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Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 41 - 45 (erotica ebook bundle #9)

Jade's Erotic Adventures: Books 41 - 45 (erotica ebook bundle #9)

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Enjoy Victoria Rush's latest erotica bundle – now 50% off…


Book 41: Spin the Bottle 

When Jade’s invited to another party at her friend Madison’s place, she can barely contain her excitement. Maddy always hosts the sexiest parties, and Jade is intrigued to see what’s she’s cooked up this time.

When she arrives at Madison’s house on the night of the party, she’s escorted to her living room where a crowd of strangers are sitting in a circle around a vinyl-covered mattress. But it’s not until Maddy asks everyone to strip that things begin to get interesting…


Book 42: The Hair Salon

After Jade spends two boring hours in a beauty salon waiting for her hair color to set, she hatches an idea. With the initial shampoo and head massage being such a sensual experience, why couldn’t the salon find a way to make the rest of the experience just as stimulating?

When she mentions the idea to her stylist, they begin to craft a plan for making her next stay more invigorating. On her subsequent visit, she watches excitedly as the client next to her squirms and moans in her chair…


Book 43: Tribadism 1

When Jade receives an invitation from her intimacy coach to attend a new women-only workshop, her interest is piqued. With the cryptic title Tribadism, the workshop promises to teach her new sex techniques that will elevate her erotic connections to a whole new level.

When she arrives at the studio, she sees a group of twenty women gathered in a circle around a large padded mat. When the coach asks the women to describe how many different lesbian positions they know and they can only list eight or ten, Jade’s shocked when the leader says there are over a hundred different ways two women can enjoy sex together…


Book 44: Tribadism 2

After her first day at the women-only sex workshop, Jade is still buzzing from the new lesbian tribbing techniques she’s learned. At the second session, her coach introduces some even more exotic positions for her to try out with the other sexy participants.

But when Laila introduces her gorgeous assistant and begins to demonstrate all the different ways three or more women can enjoy sex together, things really start to heat up…


Book 45: Tribadism 3

After her second session at the women-only intimacy workshop, Jade thought she’d learned all the different ways for women to enjoy sex together. But when her coach introduces some new and exciting toys for ramping up the stimulation, she soon learns there’s a whole new world of opportunities to connect.

But when Laila introduces a surprise guest into the mix, suddenly the workshop takes on a whole new tone. Handsome, buff, and extremely well-endowed, the handsome hunk is more than willing to demonstrate how adding a little testosterone into the equation can make girl-on-girl pairings even more exciting.

As the workshop participants begin to share the new man in their couplings, they soon learn that a piece of warm, hard flesh has its place in more ways than one…

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Chapter 2: The Rules of the Game

When I arrived at Madison's house on the night of the party, she escorted me to her living room where a crowd of people sat around a large mattress covered with a rubber sheet and a single, triangular-shaped pillow. I recognized many of the faces in the crowd, but there were also quite a few new people I hadn't met before. There was an even sprinkling of men and women, and as the last few guests arrived at the house, we made small talk introducing ourselves. After everybody was seated, Madison sat cross-legged at one end of the mattress with a gameboard spinner and a large hourglass positioned between her legs.

"I'm glad everyone could make it this evening," she smiled. "I see many of you have already introduced yourselves, but just to make sure nobody's left out, why don't we go around the circle and have each of you tell us who you are and what your connection to the group is."

She peered at the sexy girl next door that I remembered from her last party and nodded.

"Hi," the woman said. "My name's Laura and I'm Madison's next-door neighbor."

"My very hot next-door neighbor," Madison added. "Who likes to skinny-dip in her pool late at night while driving the rest of us crazy with her perfect figure."

There was an awkward pause, then the hunky man sitting next to Laura peered over at Maddy.

"Um, I'm Laura's husband Brad," he said. "Who occasionally can be found guilty of joining my wife naked in the pool."

"And from what I can tell under the rippling water," Madison smirked. "Skinny-dipping isn't the only thing you two like to do nude in the pool late at night."

Brad smiled with a lopsided grin then turned to the man sitting next to him, trying to deflect the attention.

"My name's Lucas," the man said, making eye contact with some of the girls around the circle. His smoldering eyes and chiseled jaw had everyone drooling while they stared at him with their mouths agape. "Maddy and I work together, but she twisted my arm asking me to come to the party tonight."

"I didn't have to twist too hard as I recall," Madison smiled, peering at Lucas through hooded lids. "After I told you it would involve touching a bunch of sexy women in ways you never imagined."

Lucas chuckled, then turned to the pretty girl sitting beside him.

"My name's Amy, and I'm Lucas's girlfriend," she said, blushing slightly.

"Are you going to be okay if your boyfriend has to touch someone else's body tonight?" Madison asked.

"Possibly," the girl said. "I suppose it depends on which parts are touching whom."

"What if it ends up being another man?" Madison teased.

"That could make it a little more interesting," Amy said, grinning at Lucas.

As everybody continued introducing themselves around the circle, we all joked and prodded each other good-naturedly. In addition to Emma, Bonnie, and Lily from last summer's all-girl camping trip, there were two new women–a pretty twenty-something brunette named Amy and a hot African-Asian girl named Mia. On the boys' side, I recognized Ryan and Neil from Madison's previous blindfold game and Dylan from the Naked Twister night. Rounding out the group were two other guys, a young Robert Redford lookalike named Noah, and a barely-legal-looking stud named Alex, who said he was Madison's pizza delivery boy. The last person to introduce herself was Shae, the exotic transgender dancer I knew from the local cabaret club.

"Okay," Madison smiled after everyone finished introducing themselves. "As you can see, we have a pretty eclectic mix of people with different backgrounds and interests, which I think will make this evening's activities all the more interesting. I see many of you have been looking with interest at the vinyl-covered mattress lying in the middle of the floor and these strange objects sitting between my legs."

"Not to mention that weird triangle-shaped pillow on the bed," Lucas said.

"Yes," Madison smiled. "There's a reason why it's shaped that way. Allow me to explain the rules of the game."

She held up the game spinner card, pointing to various body part symbols scattered around the perimeter.

"As you can see, this spinner board shows various body parts displayed as erogenous zones."

I squinted at the card, recognizing an erect penis symbol, a woman's vulva, breast, and a few other familiar zones. But I shook my head when I noticed some unusual areas of the body highlighted.

"I didn't know that the armpits and the back of the knee were erogenous areas," I said.

"I suppose we're going to find out soon enough," Madison said, peering at me with a sly smile. "I'm going to spin the needle twice. The first person and body part that it points to will be the designated receiver, who will receive stimulation to the indicated body part. Then I'll spin it a second time, and the person it points to that time will be the giver, using only the new body part shown. Pretty simple, yes?"

"What's the hourglass for?" Laura asked.

"We've got a fairly large group, so in order to spread the loving around, we'll have to limit the duration of each round to ensure everybody has a turn before the night is over."

"And we'll be doing all this fully clothed?" Dylan said with a raised eyebrow.

"What would be the fun in that?" Madison said, lowering her head as she peered at Dylan with a Cheshire Cat grin.

"What's the purpose of the oddly-shaped pillow?" Brad enquired.

"As you'll see, a few of these body parts are in some hard-to-reach places. The pillow will offer some extra support to make it easier for your partner to caress you in the various nooks and crannies."

"Is the rubber sheet there for the reason?" Ryan asked.

"What reason were you imagining?" Madison teased.

"Well, if things get heated up enough, there could be some unexpected emissions..."

"There could indeed," Madison smirked, holding up a spray bottle of Lysol and a roll of paper towels. "But I've anticipated such a possibility, so we can clean up quickly in preparation for the following round."

"Exactly how long will each round last?" Bonnie asked.

"Ten minutes, give or take," Madison said, lifting up the hourglass and turning it over as the grains of sand began to spill from one side to the other.

"And you think that will be enough time for each of us to, um, mess up the sheets?" Emma said.

"Well, they say it only takes the average person two minutes to get off while having sex. I think we'll find this is a little more titillating that the average erotic encounter. Especially with everybody watching. Something tells me that ten minutes will be more than enough time to get everyone's juices flowing."

"What if..." Amy said, crossing her arms over her chest defensively. "We're not comfortable being touched in the designated area?"

"No worries," Madison said, taking a more solemn tone. "If at any time you feel uncomfortable participating, you can simply pass your turn or just say no if you think your partner is going too far. The whole point of this game is to have fun and open ourselves up to new experiences. You'll always be in control of who and what is done to you."

After Amy nodded to signal her consent, Madison peered around the group and smiled.

"So if everybody's ready to begin, shall we get naked?"

Everybody peered at one another for a moment, then a few people slowly began peeling off their clothes until everyone sat naked around the mattress, awkwardly trying to cover up their exposed body parts. But it was obvious from the hardening nipples of many of the women and the slowly expanding penises between the men's legs that they were already becoming excited about what was about to happen next...