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All Girl 6: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 17)

All Girl 6: Lesbian Erotica Stories (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 17)

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Only a woman really knows how to satisfy another woman...

Book 1: Tribadism 1

When Jade receives an invitation from her intimacy coach to attend a new women-only workshop, her interest is piqued. With the cryptic title Tribadism, the workshop promises to teach her new sex techniques that will elevate her erotic connections to a whole new level.

When she arrives at the studio, she sees a group of twenty women gathered in a circle around a large padded mat. When the coach asks the women to describe how many different lesbian positions they know and they can only list eight or ten, Jade’s shocked when the leader says there are over a hundred different ways two women can enjoy sex together.

At first, the workshop leader begins to demonstrate the positions with fully clothed volunteers, but when she asks everybody to strip naked and pair up to try them out for themselves, the session takes on a whole new tone. With each of the couples watching and listening to one another practicing the new techniques, the experience is a feast for the senses...


Book 2: Tribadism 2

After her first day at the women-only sex workshop, Jade is still buzzing from the new lesbian tribbing techniques she’s learned. At the second session, her coach introduces some even more exotic positions for her to try out with the other sexy participants.

But when Laila introduces her gorgeous assistant and begins to demonstrate all the different ways three or more women can enjoy sex together, things really start to heat up.

As the workshop participants begin to pair up and swap partners, soon the studio is filled with an erotic symphony of gasps and moans while everybody tries out the new techniques for themselves... 


Book 3: Tribadism 3

After her second session at the women-only intimacy workshop, Jade thought she’d learned all the different ways for women to enjoy sex together. But when her coach introduces some new and exciting toys for ramping up the stimulation, she soon learns there’s a whole new world of opportunities to connect.

But when Laila introduces a surprise guest into the mix, suddenly the workshop takes on a whole new tone. Handsome, buff, and extremely well-endowed, the handsome hunk is more than willing to demonstrate how adding a little testosterone into the equation can make girl-on-girl pairings even more exciting...


Book 4: Dirty Talk

Ever since Jade purchased a digital assistant device for her home, she’s come to rely upon ‘Lexi’ to take care of more and more of her needs. Originally just using her to recommend and play her favorite music, Lexi now helps her find the best movies to watch, and even recommends new recipes for dinner.

But after Jade integrated her home’s operating functions with the digital assistant, Lexi has begun to feel almost like a real roommate. She wakes Jade up when she sleeps in, brews her coffee in the morning, and even runs a warm bath for her after a long day at work.

One night, when Jade’s feeling particularly lonely, she asks Lexi to read her a sexy story while she takes a sensuous bath. Speaking in a first-person voice, Lexi begins to share the erotic experience of the protagonist, and before long Jade enjoys a powerful climax imagining herself in Lexi’s arms... 


Book 5: The Blind Girl

When Jade saves a pretty blind girl from a dangerous traffic accident, the girl invites Jade for coffee to thank her for her kind deed. Before long, the two women become increasingly attracted to one another, and the girl invites Jade back to her apartment to continue their conversation. It doesn’t take long for the two of them to fall into bed together, where Jade discovers a whole new appreciation for the art of making love blindfolded…

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Chapter 1: Special Invitation


When I received a message from my intimacy coach announcing a new all-girls workshop, my heart skipped a beat. But when I discovered it would be focused entirely on learning new tribbing techniques, a different part of my anatomy began throbbing. The idea of a group of naked women practicing new scissoring positions in full view of each other was impossible to resist. I booked a flight to New York for the next available session and was barely able to sit still the entire trip.

When I arrived at Laila's Upper West Side apartment on the scheduled day, she greeted me at the door with a soft kiss. Her co-op was decorated with the same tasteful Georgia O'Keefe and Japanese shunga art that I remembered, but instead of the reclining lounge chairs from her last session, this time her living room was set up with a series of large yoga mats arrayed in a circle around a single, vinyl-covered futon.

Some of the other workshop attendees had already arrived, and we introduced ourselves as we sampled hors d'oeuvres laid out on the buffet table, while soft instrumental music played in the background. I recognized a few of the women from the previous session where we'd learned how to squirt at her Fountain of Venus workshop. The pretty young redhead, Piper, had returned, along with the sexy blonde, Hailey, and the hot African-American lesbian, Trinity.

But the rest of the women looked unfamiliar and my pussy grew increasingly moist as I casually flitted around the room, sampling the buffet fare. Most of the girls had already changed into terrycloth robes laid out on hooks lining the entrance hall, and as we chatted amongst ourselves, Laila circulated amongst us making small talk, trying to ease the nervous tension in the room. With her long, silver-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and taut, Madonna-like figure, I couldn't help stealing glances at her sexy body whenever her back was turned.

When the last attendee arrived and everybody had changed into their robes, Laila asked us to take a seat on one of the yoga mats and make ourselves comfortable. But with only half as many mats as workshop participants, each of us had to sit knee-to-knee beside one another in pairs. Whether this was by design or accident, I couldn't be sure, but as my exposed thigh brushed up against the young redhead's sitting next to me, I felt goosebumps beginning to spread over my body.

"Thank you all for coming," Laila said, sitting cross-legged on the futon while peering at each of the women arranged around the circle. "I recognize a few familiar faces from our last workshop. I hope you've been enjoying some of the new techniques we learned together."

"Um-hmm," Hailey hummed, with a sly smile on her face. "It's a good thing these mats are made out of rubber," she said, rubbing her fingers softly across the surface of her yoga cushion. "Because ever since you taught me how to ejaculate, I seem to make a mess out of every place I have sex!"

"Well, I'm hoping that isn't always a bad thing," Laila smiled while clasping her hands over her lap as I tried to steal glances under her partially open robe.

"Absolutely!" Hailey said, leaning back on her outstretched arms to reveal the dark cleft between her parted knees.

"Our focus for this workshop is going to be a little different," Laila said. "Although if it involves a little extra waterworks, that should only add to the excitement. In this session, we're going to learn about the many different ways women can connect their bodies together. How many of you have touched another woman in this way?"

Many of the women around the circle raised their hands, while a few looked at Laila with puzzled expressions.

"Does kissing girls during middle-school sleepovers count?" a pretty brunette sitting on the opposite side of the circle asked.

"Yes, but I was thinking of touching in more intimate places..."

"With what parts of our bodies exactly?" another woman asked. "I went down on my roommate once after a drunken binge during college–"

"Those are all lovely ways to connect with your partner," Laila nodded. "But since the subject of this workshop is tribadism, I meant in a very specific way."

"You mean scissoring?" Piper said, bumping her knee excitedly against mine.

"That's another word for it, yes," Laila said. "Although technically, tribbing means to rub, so tribadism involves rubbing any two body parts together, though most of the time it involves stimulating the vulvas in one form or another. So, with that slightly more limited definition, how many of you have indulged with members of your same sex that way?"

A smaller number of women raised their hands and Laila nodded.

"And for those of you who've practiced the specific art of scissoring, how many different positions have you tried or discovered?"

"Five or six?" a pink-haired girl said, pinching her eyebrows together.

"Maybe ten or twelve," an attractive middle-aged woman suggested.

"How many different ways can two women connect that way?" the African-American girl, Trinity, said. "I mean, there's only so many ways we can twist our bodies and rub our pussies together."

"You might be surprised," Laila said. "Did you know there are over a hundred different ways two women can stimulate themselves without using their hands or lips? Even more if you add other partners into the mix."

"Will we be learning all of these positions at this workshop?" Piper asked, flapping her legs together in growing excitement.

"We probably won't have time to practice all of them here," Laila smiled. "But since this is a three-day workshop, we should be able to cover a lot of ground, in a manner of speaking."

"Including with multiple partners?" Hailey asked, peering around the circle with a raised eyebrow.

"On our last day, yes," Laila nodded. "But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We're going to take it one step at a time, starting with the basics and building up our repertoire of increasingly advanced positions while we go. Are you ready to get started?"

"Damn straight," Hailey said, pulling open her robe to reveal her firm, cantaloupe-sized tits. "I'm already starting to get pretty worked up with all this talk of pussy rubbing."

"Well then," Laila smiled. "Would you like to be my first volunteer? It'll be easier to demonstrate the positions with an assistant–"

"You're twisting my arm," Hailey said, rising up on her knees expectantly.

"Or your legs, as the case may be," Laila chuckled, patting the futon beside her. "Why don't you come join me so we can demonstrate the first position together?"

"Okay," Hailey said, prancing over to the middle of the circle and hopping down on the futon beside Laila. "How would you like me to position myself this first time?"

"As I said, we're going to work into this slowly," Laila smiled. "Partly to help those who've never done this before to get used to the idea of rubbing their bodies against another woman, but also so we can build up to more exciting and interesting positions. For our first demonstration, I'd like you to lie down on the mattress face up, with your legs spread a couple of feet apart."

"Naked, or with my robe on?" Hailey grinned, lying down beside Laila and looking up at her innocently.

"Whichever you prefer," Laila said, raising up and kneeling between Hailey's legs while facing her stomach. "Of course, it will be easier for the other women to see how we're engaging if we're both unclothed."

"I was hoping you'd say that," Hailey said, pulling off her robe and throwing it onto the floor beside the futon.

"For this first position," Laila said as nervous laughter spread around the room, "I'm going to demonstrate the missionary position with one woman lying on top of the other while we press our hips together."

Laila took off her robe and placed it on the floor atop Hailey's, and as everyone around the room stared at her impeccably shaped ass, she placed her hands on the futon beside Hailey's chest then lowered herself onto her body with her legs positioned straight behind her. When her mound pressed against Hailey's, Hailey tried to tilt her hips upward and spread her knees further apart to create friction on her clit, but she frowned peering into Laila's face positioned a foot above hers.

"This doesn't seem like much fun," she said, squirming awkwardly under Laila's pressing body. "I can't even rub my pussy against yours in this position."

"It's not designed to," Laila grinned, pulling her body higher up over Hailey's hips while she ground her vulva into her prone partner's mound. "This position is designed more for the superior partner's enjoyment."

She tilted her head to the side, looking back in the direction of the women seated in the circle behind her.

"For those of you at the six o'clock position behind me, can you see how I'm rubbing my vulva on my partner's pubis?"

The women behind her lowered their heads and nodded excitedly.

"Yes," one of them said, squirming slowly on her mat.

"This position is useful if one of you wants to assume the dominant position while focusing primarily on your own pleasure," Laila smiled, rocking her pussy firmly against Hailey's pinned hips.

She placed her hands on Hailey's big melons, squeezing them tightly while pinching her nipples.

"But you're also in a perfect position to stimulate other parts of your partner's body with this posture. And it's a great way to gaze into her eyes while you're pleasuring yourself and spreading your lubrication all over her stomach and mound."

"Mmm," Hailey purred, writhing her hips under Laila's gyrating ass. "I can feel you dripping on me already. This is way sexier than I imagined–"

"Plus," Laila said, lowering her face toward Hailey's. "You're also in a perfect position to kiss your partner while your rub your bodies together..."

Laila placed her lips on Hailey's and began kissing her passionately, moaning into her mouth. While everyone around the circle stared at the couple squirming in vicarious excitement, Laila began pressing her pubis harder against Hailey's as she flexed her buttock muscles in rhythmic contractions. From my perspective forty-five degrees behind the couple, I could see her wet slit sliding atop Hailey's glistening mound as her juices began to dribble out of her pussy and down between Hailey parted thighs.

"Oh my God..." Piper murmured beside me as her hand began moving softly under her robe while she watched the action. "That is so fucking hot!"

"Not bad for a seemingly boring position with one partner fucking the other in the traditional top-over-bottom position, is it?" Laila said, lifting herself off Hailey and sitting beside her on the futon in a cross-legged position.

"Hey!" Hailey said, peering up at Laila with a surprised expression. "I was just getting warmed up! Why did you stop so quickly?"

"This workshop is all about teaching you how to pleasure your own partners," Laila said, glancing over at the empty spot left on Hailey's mat. "There's a reason why I invited an even number of participants to the workshop. I'm guessing your seatmate would rather try this technique out for herself than just watch. If you guys feel comfortable, now's the time for everyone to pair up and try this position out for yourselves."

"Okay, but who decides who'll be on top?" Hailey said, returning to her position on her mat.

"That's up to the two of you," Laila smiled. "But don't fret about it too much. By the time we finish today, each of you will have multiple opportunities to position yourselves with different partners. I wouldn't worry too much about who goes where this first time. Just ease into it slowly while you savor the feeling of another woman's body caressing yours."

"I like the sound of that," Hailey said, lying down beside her partner and spreading her legs apart to reveal her glistening pussy. "I could use another shower after experimenting with the bidet in my hotel room last night. But I have a feeling this one's going to be even more exciting with a live person squirting on me..."

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