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Jade's Erotic Adventures: Lesbian Erotica Bundle, Books 51 - 55 (Final Edition)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Lesbian Erotica Bundle, Books 51 - 55 (Final Edition)

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Enjoy the final edition of the bestselling women's erotica series — now 50% off.

Book 51: Dreamscape

When Jade visits a virtual reality club, she changes into a full-body suit equipped with special probes and sensors. After strapping into the animatronic chair, she slips on the VR goggles and is transported to Eros, a hyper-realistic nightclub populated with naked men and women.

As she navigates her way around the simulated nightclub, her eyes pop at the gorgeous figures and features of the 3-D patrons. Whenever she pauses beside one, each person talks and responds to her in a natural, spontaneous manner. When she stops next to a handsome blond hunk, they begin to flirt and before long, he invites her to a lounge in the back where they begin to make out...

Book 52: Glory Hole

When Jade’s invited to another party at her friend Madison’s house, she knows she’s in store for an exciting adventure. But when she arrives at her house and sees a four-sided curtain hanging from the living room wall with a one-foot diameter hole cut in each side, she squints After Madison divides the partygoers into four groups and positions each group on separate sides of the curtain, she chooses one random participant to go inside the box and strip down.

A few moments later, Jade's eyes bulge when she sees a man’s penis sticking through the hole. When Madison randomly chooses another guest to stimulate the man from the other side of the curtain, the room is soon filled with the sound of loud moans and groans while the stranger behind the curtain is sensually caressed...

Book 53: Joy Ride

When Jade takes a late-night coach ride to return home after a long business trip, she soon becomes bored staring out the window at the dimming landscape. With her phone battery depleted and unable to sleep, she hatches a plan to stimulate herself in the darkened cabin while the other passengers doze quietly next to her.

She takes a small vibrator out of her purse and stuffs it down the front of her jeans and enjoys a long, stimulating climax. But when her seat mate wakes up and catches her moaning in obvious pleasure, she asks Jade if she can borrow her sex toy...

Book 54: The Blind Girl

When Jade saves a pretty blind girl from a dangerous traffic accident, the girl invites Jade for coffee to thank her for her kind deed. Before long, the two women become increasingly attracted to one another, and the girl invites Jade back to her apartment to continue their conversation. It doesn't take long for the two of them to fall into bed together, where Jade discovers a whole new appreciation for the art of making love blindfolded...

Book 55: The Polynesian Girl

When Jade decides to take a chartered sailing cruise of the South Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. While hiking on a remote Polynesian island, she gets bitten by a poisonous snake while watching a beautiful native girl bathing in a waterfall.

The girl brings Jade back to her tribal village and nurses her back to health. After spending time exploring the island together, they quickly fall in love. But when the chief arranges for Teuila to be married to one of the tribesmen, the girls run away and begin building a new life on a secluded side of the island.

Just as they begin enjoying the blissful solitude of their private lagoon, an interclan rivalry breaks out and Teuila is forced to make an impossible decision between saving her family or her new lover...

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Dreamscape - Chapter 1:

I noticed the sign out of the corner of my eye while driving to the mall. Eros – The Virtual Reality Fantasy Club. The tagline read Live out your wildest dreams in the privacy of your own room. With flashing red and yellow lights circulating around the billboard, it was pretty hard to miss. I slowed at a nearby stoplight and glanced at the storefront, squinting my eyes at the frosted glass windows. It was impossible to see anything inside beyond some moving shadows, and I shook my head, wondering what kind of operation they were running.

I'd heard of virtual reality, of course. A computer-generated simulation of a realistic environment where you wore special goggles or equipment to focus your attention. But why the frosted glass on the windows? What were they trying to hide? It almost seemed like one of those adult stores where they papered over the windows to protect everyone's identity. And what did they mean by living out your wildest dreams? Was this some kind of fantasy sex club?

The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became. I enjoyed using sex toys and porn videos to simulate sex with imaginary partners, but I was always conscious that I was alone and self-directing my pleasure. The idea of being in a private room with state-of-the-art technology to lose myself in the ultimate fantasy would take my erotic role-playing to an entirely new level. I decided to circle back to the club on my return from the mall to look into it further.

But after becoming increasingly distracted while shopping for new clothes, I decided to cut my mall visit short and rushed back to the club, feeling a growing wet spot in my panties. I parked my car a block away from the storefront, then I scurried up to the front door, hoping none of my friends or work colleagues would recognize me. When I opened the door, I saw a tastefully appointed reception area with modern leather armchairs and a pretty receptionist sitting behind a curved desk.

"May I help you?" she said when she noticed me peering at the movie-style posters lining the wall, depicting various fantasy scenes.

"Um, yes..." I stammered. "I just noticed your sign and wondered how this works exactly. I've never experienced something like this before–"

"One of our customer service agents will be with you shortly, if you'd like to have a seat," the girl said, motioning to one of the chairs. "May I have your name?"

"Jade," I said, taking a seat in the empty reception area, wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

The fact that there were no visible sign of customers made me wonder if this operation was legit. But the posters on the wall seemed professionally made and beautifully rendered, with gorgeous models posing in different settings ranging from science fiction to fantasy to exotic tropical islands. I didn't recognize any of the models, and I wasn't even sure if they were real people or just super-realistic CGI illustrations. But one thing was for certain. The images they depicted were highly stimulating and real enough to make me squirm in my seat while I imagined myself in one or more of the scenarios. If the live, 3-D versions of these characters and settings were anything like the two-dimensional poster illustrations, then I was definitely interested in exploring it further.

"Jade?" a pretty woman wearing a form-fitting business suit said, approaching my chair.

"Yes," I said, turning my head in surprise while I snapped out of my daydream.

"I understand you'd like some more information about our services," the woman said. "Would you like to accompany me to my office where we can talk in private?"

"Sure," I said, standing up and darting my eyes over her sexy figure.

"My name's Jillian," the woman said, extending her hand toward me.

"Pleased to meet you," I said, feeling my cheeks flushing while I gazed at her piercing blue eyes and plump lips.

"I'm down this way," Jillian said, extending her hand and leading me down a narrow hall lined with closed doors.

While I followed close behind, staring at her tight, round ass, I heard the sound of muffled moans and voices coming from behind some of the doors, and I wondered if there was more than one person involved in these role-playing scenarios.

Jillian led me into her office, then she invited me to sit in one of the two chairs on the opposite side of her desk.

"May I get you something to drink?" she said. "Coffee or tea perhaps?"

"I'm fine, thank you," I said, not entirely sure I'd be able to hold a cup of hot fluid without spilling it from my already trembling hands.

After I was seated, she sat in the chair beside me instead of behind her desk, then she crossed her leg over her knee, displaying her slender and toned muscles. I couldn't help stealing a glance at her sexy thighs, feeling my heart pounding in my chest while I gripped the handles of my chair firmly. I wasn't sure if my heightened reaction had more to do with the strange environment I found myself in or Jillian's movie-star looks. Either way, I was already primed and super-aroused, with my burning clit rubbing against the seam of my jeans and my panties soaked all the way through.

"Is this your first experience with virtual reality?" Jillian said, crossing her hands gently in her lap.

"Yes," I chuckled nervously. "Unless you count watching porn and playing with sex toys."

"Well, if that's the kind of scenarios you like to fantasize about," she said. "I can assure you that the imagery and equipment we use at our facility is nothing like anything you've ever tried before."

"How does it work, exactly?" I said, pinching my eyebrows. "Is it just fancy headphones and goggles that show 3-D movies?"

"Oh, it's much more than that," Jillian smiled. "For starters, you'll wear a full-body suit and a special helmet with sensors to stimulate all of your senses. Plus, you sit in an animatronic chair that swivels and shakes to mimic the sensation of being in a moving environment."

"You mean like those flight training simulators that pilots use?"

"Yes, except these simulators are also equipped with special probes and sensors to provide two-way feedback."

"What kind of two-way feedback?"

"The kind that enables you to experience your interaction with the characters in your selected scenes as if you were really there."

“Are you referring to my sense of touch?" I said, beginning to understand what she was getting at.

"And taste and smell..." she nodded.

"How is that even possible?" I said, widening my eyes in surprise.

"Like I said," Jillian smiled. "We have extremely sophisticated and sensitive equipment. I think you'll find it stimulates your passions in ways you can only imagine."

"And these scenarios you mentioned earlier," I said, feeling the wet spot in my jeans growing larger by the moment. "Do you have a fairly broad range to choose from?"

"We have over a hundred different settings and scenarios you can select, from expensive nightclubs to tropical islands to sensuous spas. Just about anywhere you've dreamed about going, we've recreated in a full, sensory experience."

"And what about the characters I choose to interact with? Can I select those as well?"

"Of course," Jillian nodded. "You can choose the age, gender, sexual persuasion, and body type of the main characters, as you prefer. And even mix them up from one scene to the next."

"Really?" I said, becoming increasingly intrigued by Jillian's description. "Are these scenes pre-programmed like a movie, where I'm just passively watching and experiencing the action while seated in the chair?"

"That's the beauty of our VR program," Jillian grinned. "It's entirely customized to your experience, reacting in real time to your vocalizations and bodily responses, just as you would with a real person."

"How do you do that?" I said, shaking my head in disbelief.

"Everything is driven by our artificial intelligence engine. It responds to your actions in the normal manner, through both vocal and physical responses. At least as normal as you can imagine from the opulent world you choose to implant yourself in and the sexy characters you choose to surround yourself with."

"Wow," I said, squirming in my seat while I imagined myself in these fantasy scenarios. "And these physical responses that I’ll receive, are they also super-realistic and similar to real-life settings?"

"As close as you can imagine to the real thing," Jillian smiled. "Would you like me to take you to one of the private rooms for you to sample one for yourself?"

"Yes, if it's not too much trouble," I nodded, feeling my ass sticking to the seat of her chair.

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