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Joy Ride: Public Sex Erotica (ebook)

Joy Ride: Public Sex Erotica (ebook)

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There’s more than one way to stay awake on a long bus ride…

When Jade takes a late-night coach ride to return home after a long business trip, she soon becomes bored staring out the window at the dimming landscape. With her phone battery depleted and unable to sleep, she hatches a plan to stimulate herself in the darkened cabin while the other passengers doze quietly next to her.

She takes a small vibrator out of her purse and stuffs it down the front of her jeans and enjoys a long, stimulating climax. But when her seat mate wakes up and catches her moaning in obvious pleasure, she asks Jade if she can borrow her sex toy.

While Jade becomes increasingly turned on watching one passenger after another take turns pleasuring themselves, eventually the entire back row of the bus strips down and enjoys a private orgy unbeknownst to the oblivious driver.


Jade's Erotic Adventures:

Jade's Erotic Adventures is a series of stories following the adventures of recent divorcée Jade, who embarks on a journey of sexual reawakening when her passionless marriage dissolves. Looking to expand her sexual horizons, she experiences one exciting escapade after another with a bevy of new (male, female, and transgender) partners. Each story is a standalone book that can be read in any order.

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Chapter 1: Nothing Else To Do


It was the worst snowstorm to hit the U.S. Midwest in years. After my return flight to Chicago was finally cleared for takeoff, our pilot informed us mid-flight that O'Hare airport had been closed and that we'd be diverted to Des Moines until the weather cleared. When we landed, I tried desperately to book another flight to the next nearest airport, but everything in the area was snowed in. I had an important business meeting the next day, and getting home late wasn't an option. My only choices were to rent a car or take a coach bus for the long four-hour drive from Iowa to Illinois. But the thought of driving home in the dark on a slippery highway half asleep didn't appeal much to me, so I took a taxi to the local Greyhound station and booked the last coach trip leaving at midnight.

By the time I got on the bus, my phone battery had died and I laid my head on the side glass of my window seat, hoping to catch a few winks before getting ready for my morning meeting. But I was so hopped up on caffeine from drinking coffee all evening that I couldn't sleep. While the other passengers slept quietly around me, I stared out the window, watching the snow-covered fields passing silently beside me while I listened to the quiet rumble of the bus wheels on the interstate highway.

After a half hour or so, I grew bored with nothing to do and, with the cabin pitch dark and everybody sleeping, I slowly unzipped the front of my jeans, slipping my fingers under the waistband of my panties, trying to stimulate my twitching clit. But it was difficult to slide my hand far enough down in my tight-fitting jeans to get sufficient traction, and after glancing over at the girl sitting next to me to make sure she was sound asleep, I quietly reached into my purse for my trusty travel vibrator.

The U-shaped Tiani vibrator was the perfect sex toy, small enough to be used discreetly, but large enough to stimulate every part of my erogenous zones. The fat, bulbous end nested perfectly inside my pussy to stimulate my G-spot, while the flat, curved end pressed against my clit, providing dual stimulation to generate the most amazing blended orgasms. And the best part was that it came with a separate controller that I could use to stimulate myself remotely while I concentrated on the sensation of the device humming inside me.

Keeping one eye on the girl sleeping next to me, I slowly stuffed the vibrator down the front of my pants, gently slipping the fat end into my dripping pussy. After I positioned the device against the underside of my vulva, I leaned my head back against the seat cushion and closed my eyes, gently tapping the buttons on the remote control to select my favorite pulse pattern. Thank heavens I'd had the presence of mind to recharge the battery in my hotel room before I left for the airport. With almost three hours of run-time at normal speed, I hoped it would last long enough to keep me entertained for the rest of my trip.

I clicked the mode button until I felt the alternating pulse pattern that I used to edge for long periods, slowly turning the flywheel on the remote until I reached a comfortable buzz on my tingling button. While I concentrated on the vibrations radiating inside my throbbing pussy, I slowly spread my knees apart, grazing the girl's thigh resting next me. She stirred for a moment, then she snorted softly before turning her head in the other direction, resting her arms over her rising and falling chest.

Satisfied that she was still asleep, I felt confident enough to turn the vibration speed up until it was humming loudly inside me. Thankfully, the sound of the bus wheels on the wet highway muffled the sound of the vibrator, and as my pleasure began to grow, I spread my legs apart once again, twisting the flywheel until the device was vibrating hard inside me. The feeling of the fat tip rubbing against my G-spot while the thin end simultaneously buzzed against my tingling gland was impossible to resist, and within a few minutes I was gyrating my hips as I tried to stifle groans.

When I reached the tipping point and couldn't hold back the floodgates any longer, I grunted loudly while I gushed into my panties, jerking softly in my seat while I enjoyed a long, luxurious climax in the privacy of my darkened seat. After my contractions finally began to ebb, I turned the vibrations off on my controller, savoring the exquisite feeling of the two-pronged vibrator resting quietly inside me.

"That was hot!" my seatmate suddenly said, nudging me gently with her elbow.

"What?" I said, horrified that I'd awoken her with my squirming and moaning and been discovered in the act.

"Don't worry," the girl said, smiling at me while she glanced down at my wet crotch. "Your secret is safe with me. But I'm intrigued what you're using to stimulate yourself. I can hear the sound of a vibrator, but it appears to be perfectly disguised."

"It's a special U-shaped one that fits snugly against your pussy," I nodded, becoming newly aroused by her interest in my vibrator. "One side goes inside to stimulate your G-spot while the other end stimulates your clit."

"No way!" the girl said, flaring her eyes open in excitement. "Can I give it a try? I mean, that is, if you're finished stimulating yourself..."