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All Girl 3: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 14)

All Girl 3: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 14)

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Only a woman really knows how to satisfy another woman...

Book 1: Peep Show

While scrolling through the classified listings of her city’s underground newspaper, Jade comes across an interesting ad. A local theater catering to the LGBT crowd is hosting a ladies-only casting call every Friday night where performers are encouraged to disrobe and perform an erotic dance in front of a crowd of strangers.

Intrigued, Jade buys a ticket to this week’s performance and is shocked what she discovers when she arrives at the theater. Instead of a typical strip-club setup, the stage is decorated with a single Victorian bed highlighted under a bright spotlight…

Book 2: Maid Service

When Jade is quietly working in her hotel room one morning, she hears a tap on the door for room service. She invites the maid in and is shocked at how young and pretty she is.

As the girl begins to clean the room, she discovers Jade’s sex toy lying under the bed covers. She places the object on Jade’s nightstand and continues to go about her duties while Jade catches glimpses of her sexy figure in her tight uniform.

When the maid returns later that evening for turndown service and catches Jade in the act, things quickly escalate as they share a brief but passionate tryst. But when she returns the following evening with another sexy maid for dual turndown service, Jade soon realizes that this business trip is going to be unlike any other…

Book 3: The Hitchhiker

When Jade notices a young hitchhiker at the side of the highway, she stops to see where she’s headed. She’s going all the way to California, but since it’s on the way to Jade’s business meeting, she decides to pick her up.

As they begin to share some of their mutual interests and experiences, Jade realizes they have a lot more in common than she thought. Before long, they’re wailing out country songs together on the radio and having the time of their lives.

When Jade needs to turn off the highway for her meeting, she invites the girl to have dinner with her and share her hotel room for the night. The two women are attracted to one another, but Jade is reluctant to take advantage of the much younger girl…

Book 4: The Housesitter

When Jade departs for a long overdue vacation, she leaves her house in the hands of her friend’s college-bound daughter. But it comes with a caveat. The house is equipped with a series of Wi-Fi cameras that will enable Jade to keep an eye on the precocious teenager while she’s away.

Even before Jade begins to board her plane, she catches Jenny swimming nude in the backyard pool. But when the girl moves to the adjoining hot tub and positions herself in front of an underwater jet, Jade has a hard time keeping her composure for the rest of the flight.

When she reaches her final destination and checks back in, Jenny is preparing to go to bed when she discovers Jade’s secret collection of toys in the nightstand. As things quickly begin to heat up, Jade soon loses interest in exploring the attractions of her luxury resort…

Book 5: The Slave

When Jade complains to her sex therapist friend about always being the one taking the lead in the bedroom, Hannah makes her a proposal. If Jade is so interested in playing the submissive role, how would she like to be Hannah’s slave for a week?

For her first test as a slave, Hannah takes Jade to a fancy restaurant and demands that she satisfy her under the table while she eats dinner pretending like nothing is happening. When Jade passes this first test, Hannah takes her home and ties her up to her four-poster bed, where she takes maximum advantage of her helpless but delighted friend…

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Chapter 1: Exotic Performance


After going over a week without any type of intimate contact, I was feeling especially horny today. In such circumstances, I'd normally go online to find an outlet to relieve my built-up sexual tension. But lately, I'd been finding that internet porn wasn't doing it for me. Sure, the girls were always hot and sexy and I could generally find something new and interesting to get me in the mood. But it all seemed so impersonal, so manufactured. Even my favorite lesbian webcam site had become a disappointment, with viewers swiping from one partner to the next, often right in the middle of a hot-and-heavy session.

I needed some real flesh and blood contact, or at least be able to see someone live. But I didn't just want to see and hear her, I wanted to smell her, feel her, taste her. Somebody who wouldn't exit the scene at the first sign of boredom, or as soon as she got her rocks off. I wanted to be with someone I could take my time with and enjoy the experience on my own terms. And Tinder was out of the question, since I didn't have the time or the energy to vet the candidates, nor string along the ones whose profile never seemed to align with their real personas.

After trolling through the usual online sources, I decided to try something new. I clicked on the latest issue of the Windy City Times, Chicago's long-time LGBTQ newspaper. At least here, I knew I'd be able to find authentic lesbian, bi, and trans girls. Among the litany of gay bar postings, I found an unusual listing in the classified section. Under the headline Nude Casting Call was an ad for open auditions at the local theater company. Intrigued, I clicked on the Details tab and began to read the full description:

The Bijou Theater is looking for uninhibited people who are interested in staging solo performances in the nude. With a king-size bed as your primary prop, your goal is to arouse and titillate a live audience using only your body and your wild imagination. There will be boys-only, girls-only, and mixed couples events, so you can cater your performance to your own sexual preference or mix it up as you see fit.

A winner will be chosen after each audition based on audience response, with the winners moving on to regional semi-finals and finals. The Grand Prize winner will win an all-expense-paid vacation for two to the Desire Riviera Maya Resort in Puerto Morales, Mexico. Exhibitionists and voyeurs alike are encouraged to attend. Come one, come all!

Holy shit, I thought, suddenly aware of the growing dampness in my panties. The idea of watching someone perform an erotic routine for a live audience definitely got my motor running. This wasn't some sleazy dive bar or strip club where the girls performed nude dances in front of a bunch of leering men. This was a legitimate theater where amateur performers volunteered to display their naked bodies to a group of of anonymous strangers in a darkened auditorium. And I could choose the target audience–no sweaty old men, no creepy lap dances, no private rooms where the girls were paid for private favors. I could just sit back and enjoy the show in the privacy of my own darkened alcove.

But what exactly did they mean by solo performances? Just how far did these performances go? Did they touch their bodies only superficially, simulating sex acts like a typical stripper? Or did they caress themselves in their most private regions, with the purpose of genuinely getting themselves and their onlookers off? The presence of a bed on the stage suggested it would be more than just a typical erotic dance. And how much audience participation would there be in the production? Were spectators allowed to actively stimulate themselves in the dark while they watched the performers on stage?

The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got imagining how exciting it would be to take in a live performance. Hell, if the conditions were right and the security was good enough, I might be tempted to give it a go myself. But first, I needed to check it out from the protection of the viewing gallery. At least there I'd be able to get my rocks off watching somebody else in the relative safety of a darkened auditorium. We could both take our time to ramp up our desire, knowing the only consideration was maximizing everyone's viewing pleasure and satisfaction.

I clicked on the Calendar tab and noticed a selection of dates highlighted in different colors and markings. Pink shading signified ladies-only nights, blue was men-only, and green was open to both sexes. A downward-sloping diagonal line through the box meant the show was sold out for new audience members, and an upward-sloping line meant auditions had been fully booked for that day's event. Scrolling through the pink-shaded boxes, I saw that the next three week's events were X'd out, indicating there was no room for either performers or attendees. The next available ladies night only had one line crossed through it, so I click on the date and booked a ticket immediately.

As I leaned back in my chair, imagining myself watching a pretty girl caressing herself on stage, I pulled down my panties and began rubbing my inflamed clit.

This is going to be interesting, I thought.

* * *

When the audition night finally arrived, I went to the theater and presented my online ticket to the attendant. A few other girls were waiting along with me behind the turnstiles, and after security checked our driver's licenses to verify our age and sex, they handed each of us a small bag and we entered the darkened theater, locating the closest seats to the stage. I peered in the bag and saw that it contained two items: a disposable plastic seat cover and a small box of Kleenex tissues. I smiled knowingly, then carefully spread the latex cover over the top of my chair. When I sat down and peered around me, I noticed that the room was only half full. Most of the seats were occupied by lone viewers with at least two or three open spaces separating them. I nodded, happy with the way the theater had set everything up for the maximum privacy and comfort of the spectators.

But I noticed there was also a sprinkling of same-sex couples strewn about the theater who were giggling and making out in their private cubbyholes. There was just enough light to notice that everybody was female, but not enough to establish their identities. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and a middle-aged woman walked out onto the middle of the stage under a bright spotlight. I recognized a familiar shape in the shadows behind her, and my heart began to flutter knowing that a nude performer would soon be lying on the bed, giving us a show to remember.

"Good evening, ladies and voyeurs!" she announced, holding the mic to her mouth. "Are you ready for some uniquely stimulating entertainment?”

A few people whooped and hollered, while others clapped excitedly. I wondered how many in the audience were 'regulars' who were there mostly to pass judgement on the performances, versus the first-timers like me who were there mostly for the intrigue and the stimulation.

"Those of you who've been here before already know the rules," the woman continued. "But allow me to educate the rest of the crowd to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all participants."

The buzz in the theater suddenly subsided as everyone allowed the MC to finish her briefing.

"Audience members are permitted to encourage the performers with verbal feedback, but we ask that you keep it upbeat at all times. Many of our performers are first-time auditioners, and we wish to provide them with a positive environment to express themselves openly. At the end of each performance we'll ask for your collective feedback to help us judge who should be moved on to the next stage of the competition. No booing or cat-calls–only clapping or cheering to reflect the degree to which you felt entertained. As always, we ask you to remain in your seats until the end of each performance unless you need to use the restrooms in the rear of the theater. For the safety and privacy of every performer, no one will be permitted to approach the stage at any time. Anyone breaking these rules will be promptly escorted out of the theater."

The woman paused for a moment to make sure everyone understood the ground rules. I nodded my head, beginning to appreciate the level of safety and security afforded the performers and audience members alike.

"Any questions?" the MC asked.

The room filled with silence, as everybody anticipated the next move.

"All right then," she said, swinging her arm to the side of the stage where the spotlight focused on a closed curtain hanging in the wings. "Let the show begin!"

As she receded to the opposite side of the stage, the curtain parted and a young woman looking to be in her late teens or early twenties tiptoed out onto the stage wearing a thin bathrobe. She glanced shyly toward the darkened auditorium, then walked purposefully across the stage to the king-size bed, now brightly illuminated under two criss-crossing spotlights. When she reached the edge of the bed, she paused for a moment then pulled her robe off her body and hung it on the side of the headboard, quickly slipping under the linen sheets.

I was able to catch just enough of her naked body to see that she had a petite frame and an agile figure. Her ass was firm and round, and her legs tapered with the grace of a short-track sprinter. I wondered if she might have been a college athlete. Because she'd turned her body away from the audience as she got under the covers, I wasn't able to see much of her upper body, which she'd kept carefully covered with crossed arms. But her face was young and pretty, with the plump skin, full eyebrows, and the unruffled hairstyle of a carefree adolescent.

My pussy twitched as I watched her climb into the bed, pulling the sheets high up under her neck with two hands. I smiled at how shy she was and wondered what had prompted her to participate in such an event if she felt so nervous about displaying her body. Maybe it had been a dare between her and her friends, or maybe her boy or girlfriend had put her up to it, or maybe she just wanted to experience the excitement of being naked in a room full of strangers. Either way, I found the whole premise highly stimulating, and I squirmed in my seat as I found myself getting more turned on by the moment.

I'd decided to wear a mid-length skirt and button-up blouse with no underwear underneath to provide maximum freedom of movement in the event I had the opportunity to touch myself. As I watched the girl lower one hand down the front of her abdomen under the thin sheet, my legs began to spread apart unconsciously. She still held the covers tightly under her chin with one hand, but the flimsy fabric meandering like a snake left little doubt what she was doing. At first, she teasingly cupped one of her breasts with her free hand, pinching the nipple with her fingers as her eyes darted tentatively around the darkened theater. I could tell she was nervous and excited at the same time, and I was happy she couldn't see any of our faces to embolden her actions.

Mmm, a few people in the audience hummed, encouraging her to continue. The girl smiled then inched her hand lower down her abdomen. When it reached the top of her hips, I saw her fingers probe the area near the base of her mound, and her face twitched when she found her sensitive spot. As she began to circle her fingers over her love button, my own fingers began to inch under my skirt toward my tingling gland. There was something incredibly sexy about watching a young girl touch herself under the covers, knowing that everyone's eyes in the room were glued on her.

With the murmurs from the audience turning from hums of approval to gentle moans, the girl slowly began to spread her legs, as the movement of her hand between her legs started to speed up. I could see her chest beginning to rise and fall as her desire began to mount, and she tried to keep a straight face as her lips puckered and her eyelashes batted intermittently while a gentle flush began to spread over her cheeks.

"Show us more!" one of the couples in the corner yelled.

The girl stopped moving for a moment, temporarily taken aback by the intrusion, then she slowly lowered the cover down to the base of her hips. Her tits were small but perky, resting high on her chest in a sexy crescent shape, with large areolas and dark nubs. She lifted her other hand from under the sheet and cupped both of them, pinching her hardening nipples between her fingers.

"Yes," somebody purred a few rows in front of me.

Emboldened by the audience's reaction, the girl soon traced one hand back down under the sheets and resumed stimulating her pussy. As I watched the sheets tenting and puffing from the action of her hand, I slipped my own hand under my skirt and began mimicking her movement, stroking and caressing my little man-in-the-boat. I didn't know exactly why, but I found the experience of watching a live girl touching herself in a darkened theater much more arousing than watching somebody masturbate online.

I was dying to see more of her body and just when I was about to encourage her to pull the sheets down a little further, someone else in the audience beat me to it.

“Let us see your pretty pussy," someone called from the back of the theater.

The girl paused for a moment, unsure how much she wanted to reveal. Then she drew her legs back together and pulled the covers down over her knees. I could see her hairy muff sitting on top of her mound, glistening from the juices she'd been spreading over the area with her free hand. She began to separate her legs, then suddenly stopped, not ready to reveal her most private areas to a room full of strangers. But her heaving chest indicated that she was still turned on and desperate to touch herself.

Suddenly, she flipped over onto her stomach, placing both of her hands under her crotch with her legs tightly closed. As I watched her buttocks flexing and her hips pressing rhythmically down onto the mattress, it became apparent to everyone watching exactly what she was doing with her hands. While her hips began to flop up and down on the mattress, her mouth spread open as a flush rolled over her face.

Fuck, I murmured to myself, watching her jill herself under her stomach. That is so hot!

Seeing her masturbating so demurely with her pretty ass and back toward us was somehow even more of a turn-on than watching her close-up. I thrust my fingers inside my cunt and began fucking myself more vigorously, imagining myself straddling her with a strap-on dildo.

God, how I'd like a piece of that pretty ass.

"Spread your legs further apart!" someone called from the other side of the theater.

As if on cue, the girl began to spread her thighs until they were separated about thirty degrees apart. I could now see her fingers moving rapidly between her cleft with the underside of her glistening slit poking tantalizingly between her pink globes.

As the sound of impassioned sighs and moans began to spread around the theater, I glanced around me and noticed the telltale sign of movement in the adjacent seats. Many of the girls in my row had their legs spread wide apart as they stroked their pussies while they watched the pretty girl on the stage grow increasingly excited. I glanced at one of the couples in the corner and saw that one girl had her leg raised over the armrest while her partner rammed her fingers into her snatch as she kissed her passionately.

Suddenly, the girl on the stage began to moan more loudly as she angled her ass upwards, spreading her knees further apart. We could now see her entire glistening vulva, highlighted by the twin spotlights shining on her ass, from her pretty pink pucker down past her slit all the way to her hairy muff. As she sped up the movement of her right hand circling her clit, she reached further down between her legs with her other hand and inserted two fingers inside her hole.

She was now unashamedly fucking herself with two hands for the entire theater to see, with no further impediments, or hint of shyness. I could hear the sound of other fingers sloshing in and out of pussies all around me as other horny audience members rammed themselves in sympathy with the girl on the stage. Within seconds, a crimson flush spread over the girl's cheeks and her buttocks began to tremble. As her knees began to wobble from side to side, she squealed like an injured animal, caught up in the throes of a powerful orgasm.

Watching her come in full view of the surrounding audience was more than I could bear, and I arched my back, clamping down hard over my fingers, spraying my pent-up juices all over the metal back of the seat in front of me. As soft gasps and groans emanated from every corner of the theater, the turned-on crowd released their own pent-up pleasure in tandem with the pretty co-ed. I glanced over at the lesbian couple in the corner and saw the girl with her leg over the armrest convulsing in pleasure as her partner rammed her fist into her while they both watched the stage, transfixed by the erotic performance.

When the pretty coed finally stopped shaking, she pulled the sheets back up over her body and the stage darkened, as the spotlight shifted to the curtains on the opposite side of the rostrum. The MC walked back out onto the platform, holding a small device in her hand.

"What did you guys think?" she asked, pointing her smartphone out to the crowd. "Was that worthy of an encore appearance?"

"Woo-hoo!" some audience members hollered.

I noticed a needle swing clockwise on the decibel-reading app.

"Let's give the young lady a proper round of applause," the MC hollered. "Show her how much you all really enjoyed the performance!"

The crowd erupted in applause and cheering, demonstrating their appreciation and satisfaction with the performance. I noticed the needle swing about sixty percent of the way around the circle, and the MC turned the device around to register the results.

"Let's take a little breather while we give our next performer a few minutes to prepare," she nodded. "But compose yourselves, because the next performer is a crowd favorite!"

As the woman strolled back into the shadows, a group of stagehands began remaking the now empty bed with a fresh set of linens.

I wish they'd offer us a similar turndown service, I thought as I wiped the back of the seat in front of me with one of the napkins provided in my care package. Because if that girl only justifies a rating of sixty percent, I'm going to need some fresh towels before this evening is over.