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The Erotic Temple - Part 1: An Adult Fairy Tale (paperback)

The Erotic Temple - Part 1: An Adult Fairy Tale (paperback)

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Sometimes a hard man is good to find…

When Clover and her friends stumble upon an ancient temple in the forest, at first they’re mesmerized by the exotic poses of the stone sculptures. But as they get closer and begin to touch the beautiful figures, they suddenly begin to shake and rumble, until the effigies come to life.

Once they discover that touching the casts with their hands and other body parts transforms them into humans, they set about freeing the many imprisoned subjects. But with the ancient carvings depicting hundreds of unusual combinations, it takes the trio many days to complete their arduous task…

(Length: 56 pages)

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After Clover, Tara, and Jessop left the camp of the strange tribespeople with multiple sex organs, they traipsed through the woods, feeling alternately exhausted and elated.

"That has to be the strangest group of people we've met so far," Tara said, still walking unsteadily from her throbbing and aching pussy.

"Yes," Clover nodded, adjusting her tight bodysuit over her sopping vulva. "And definitely the weirdest sex I've ever had."

"I don't know what you guys are complaining about," Jessop said, his tumescent cock still tingling from the thought of the unusual experiences they'd recently shared. "We got to experience every possible variation of highly erotic sex you could possibly imagine."

"Yeah, and more than one I wouldn't imagine in my wildest dreams," Tara chuckled.

Clover peered up into the thick canopy hanging overhead at the abundance of strange wildlife flitting through the trees.

"I have to admit that I'm a little envious of those women with multiple pussies," she nodded. "Can you imagine what it must feel like to orgasm more than once at the same time?"

"I certainly can," Jessop said, his organ swelling larger under his tight leggings the more he reflected back on the indigenous people's sexy bodies. "If I had two dicks like those hung tribesmen, I could keep both of you entertained for hours at a time."

"I dunno," Tara grinned. "If we had bodies like the hermaphrodites, we could keep ourselves entertained as much as we wanted."

"I guess we're just going to have to settle for having sex the same old boring way we're accustomed to," Jessop sighed.

"Don't worry, Jess," Clover said, peering at the growing bulge in his pants. "Something tells me you're going to find plenty of other ways to keep yourself amused from now on."

Jessop noticed a dark animal moving through the thick forest brush and suddenly stopped abruptly.

"I'm feeling the need for a different kind of fulfillment right now," he said, pointing to a large boar clawing for turnips in the fertile soil. "All that crazy sex has built up quite an appetite in my empty stomach."

"Me too," Tara said, motioning for her friends to circle around the animal to block its escape while she slowly pulled an arrow out of the quiver hung over her shoulder.

She placed the arrow on the string of her bow and pulled it back toward her nose while she crept through the underbrush on her tiptoes. When the boar heard the snap of a twig under her foot, he quickly looked up, but it was too late. Tara's practiced aim speared him squarely in the chest, and he fell over onto his side, breathing raggedly. Tara pulled out a knife from her belt and knelt beside the wounded animal, quickly slicing his throat to put it out of his misery.

"You never cease to amaze me," Jessop said, approaching the captured quarry with wide eyes.

“What, with how easily I can capture wild game?" Tara said, looking at him with pinched eyebrows.

"That, and how coldly you can dispatch it," he chuckled.

"I say a prayer for every animal before I kill it," Tara huffed. "Every living thing is sacred to me, but at the same time, every form of life is food for someone else, in one form or another."

Clover peered at Jessop disapprovingly, placing her hands on her hips angrily.

"I haven't heard you complaining about Tara's hunting prowess before," she said. "You're the one who said you were hungry.”

"I'm not complaining," Jessop backpedaled, throwing up his hands defensively. "It's just, you don't expect to see such a cold-blooded killer from such a pretty–"

"Elf?" Tara said, staring up at Jessop with a twisted sneer.

"–sexy woman," he said, quickly trying to save face with his newfound friend.

"Well, for that little wisecrack, you can be in charge of cleaning the prey while Clover and I prepare the fire. That is, if you think that's not a womanly enough task for us also..."

"Of course," Jessop smiled. "We're all equals out here in the wilderness. One for all, and all for–"

"Jessop?" Clover said, lifting an eyebrow while glaring at her colleague. "Maybe you should have stayed with your new ladyboy friend at the camp of mutants. I'm not sure there's enough cocks in this triumvirate to satisfy your manly urges."

"Oh, come on," Jessop groaned, crossing his arms over his chest in defeat. "I'm sorry if I offended you. I didn't mean to suggest–"

"It's alright, Jess," Tara said, standing up and handing him her knife as she glanced down at his shriveling organ. "We're just messing with you. Just remember where your meal ticket comes from. You might be handy swinging that big sword of yours in the heat of battle, but we women know how to use our special tools to get what we want also."

"There's no doubt of that," Jessop nodded, grabbing the boar's hind legs and hefting the animal over his back while he headed toward a sturdy tree to hang the beast up in preparation for cleaning. "You guys do your thing while I cut off a drumstick for each of us to eat. It's getting late and we'll need to bed down soon for the night."

Clover paused for a moment while she winked in Tara's direction.

"If you play your cards right and grovel a little more, maybe we'll let you climb into our bedroll tonight to keep you warm," she smiled.

"Oh, I plan on groveling plenty," Jessop grinned. "These boar's legs aren't the only chunks of juicy meat I plan on feeding you tonight."

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