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All Girl 2: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 13)

All Girl 2: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 13)

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Only a woman really knows how to satisfy another woman...

Book 1: Webcam Chat

When lonely divorcée Jade searches online for a distraction one night, she uncovers a lesbian chat room where naked women have private conversations using webcams. Eventually she meets a young college girl who confides that she's attracted to her straigh roommate.

They strike up a conversation, and before long the two women are sharing an intimate exchange. But just as things begin to get interesting, their conversation is interrupted when the girl's roommate returns earlier than expected to their dorm…

Book 2: The Spa

When Jade’s best friend invites her to a private women’s spa, she gets more than they bargained for. Starting with a relaxing couples massage, the two girls are shocked when they’re greeted by two nude masseuses.

But it’s not until they get to the rooftop pool that they realize this spa is much more than a typical rejuvenation center. With beautiful naked women parading in and out of the water, it’s a feast for their eyes.

Becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of everyone’s dripping bodies, Jade heads to the sauna to try to relax. But when she finds a pretty African-American girl lounging in a provocative pose, one thing leads to another, and before long the girls are enjoying a private tryst in the hot steam room…

Book 3: The Toy Party

When Jade decides to hold a girls-only party at her place, she invites the owner of the local adult store to provide a demonstration of some of her latest sex toys. But Jade has a hidden agenda. She’s had her eye on the sexy neighbor next door and she’s hoping the demonstration will stimulate her interest in exploring a new phase of their relationship.

The party starts off innocently enough, with Cheryl demonstrating some of the more basic toys. As she passes free samples around for the girls to examine, some of them can’t resist experimenting with them in more intimate ways. Jade notices that her neighbor Alana is becoming more excited by the activity of the group, but so far everyone has remained relatively composed keeping their clothes on…

Book 4: Swedish Sauna

When Jade takes a holiday flight to Sweden, she's floored by how beautiful the flight attendants are on the plane.  As she watches the sexy stewardesses go about their duties, she curls up in her seat by the window and has a silent climax under her cozy blanket.

On the way off the plane, the lead flight attendant passes her a note, inviting her to go skiing with her and some of the other stewardesses during her stayover. When Jade gets picked up at the ski resort, things quickly escalate as the four girls become increasingly friendly…

Book 5: The Therapist

When Jade’s sex therapist friend Hannah invites her to attend one of her private sessions, she’s shocked at what she finds. Instead of merely talking through her clients’ problems, she encourages them to actively explore their bodies while she helps them lose their inhibitions.

During the initial session, Jade hides in a secluded location while a young college coed touches herself behind a private screen. As she listens to Hannah guiding the girl through her process of self-discovery, she becomes increasingly aroused in the privacy of her broom closet.

But when Hannah asks the girl if she’s ready to move on to a partnered session, Jade’s thrilled when Hannah invites her to join the girl in a mutual guided session. Join Jade as she watches the girl lose her inhibitions and eventually pair up with her in an exciting and highly erotic rendezvous…

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Chapter 1: Cybersurfing


After my playdate with the dominatrix, I felt I needed a breather to regain control over my sex life. My little excursion into the world of BDSM had been fun, but being whipped and hog-tied by a domme had its limits. Now it was my turn to set the terms of engagement. I wanted to be back in the driver's seat and branch out beyond one dominant partner.

One lonely night at home, I sat down in front of my computer and began searching for some online fun. I wanted something different from the run-of-the-mill porn—something more engaging. I needed something involving a live, two-way interaction. With a real person, someone with whom I could share a genuine, passionate, if only temporary, relationship. A virtual fuck buddy, for want of a better word.

I typed in the search words webcam sex chat and a bunch of listings popped up for live online chat. I clicked on one labeled LiveGirls, and a gallery of videos showing scantily-clad women touching themselves filled the screen. I tapped one of the thumbnails, where a live stream showed a pretty girl lying facedown on a bed, wearing only a thong. As she swayed her hips from side to side, she looked over her shoulder suggestively toward the camera. Beside the video window, a flurry of comments filled the chat box.

Spread your legs, someone named bigjohn said.

Nice ass, hornyjoe commented.

Can I see your tits? guest34 pleaded.

All the while, the pretty brunette ran her hands across her concealed breasts and rolled her hips in the same robotic manner. For a moment, I was hypnotized like everyone else by her lithe and sexy body. But as attractive as she was, I had no interest in joining what amounted to a public strip show. I was just about to exit the screen when I noticed a button for Private Chat.

Let's see if she's any more engaging one-on-one, I thought.

I clicked the button and a Join Now window covered the stream.

Jeesuz, I cursed. They never make this easy.

I filled in the required fields for Username, Password, and E-mail, then clicked the button. The next screen presented me with a choice between selecting ten free credits or buying a package of credits starting at fifty dollars.

So that's how it works, I thought. It's not much different from a real strip club. As long as you're stuffing their stockings with cash, the girls are happy to put on a show for you.

I'd never paid for sex of any kind, and I wasn't about to get started now. I didn't want to chat with someone who was only in it for the money. I backtracked to the main search screen and adjusted my search phrase to free amateur sex chat and clicked Enter.

A fresh set of listings popped up, including an intriguing one named SexRoulette — free webcam live chat. When I clicked on the link, a window came up with two side-by-side blank video screens. I enabled my laptop cam and mic, then I clicked the Start button. Suddenly, a live feed of me sitting half-naked in my bathrobe appeared in the left window, while some naked guy stroking his dick appeared in the right window.

Horrified to see that my face was showing, I quickly tilted my screen down and cursed out loud.

What's the matter? the naked guy typed in the chat box. You're very pretty. Can I see your face again?

I paused for a moment, realizing that he could hear me, then I clicked the microphone button to mute my mic. I wasn't prepared to carry on a live audio conversation with some naked guy. For that matter, I wasn't interested in carrying on a sex chat with any man.

I clicked the Next button and a different naked guy appeared with his legs spread wide apart, revealing another erect, throbbing cock. Every time I clicked Next, a different naked man appeared, pulling on his pud. As amusing as I found the experience of scrolling through a bunch of men's penises, the thought of chatting with one of these nameless guys turned my stomach.

Where were all the girls? I thought. Are only guys interested in naughty online chats?

I scanned the site and noticed some links across the top for different chat rooms. The default setting was for Mixed, but I could also choose between Guys, Girls, and Couples. Intrigued, I clicked on the Couples link, and a new window popped up showing a woman bobbing her head between a man's knees while his hand typed on a computer keyboard beside him on the bed.

Hi, the man typed in the chat window. Wanna play?

I paused for a moment, wondering if it might be fun to watch a hetero couple going at it.

Maybe some other time, I typed, before clicking on the Girls tab.

A new window popped up requiring me to verify that I was over eighteen years of age (only to view girls??) then I was redirected to a different website showing the familiar gallery of naked girls from the LiveGirls site. When I clicked on one of the images, a similar video and chat screen appeared. Another pretty young girl perched half-naked on a bed, while a bunch of anonymous viewers made lewd comments, 'tipping' her occasionally with tokens. Whenever anybody tipped her enough tokens, she bent over and waved her ass in front of the camera.

What the fuck? I thought. Is it only professional girls who want to chat online?

I clicked out of the website and was about to pull my vibrator out of my nightstand for some quiet alone time, when I decided to give it one last try.

There's got to be other lonely girls who are looking for a quick hookup with like-minded women.

I went back to the main search page and typed in lesbian online chat. Near the top of the listings, I noticed a site titled SapphicChat — girls only free online chat.

That's what I'm talking about, I said out loud, clicking the link.

Another side-by-side video setup appeared on the screen with a chat box underneath. I enabled my cam and carefully positioned my laptop lid so that only my torso was visible, then I pulled my robe tightly around my neck to cover myself up. There'd be no more skin showing until I was able to qualify a suitable candidate.

I clicked the Start button, and within a few seconds the adjacent window flickered with a live stream showing a fat woman lying on her bed with her droopy boobs hanging down by her waist.

Yikes, I said, quickly clicking the Next button. I felt bad judging the visitors so harshly, but it wasn't much different from other dating apps. If you didn't feel the chemistry right away, everybody just moved on.

After a few seconds, a new image filled the sender window. This time an older woman sat in front of her computer with her elbows propped up on her desk. Deep folds of flesh hung from her neck and upper chest as she peered sadly into the screen.

Wow, I thought. These online forums really bring out the lonely girls.

I toggled through the list of online visitors until an image appeared showing a younger girl sitting cross-legged on her bed, wearing a tight V-neck sweater. Her breasts were full and plump, and although her face was partially hidden off-screen, I could tell from the downiness of her bare legs in a mid-thigh skirt that she was considerably younger than me. I parted my legs unconsciously as my pussy throbbed in excitement.

Finally. A sexy girl who wants an authentic online chat.

ASL? I typed, wanting to be sure she was of legal age. The last thing I needed was to have the police breaking down my door for engaging a minor in online sex.

19, curious, Houston, she typed. You?

Nineteen? She barely looked of age. I'd have to vet her more carefully if things went much further.

I paused for a moment, wondering how I wanted to present myself. I didn't want to scare her away by revealing my true age if she was looking to hook up with someone younger. But she had to lean at least a little bit toward girls if she'd engaged me this far.

28, bi, Milwaukee, I stretched the facts on all three aspects.

She paused for a moment holding her hand over her computer keyboard, then the video screen suddenly went blank and a new visitor came online.

Touché, I thought. I guess this works both ways. My fellow online surfers can be just as rash and judgmental as me when it comes to who they find attractive.

Obviously. I hadn't measured up in her eyes. But had I been too old, not the right sexual orientation, or was it my body she didn't like?

I peered at my image in my webcam feed and looked at my tightly-bound boobs wrapped up in my bathrobe. I'd been slouching a bit, and the heavy terrycloth robe wasn't doing much justice to the shape of my bosom. I spread the lapels of my robe a few inches apart and lifted my chest. My ample cleavage shone through the opening, revealing the roundness of my breasts.

That looks better, I smiled, nodding at the sexy reflection. If this doesn't hook them, I'm really losing my mojo...