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Too Close for Comfort: Lesbian Taboo Romance (ebook)

Too Close for Comfort: Lesbian Taboo Romance (ebook)

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Forbidden love is the most intense love…

When Jade travels to Miami to visit her long-lost brother, she's surprised when his wife Gabriella takes her aside and confides that they haven't had sex in months. Hoping to take her mind off their marital troubles, Jade decides to take her shopping.

But while they’re trying on new bikinis at the department store, one thing leads to another and they end up having a passionate tryst in the dressing room. After sharing a long heart-to-heart chat at the beach, Jade finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her sister-in-law.

When they return to Gabriella's home, they find it increasingly difficult to hide their growing attachment to one another. When it’s time for them to go to their separate bedrooms later in the evening, Gabby sneaks out in the middle of the night and slips under the covers with Jade.

While they try to conceal their muffled gasps and groans entangled in each other’s arms, Jade’s brother rises unexpectedly to use the restroom. When he can’t find his wife anywhere in the house, he’s shocked to find her lying in bed with his sister…

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Chapter 1: Catching Up

As I watched our 787 Dreamliner arc over Biscayne Bay on approach to Miami International Airport, I couldn't help thinking back on fond memories from my youth. My brother Stephen and I had grown up on the northern shores of Chicago, where we made frequent trips to the beaches of Lake Michigan with our parents, frolicking in the surf and playing with our water toys until the sun went down.

But it had been almost five years since I'd seen Stephen after he took an executive position with American Airlines and married his college sweetheart, Gabriella. We'd tried to stay in touch as best we could from afar, but our communications seemed to be more and more focused on his struggling career with the airline. His job as Vice-President of Marketing had become increasingly strained in the midst of continual downsizing and consolidation in the industry following the last big recession.

In addition to the never-ending pressure to boost revenues in the super-competitive business, he'd grown fearful of the constant layoffs, worried when his own job might be on the cutting block. I'd hoped by visiting him that I could take his mind off work for a little while and reflect on happier times. Plus, I hadn't seen Gabby since their wedding ceremony on the North Shore, and I was looking forward to getting caught up with both of them.

As the jet's altitude lowered approaching the city, I could see the trails of motorboats and jet-skis plying the turquoise waters off Miami Beach. Little parasols dotted the beach as people lounged on the sand, periodically wading into the frothy waves. It had been far too long since I'd experienced the sublime sensation of warm saltwater rolling over my bare feet, and I could feel my skin tingling at the thought of finding some quality downtime with Gabby and Steve.

When the plane skidded down onto the runway, I turned on my phone and sent a message to Steve to let him know I'd arrived. He'd promised to pick me up at the airport and drive me back to his home in Coral Gables. After I picked up my luggage at the baggage claim carousel and headed toward the ground transportation area of the terminal, I saw him waiting near the exit door, and he waved at me. He looked weary and pale, but he still had that thick shock of curly blond hair I remembered as a kid and the handsome smile that had convinced his pretty bride to move halfway across the country in pursuit of his new job.

When we greeted, he gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek.

"How was the flight?" he said. "Did you enjoy the first-class seats I arranged for you through the Friends and Family Program?"

"Yes," I said. "But it was hardly necessary for such a short flight. Though I did enjoy the view from my window seat on the right-hand side of the plane. The beaches look spectacular along the east side. I'm looking forward to getting out in the sun again after a long winter."

I took a moment to appraise his pallid complexion and two-day-old growth of beard.

"It looks like you could use a bit of sunshine and fresh air yourself. You're looking far too pale for someone who lives right next to one of the most popular tourist destinations in America."

"Humpf," Stephen grunted. "If only I could find the time away from work. With all the pressures and downsizing in the airline industry over the past few years, it's been all-hands-on-deck just trying to stay afloat. If I don't put in the extra hours, I'm afraid my job will be the next one to be made redundant."

"Let's not worry about any of that right now," I smiled. "Let's just pretend like we're eight years old again and lap up this little slice of paradise for the next week or so."

I looked around the terminal for any sign of his wife.

"Where's Gabby? I've been looking forward to seeing her almost as much as you. We never really got a chance to become properly acquainted after you moved to Florida."

"She wanted to prepare a nice homecoming meal for the three of us. Plus, traffic at this time of day is pretty crazy. It's not much fun navigating the smog-choked streets of Miami during rush hour."

"Okay, Mr. Sourpants," I chuckled. "I feel really sorry for you, with your glamorous job and cushy lifestyle in this little patch of Eden.

“Come on," I said, threading my arm between his, and pulling my roller bag toward the exit. "Let's get out of this busy terminal and go see your pretty wife."

* * *

On the drive back to his place, I tried to take Stephen's mind off his troubles by talking about the old days and laughing about all the shenanigans we got into as kids, but I could tell that his mind was elsewhere as he asked me half-heartedly about what was going on in my life. When we turned into the gated neighborhood of Gables Estates and drove up his long brick-lined driveway toward his pink stucco house, I gasped.

"Holy crap, Steve!" I gushed. "You're really moving up in the world!"

"Hardly," he huffed. "This is just a middle-class property in this part of Miami. The real money is out on the islands and in Palm Beach. You should see some of the estates along the shoreline."

"I wouldn't sell yourself short," I said, admiring the manicured gardens surrounding his house with tall hibiscus trees and brightly colored flowers. "It looks to me like you're doing pretty well for yourself."

"Come," he said, parking his Audi in the driveway. "You must be hungry after traveling half the day. Gabby's eager to see you again."

He led me into the house, where I admired his marble floors and upscale Miami decor. With tall ceilings and huge picture windows overlooking a large garden, his home looked like the epitome of laid-back southern lifestyle. But when I saw Gabby working in the large open kitchen, my attention was suddenly diverted to the more natural features of the home. Wearing a tight-fitting apron around her curvy figure with her hair tied up in a bun atop her head, she looked even more beautiful than I remembered her at their wedding.

"Jade!" she exclaimed when she caught sight of me entering the room. "It's seems like forever since I last saw you!"

She dropped her cooking utensils and rushed toward me, throwing her arms around my back. I could feel her firm breasts pressing against me, and I blushed self-consciously at the visceral reaction to her touch.

"I know," I sighed. "Five years is way too long for close family not to see one another. I've been looking forward to this trip for ages."

I glanced at Gabby's pretty cooking uniform and nodded approvingly.

"I see the passage of time has been good to you. You look even more gorgeous than ever, as if that were even possible."

"I was just about to say the same thing about you," she said. "I love that new bob hairstyle."

She glanced down my body, running her eyes up and down my figure.

"And what have you been doing to stay in shape? You look as buff as always. It can't just be yoga that's giving you all those beautiful curves?"

"I've been getting my exercise in lots of novel ways," I smiled, not quite ready to tell her and Stephen about my recent forays into the arms of lesbian lovers.

"Well whatever you're doing, you'll have to share your secret with me. This southern lifestyle can be a little too laid-back sometimes to keep up my girly figure."

"Um, I think you're managing just fine in spite of the unfortunate surroundings you find yourself in," I said, peering sarcastically around their luxurious house.

"Okay, enough self-congratulations, you two lovebirds," Stephen interjected. "I'm starved. What's that exquisite concoction I'm smelling on the stove?"

"I made one of your favorite meals in honor of your sister's arrival," Gabby said. "Ventresca tuna with whole wheat pasta and kalamata olives in homemade tomato sauce. It's just about ready." Gabby handed me a bottle of wine and pointed toward the preset table. "Do you want to pour the wine, Jade? This Malbec goes perfect with tuna."

"My pleasure," I smiled. "I could do with a couple of glasses of wine to decompress after a day of traveling."

* * *

The three of us got caught up over dinner, and I was happy to see Stephen relaxing a bit while we all laughed about our childhoods and talked about current developments. Steve and Gabby made occasional intimations about developments in my love life after my marriage had quickly dissolved, but I told them I was taking my time exploring the dating field once again.

But I couldn't help noticing a certain emotional distance between the two of them. They hardly looked at each other the entire time during the meal and their chairs at the table seemed unnaturally far apart for a married couple. At first, I chocked it up to the size of their large dining room table, but when Stephen excused himself after an hour or so to get caught up on some overdue work in his study, I couldn't help probing a little further with Gabby while we cleaned up in the kitchen.

"How's everything been going down here in la-la land?" I said, drying off the pots and pans as she placed them in the opposite side of the sink after washing them. "Stephen seems a little more distracted than usual."

Gabby paused for a moment while she nodded toward the suds in the basin.

"He hasn't been quite the same since he took that executive position at the airline. At first, I attributed it up to his desire to get ahead and consolidate his position at the firm. But with all the layoffs and competitive pressures the past few years in the industry, I think he's grown increasingly worried about keeping his job. We're carrying a pretty big mortgage, and he's always been mindful of his role as the primary breadwinner in the family."

"Hmm," I nodded sympathetically. "I can see how that might weigh on his mind. And what about the two of you? Have you been thinking about expanding the family with the pitter-patter of little feet in this marble palace of yours?"

"God, no," she frowned. "Now is definitely not the right time. We'd need two fully participating parents to make that work. Besides, it takes a certain degree of physical intimacy to make babies these days. Stephen's been so self-absorbed in his work the past few months, he barely touches me anymore. I can't even remember the last time we had sex."

"Wow," I said. "I'm sorry to hear that. A healthy sex life is an important part of a successful marriage. Maybe we can take his mind off work for a few days while I'm down here visiting. Go down to the beach and frolic in the surf, and all that. Maybe if he sees you in skimpy bikini again, it'll change his mind about attending to your female needs."

"I'd like that," Gabby said, putting the clean pots back into the kitchen cupboard. "But I might need to update my swimsuit if I hope to arouse his passions again. All I've got left in my wardrobe is a frumpy old one-piece suit from back in the day."

I took a quick look at her generous bosom bulging out from the top of her apron and shook my head.

"Well we can't have that Goddess figure of yours all covered up in nylon while we're strutting along South Beach. What do you say the two of us go shopping tomorrow to pick out the perfect temptation? I could use a bit of a refresh to my summer wardrobe too!"