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The Polynesian Girl: A Lesbian Romance (ebook)

The Polynesian Girl: A Lesbian Romance (ebook)

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Everything's steamier in the tropics…

When lonely divorcée Jade decides to take a chartered sailing cruise of the South Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. While hiking on a remote Polynesian island, she gets bitten by a poisonous snake while watching a beautiful native girl bathing in a waterfall.

The girl brings Jade back to her tribal village and nurses her back to health. After spending time exploring the island together, they quickly fall in love. But when the chief arranges for Teuila to be married to one of the tribesmen, the girls run away and begin building a new life on a secluded side of the island.

Just as they begin enjoying the blissful solitude of their private lagoon, an interclan rivalry breaks out and Teuila is forced to make an impossible decision between saving her family or her new lover...

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Chapter 1: Private Charter

Peering over the prow of our fifty-foot schooner at the rising sun on the horizon, I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh scent of the ocean breeze. After a series of short but intense one-night stands, I was beginning to feel cheap and demoralized. Even though I'd taken the initiative in most of the flings, at the end of the day I'd always come home alone feeling shallow and empty.

The affairs had helped free me from the bonds of my passionless marriage and opened my eyes to the pleasures of lesbian love, but somehow I'd never been able to make any of the relationships stick. Even calling them relationships was laughable, given the longest ones never lasted beyond the occasional overnight stay. I needed to clear my mind and get away from all the distractions and temptations of the big city.

This chartered cruise was the perfect balm for my aching heart. With a tiny crew of three sailors and eleven passengers, I had plenty of time and space to collect my thoughts and recharge my batteries. In the absence of the usual big ship amenities, our private yacht provided a much-needed respite from the hectic bustle of the urban jungle. The only sound I could hear was the rhythmic flapping of the boat's sails in the gentle breeze and the peaceful slapping of the waves against the hull as our sloop pierced through the cobalt-blue water.

As the sole uncoupled passenger on our month-long tour of the South Pacific Islands, I was happy to curl up with a good book on the forward deck and feel the wind flowing through my hair. Although everybody went out of their way trying to keep me engaged, I made it clear I was content to be left to my own devices. I'd paid a hefty sum for this cozy cruise, and I just wanted to have some alone time to cleanse my soul.

"Another beautiful day in paradise?” the ship's captain Ben said as he leaned his arms on the rail beside me.

"Yes," I said, gazing off into the distance. "It's so quiet and peaceful I can actually hear myself think."

Ben pinched his eyebrows as he glanced over at me briefly.

"Is that what you’ve been doing up here? I thought most people came on these cruises to get away from all those distractions. You know, to free their minds and commune with nature and all that."

I turned my head and peered into Ben's weathered eyes. His dark skin was prematurely wrinkled, but his salt-and-pepper beard and chiseled jaw revealed a handsome, sea-worn face. I wasn't sure if he was making a veiled pass or if he was genuinely concerned for my emotional state of mind.

"Never fear, Captain. I'm feeling the weight of the world fall off my shoulders with each new nautical mile we pass through these azure waters."

“Happy to hear,” he said, straightening his arms on the handrail. "Is there anything I can get for you? Are you hungry? I've got some fresh halibut or pineapple if you're in the mood for a snack."

"Thanks," I said, shaking my head. "I'm still feeling pretty full from that full-course breakfast your chef prepared for us this morning. But in another hour or two, some fresh fruit and seafood will be just what I'm looking for."

"I'll see what we can scare up. You're going to need a little extra energy for our planned excursion later today."

He pointed toward the horizon on the port side of the ship.

"We'll be dropping anchor in another hour or so at that small island. There'll be lots of hiking trails with plenty of local flora and fauna to explore."

I squinted my eyes in the direction he was pointing and saw a tall green patch rising over the blue expanse of ocean. Up to this point in our cruise, most of the islands we'd visited had been little more than shallow reefs and sandy atolls.

"Judging by its elevation above sea level, it doesn't look so tiny from here. Is this another uninhabited island?"

"Actually, this is the first inhabited island we'll be visiting on our tour. But we're unlikely to encounter any natives. There’s a small tribe on the opposite side of the island, but they're not very accommodating to visitors. They like their privacy. In fact, they’re among the most isolated people you'll find anywhere on earth. With hundreds of miles to the next nearest inhabited island, they've learned to become quite self-sufficient."

I stared at the island as it slowly grew larger the nearer our vessel passed. It looked dense and lush, with thin silver waterfalls cascading through the thick jungle foliage.

"As long as they don't feed on foreigners to mix up their diet," I laughed nervously. "Are you sure we'll be safe there?"

The captain chuckled as he wiped a wash of sea spray from the bow of the boat off his forehead.

"Not to worry, m'lady. The whole cannibal myth is overblown. There are very few tribes that still practice that custom anywhere in the world. These people are reasonably enlightened, considering their remote location. Missionaries passed through here centuries ago, instilling a modicum of Western values. Some of them even speak English. But we'll be putting in on an isolated section of the island. In the unlikely event we encounter any natives, they shouldn't give us any trouble. Just be sure to stay close together and not stray off the beaten path."

"I wouldn't dream of going off on my own, Captain. My jungle survival skills are nonexistent—cannibals or no. I'll be happy to join up with the group for this expedition."

As Ben returned to the rear of the ship to navigate us around the encroaching shoals, I watched the beautiful island as we sailed closer. The lush foliage and turquoise water surrounding the sandy beaches reminded me of the stories of my youth. I fantasized about being marooned on the isle like Robinson Crusoe, building a fanciful fort in the trees and catching live fish to feed myself. Of course, having a hunky partner like Mel Gibson or Brooke Shields to keep me company in my little blue lagoon would make it even dreamier.

Suddenly I felt a stirring in my loins that reminded me how long it had been since I'd felt the tender touch of a lover...