year students in a sorority," she stammered.

"Oh, we've got plenty of other names for you," Taylor smiled. "Frosh, plebes, virgins. By the end of the night, I’m sure you'll have a much clearer picture of your role in the hierarchy."

"Virgins? Hierarchy?" Abby said, pinching her eyebrows. "It almost sounds like you'll be making blood sacrifices."

"Well, there will be sacrifices of a sort," Taylor grinned. "And maybe even a little shedding of blood. But not to worry, it will all be in good fun."

Taylor peered down at Abby's sweater, lingering longer than usual at her upstanding tits, tightly harnessed by her old-fashioned bra.

"Though you might want to wear some more casual clothes to the event. Like a t-shirt and some shorts. It's likely to get a little messy..."