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Party Games: Exhibitionist Sex (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 11)

Party Games: Exhibitionist Sex (Erotica Themed Bundles, Book 11)

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In these party games, everybody wins...

Enjoy the complete erotic party collection – now 60% off!

Book 1: Parlor Games

When Jade receives a titillating invitation to a special party at her friend Madison’s place, her interest is piqued. But it’s not until she arrives at her house and is told to strip while Madison places a blindfold around her eyes, that she begins to understand what’s in store.

Jade enters the parlor room and is placed in a circle of chairs amongst a crowd of strangers. As Madison introduces the guests one at a time to her choice of partner, the couples explore each other’s bodies not knowing if they’ll be paired with a man or a woman...

Book 2: The Toy Party

When Jade decides to hold a girls-only party at her place, she invites the owner of the local adult store to provide a demonstration of some of her latest sex toys. But Jade has a hidden agenda. She’s had her eye on the sexy neighbor next door and she’s hoping the demonstration will stimulate her interest in exploring a new phase of their relationship.

The party starts off innocently enough, with Cheryl demonstrating some of the more basic toys. As she passes free samples around for the girls to examine, some of them can’t resist experimenting with them in more intimate ways. Jade notices that her neighbor Alana is becoming more excited by the activity of the group, but so far everyone has remained relatively composed keeping their clothes on...

Book 3: Naked Twister

When Jade receives another party invitation from her friend Madison, she knows she’s in for a surprising adventure. But it’s not until she arrives at her home and sees a group of her friends crowded around a Twister game mat, that she begins to guess what’s in store.

The game starts the usual way, with the teams fully clothed and competing to see who can stay upright on the mat longest. But when Madison asks everyone to take off their clothing in the next round, the fun really begins.

The new object of the game is to maximize the number of body touches with their partners while stretching into ever more twisted contortions. As both the players and the spectators become increasingly turned on watching the action, the game takes on a whole new tone...

Book 4: The Costume Party

When Jade’s best friend Hannah tells her they’ve been invited to the most exclusive party of the year, Jade is intrigued. But when Hannah explains that it’s going to be a nude costume party at billionaire Steve Bannon’s mansion, she gets even more excited.

As they begin to search for sexy costumes online, Jade becomes increasingly aroused thinking of all the fun she can have playing a different character. When she finally settles on the outfit she wants to wear, she decides to keep it a secret until they arrive at the estate.

When Jade finally reveals her provocative costume, she becomes the instant hit of the party. Men and women alike are drawn to her multi-functional disguise, and before long she’s enjoying secret trysts with many of the powerful guests...

Book 5: Spin the Bottle

When Jade’s invited to a new party at her friend Madison’s place, she can barely contain her excitement. Maddy always hosts the wildest parties, and Jade is intrigued to see what’s she’s cooked up this time.

When she arrives at Madison’s house on the night of the party, she’s escorted to her living room where a crowd of strangers are sitting in a circle around a vinyl-covered mattress. But it’s not until Maddy asks everyone to strip when things begin to get interesting.

 She’s developed an unusual game board with various pictures of sexy body parts. The first person the spinner points to will receive stimulation to the selected body part. The second person it points to will be the one giving stimulation using a new body part...

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Chapter 1: The Invitation


This had to be the strangest party invitation I'd ever received.

And the most titillating.

It was from my friend Madison, and the subject heading simply read Parlor Game:

You are cordially invited to a special party at Madison's house, Saturday, June 15, at 9:00 p.m. sharp. Dress code is optional. It's a sit-down affair, but I assure you it will be anything but boring. Be prepared to be entertained like you've never been before. Come alone, but come often!


P.S.: There will be special arrival procedures. Text me five minutes before you get to the door. Please be punctual because the game cannot be interrupted once started. RSVP by Friday, 6:00 p.m.

WTF? I thought upon first reading the invitation. What kind of parlor game is 'dress code optional'? Did that mean we were free to wear whatever we wanted, or did it mean we were meant to wear no clothing at all? And why couldn't I bring a date?

But I liked the come often idea.

What was Madison up to this time? I knew she had a kinky side, but I had no idea what she had planned for this event. Who could turn down such an invitation? Her parties always had the most interesting people, the best music, and plenty of unexpected hook-ups.

I picked up the phone and called her as soon as I got the message, dying to get all the dirt on this shindig.

"Whassup, gurl?" Maddie said when she answered my call, recognizing my caller ID.

"You've definitely got my attention now," I said.

"You got my message?"

"Uh–yeah. That is one crazy, cryptic invite. What are you getting us into this time?"

"Sorry, I can't provide any more details," she said. "Need to know only. Everything will be explained when you arrive. Are you coming?"

"How could I not, with that kind of invitation? But I'm confused about your dress code comment. I have no idea what to wear."

"It doesn't matter what you wear. I assure you no one will be paying attention to any of that."

"Oh, come on!" I said. "Now you've really got me squirming in my chair. You have to give me at least a hint at what's going to happen. Is it at least legal?"

"Of course," she said. "We're all consenting adults. But there will be an opt-out clause for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable participating. I'd never put my friends in a compromising position."

"Okay, you've twisted my arm," I said. "But what's this calling five minutes ahead business? I've never heard of such a thing beyond the usual RSVP."

"It's just to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our guests. It's the anonymity of the affair that makes this party so special."

Anonymity? I thought. So I'm not going to know anyone who'll be attending? How does she propose to maintain everyone's privacy? This thing was getting weirder and more exciting by the moment.

"Fine," I said, shaking my head in frustration. "Your house, your rules. But this better be everything it's cracked up to be. Because now you've seriously raised my expectations."

"I hope that's not the only thing I've raised," she purred over the phone. "See you Saturday at nine. Don't be late!"

When I hung up the phone, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. The call had done nothing to lessen my confusion about the event, only to further arouse my curiosity and excitement. And yes, she'd definitely succeeded in raising more than just my expectations. Feeling my clit hardening in my panties, I opened my blouse and squeezed my erect nipples.

I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into, but my rapidly moistening panties told me this wasn't going to be a party soon forgotten.


On the night of the event, I circled Madison's block at least three times trying to get a better idea about this mysterious game she’d cooked up. But all I could see was a slow procession of strangers approaching her door, one at a time. In each case, she opened the door to greet them, then closed it just as quickly. I had no way of determining how many guests had arrived or what was going on inside. I thought I recognized a few cars parked on the adjoining streets, but there was no way of knowing for sure if they belonged to people I knew.

Note to self. Next time take a pic of my friend's plate and attach it to their contact listing on my phone. You never know when that might come in handy.

On my fourth go-round, I called Maddie from the next street over five minutes before nine. I didn't want to be the first one to break protocol and miss any of the fun.

"I'm here," I said when I heard her pick up.

"Cool," she said. "Find a parking spot close to the house, then come up to the door in five minutes. I'll greet you and get you all set up."

Set up? I thought, hanging up the phone. What does that mean? And what's with all this careful spacing of guests? Isn't a party supposed to be all about getting to know one another and meeting new faces?

No matter, I thought, circling around the block and finding a spot on the side of her street four houses down. Judging by the number of cars queued up, it looked like it was going to be an intimate affair. I walked up to her door and tapped the bell. Madison opened the door and after glancing outside to make sure I was alone, she ushered me into her foyer.

"Glad you could make it," she said, smiling at me. "I was afraid I might have scared you off."

"Are you kidding me?" I said. "Wild horses couldn't keep me from coming to this party. If only to see what you've got cooked up."

"I'm glad," she said. "It wouldn't be the same without you."

She pulled a thin black cloth out of a bag resting on the floor and handed it to me. "First up, I need you to put this on."

"A blindfold?" I said, widening my eyes. "What for?"

"You'll see," she said. "Maybe not in the literal sense, but everything will become apparent soon enough."

She carefully positioned the bandana over my eyes then tied it firmly behind my head.

"No peeking," she said. "That'll ruin all the fun. Not to mention everyone's privacy."

"I couldn't even if I wanted to," I said, feeling the soft fabric wrap snugly over my nose and cheekbones, blocking out my entire field of vision. "Are you going to escort me inside so I don't break a leg?"

"Of course. But you'll have to strip first."