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Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 1 - 5 (erotica ebook bundle #1)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 1 - 5 (erotica ebook bundle #1)

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Enjoy the bestselling lesbian erotica series — now 50% off.


Book 1: The Dinner Party

When lonely divorcée Jade seeks to broaden her sexual horizons, she's invited to a private dinner event which promises to stimulate all of her senses. Wearing nothing but masquerade masks, dinner guests receive extra special service while their fellow diners look on.

During the feast, she watches with increasing arousal as an exotic mix of naked men and women are pleasured by mysterious sensualists. When her turn finally arrives, Jade is aching in anticipation of what surprises lie in wait, while eight strangers watch her have the erotic experience of her life...

Book 2: The Dark Room

Jade discovers an erotic adventure club where naked strangers meet to explore each other's bodies in mysterious dark rooms. Using special effects to project exotic light patterns onto their bodies, the shifting shadows provide just enough illumination to highlight their figures while protecting their identities.

What happens inside the mysterious glass cubes shocks and delights her. The feeling of being caressed and worshipped by multiple partners is exhilarating. As she moves from one dark room to the next, her arousal level rises in intensity, until she's completely consumed and spent.

Book 3: Naked Yoga

Jade joins a naked yoga class where members stretch and explore each other's bodies in the buff. During the first session, she meets a young redhead who tantalizes her with her flexibility and stunning body.

At the next level class, they're thrilled when the instructor guides them through increasingly intimate partnered poses. During the final advanced class, Jade is delighted when they're finally allowed to come together and experience the ultimate in mind-body nirvana.

Book 4: Nude Cruise

Jade goes on an exciting nude cruise where naked couples participate in erotic shipboard activities. On her first day, she meets a stunning brunette who volunteers to be her 'wing woman'.

As they move from one exciting venue to another, they experience an escalating series of encounters with beautiful men and women. Join Jade as she experiences a different erotic adventure each day of her cruise, with six separate vignettes that will bring you to multiple highs...

Book 5: Rush Hour

Jade travels to New York for a business conference, where she gets the surprise of her life when she takes her first subway ride. In the crowded confines of the train compartment, someone reaches behind her and begins to caress her private parts.

She looks in the reflection of the train window and sees a pretty blonde smiling at her. Instead of flinching away, Jade accepts her advances and experiences a powerful climax surrounded by oblivious rush hour passengers. The next day, Jade encounters the same mysterious woman and is delighted when she has something even more adventurous in mind...

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Chapter 1: Hunger


It started innocently enough. After my passionless marriage dissolved, I resolved to push the boundaries of my boring love life. I’d jumped into wedlock with my college sweetheart at a young age, and neither of us had much prior sexual experience. Unless you count fully-clothed heavy petting with high school boys, which I think hardly qualifies.

Maybe it was my strict Pentecostal upbringing, which frowned upon any kind of sexual exploration before marriage. Or maybe it was my parents’ frequent admonitions against all forms of sexual ‘deviancy’, including masturbation. Apparently, my husband had been equally repressed, because he never seemed to have much interest beyond quickies in the missionary position.

But I’d read enough steamy romance novels to realize there was a whole other world of sexual expression beyond boring monogamy. In spite of my frequent suggestions and gentle guidance, my husband never became adept at pleasing me. I was left to my own devices, alone with my romance novels, to find release.

When my husband eventually left me for another woman, I welcomed my newfound freedom. I dated with relish, jumping from one lover to another, even trying a few one-night stands. But no man seemed to have the spark that ignited my passion and imagination like my hunky literary heroes. So began my tentative and rapidly escalating online explorations to find sexual fulfillment.

I started with mainstream dating sites like then ‘hook-up’ sites like PlentyofFish and Craigslist—even Each forum presented more exciting prospects and more adventurous partners. I enjoyed getting in touch with my newfound sensuality and experimenting with new sexual practices.

But something was still missing. All the men I met ultimately just wanted the same thing—to get me into bed as quickly as possible and initiate contact in the typical manner, with the usual predictable ending. It was satisfying but somehow unfulfilling. I longed to find that truly transcendent experience that shattered my erotic expectations and left me completely spent, yet still wanting more.

One night, while trolling the usual online suspects, I tried typing something new into the search box: “transcendent erotic encounters”. Amidst the usual litany of porn sites and massage parlors, I saw a listing near the bottom of the page that simply read Fantasy Feast: Satisfy All Your Senses.

Intrigued, I clicked on the link. A glowing website opened with a picture of beautiful men and women seated around a large dinner table wearing nothing but masquerade masks. Undeniable expressions of excitement and ecstasy adorned their faces.

Now this is something different, I thought. I clicked on the site’s About tab and held my breath as I read with increasing excitement about the club’s service.

Fantasy Feast is a members-only club where patrons meet over a sumptuous five-star meal to explore and excite ALL their senses in an intimate and safe environment.

We are very discriminating about who is accepted into our club, with only the most alluring and uninhibited invited to join. Upon qualification, you’ll schedule an intimate dinner feast at our luxurious private villa.

We prepare you for the meal with a full spa treatment, including sensuous bath, massage, and esthetic grooming. You’ll be given a silk robe and slippers to don in preparation for the main event. We ask you to bring your own masquerade mask to wear at all times to protect your privacy and anonymity.

You’ll join a small group of pre-selected patrons at our elegant dining table in the main hall, where you’ll be feted and serviced by our highly trained sensualists over four courses that will stimulate and excite all your senses: taste, sight, smell, sound—and touch.

We guarantee you will not be disappointed. You can choose from a broad selection of a la carte services and waive any ‘dishes’ that are not to your liking. Upon completion of the feast, your senses will be excited beyond anything you’ve ever experienced and you will be satiated in every sense of the word.

Call the private line below to begin your journey of discovery and fulfillment. We look forward to exciting your senses like they’ve never been before!

The more I read, the more I could feel the heat build up between my legs. By the time I finished, I’d completely soaked my panties imagining myself seated at the Fantasy Feast table watching my fellow dinner guests being ‘serviced’—and being watched myself.

But there were so many questions. Exactly what kind of ‘services’ were offered? Who exactly did the servicing? Did the dinner guests engage each other directly, or did we remain passive in our chairs? Was everybody naked around the table, or wearing robes? And who were these ‘sensualists’?

I was intrigued and excited in a way I’d never been before. I knew this was something I had to explore further. I reached for the phone and dialed the number...