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The Erotic Temple - Part 2: An Adult Fairy Tale (paperback)

The Erotic Temple - Part 2: An Adult Fairy Tale (paperback)

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Sometimes a hard man is good to find…

After Clover and her friends finish exploring the erotic Sannyan temple on the first day, they’re surprised and delighted to find some of the tribespeople’s magic literally rubbing off on them.

Newly equipped with both male and female sexual appendages, the trio continue freeing the trapped natives from their locked embraces, discovering ever new and exhilarating kinky combinations.

But it’s not until they find a hidden entrance to the inside of the tomb that they learn the real secret behind the tribespeople’s sexual powers and unusual libido. Will the trio unlock even more surprising erotic discoveries, or will they be trapped in the mysterious palace along with the remainder of the trapped natives?

(Length: 62 pages)

Clover's Fantasy Adventures series:

Clover's Fantasy Adventures is a series of stories following the adventures of wayward youth Clover, who accidentally passes through a portal into the strange and wonderful fantasy world of Abbynthia. Teeming with sensuous foliage and randy elves, witches, and woodsmen, Clover encounters one erotic adventure after another while on her quest to find the portal to take her back home.

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Chapter 1

After Clover and Tara experienced their first fucking using their newly equipped cocks, they were eager to try other combinations to see what else they could do with their bi-functional organs.

"That last pairing was insane," Clover grinned, staring down at her still-swelling instrument, dripping a long string of cum while bobbing excitedly in front of her with each beat of her racing heart. "My dick's still tingling, what about yours?"

"Yeah," Tara nodded, rubbing the tip of her erect organ with her right hand while she fingered her dripping pussy with her other hand. "I thought most guys needed some recovery time after climaxing, but our tools seem to be already prepared for another go."

"What do you think, Jessop?" Clover said, peering over at her other friend, who was busy ogling the girls' big dicks while his own erection slapped against his stomach. "Your tool seems to be newly energized after that last pairing. Do you need a rest before we try to unlock some more of the natives?"

Jessop paused as he gazed down at his upturned cock with amazement.

"There's something about this place that makes me tingle," he said. "I could go at this all day. The possibilities with these tribespeople seem almost endless."

"Good," Clover said. "Because Tara and I are excited to see what else we can do with these oversize phalluses while we still have them. I don't know how much longer this magic spell will last."

"We've already tried them out on some pussies," Tara smiled. "Why don't we see if we can find some men to mix it up with this time?"

"Works for me," Clover nodded. "How about you, Jess? Are you getting tired of fucking other guys yet?"

"It's been a learning experience so far," Jessop chuckled. "Between getting butt-fucked for the first time and creaming over another guy's hard-on, I'm being stretched in ways I never imagined."

Clover smiled as she peered upwards towards the next tier of stone figures embedded in the temple walls.

"There's still plenty of other options to explore," she said, pointing toward another sculpture. "What about that one?"

Her friends glanced at a group of tribesmen standing with their butts facing one another while they each bent downwards, sucking their own upturned erections. Somehow, seeing them locked together in the act of self love made the scene seem even more erotic, and they quickly climbed up to the next level to begin stimulating their genitals. It didn't take long for the frozen figures to begin shaking and tremoring, and as their stone bodies started to soften and turn to muscle and sinew, the three tribesmen groaned as they pressed their mouths further down their swelling shafts.

"Fuck, that's hot!" Tara said, stepping back to savor the spectacle of the three men sucking their enormous cocks.

"No kidding," Clover said, gripping her hard-on with her right hand while she thrust three fingers of her other hand deep inside her sopping pussy. "I wonder what it feels like to get a blow-job from a man?"

"I dunno," Tara grinned, circling her dripping crown with the tips of her fingers. "But everyone says they do it better than women. I suppose they already know where the most sensitive parts are."

"What do you say, Jess?" Clover smiled, watching Jessop squeeze his balls while he watched the three men auto-fellating themselves. "Haven't you ever fantasized about getting sucked off by a guy?"

"Yeah," Jessop nodded. "Although in this case, I might be willing to switch positions for a change. I'd love to feel one of those guys' big tools in my mouth..."

"It doesn't look like we'll have to wait much longer," Tara chuckled, noticing the tribesmen's balls beginning to rise as their now fully animated organs throbbed in their mouths.

"Fuck, I need some of that," Clover nodded as she absent-mindedly stroked her own swelling organ.

Seconds later, the three men lowered their heads in tandem, until their lips touched the base of their balls as they wrapped their arms around the back of their knees, locking their bodies into a folded position while they squirted their seeds deep down their throats.

"Do you see that?" Clover said, watching their shafts pulsating with each contraction and spurt of their powerful orgasms.

"Shit, yes," Tara panted, stroking her cock ever faster. "That might be the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life."

"It's bringing back some memories," Jessop smiled as he stared at the quivering trio of tribesmen while they throat-fucked themselves, happily drinking down every last drop of their spurting semen.

When they finally stopped shaking and quivering, they pulled their heads off their swelling tools and stood up, peering at the excited faces of their curious liberators.

"Thank you," each of them said, remembering how their leader had told them how they'd be eventually freed.

"Is there any way we can repay your kindness?" one of the tribesmen said.

"Well actually," Clover said, peering at their dripping erections. "We were kind of wondering what that felt like. You see, my friend and I have just recently grown one of our own. I don't suppose you'd like to–"

"We'd be happy to," the second tribesman said, glancing at the women's throbbing tools and glistening inner thighs. "But what about the boy?"

Jessop's grin stretched wide as a Cheshire Cat while he stared at the native man's beautiful pole.

"I was thinking of switching positions with you," he said. "I've never sucked another man's cock that big before."

"Are you sure you'll be able to fit me in your mouth?" the tribesman grinned. "It looks like you've been practicing on somewhat smaller appendages."

"Maybe not all of it," Jessop chuckled. "But I'm willing to give it a try."

"Alright then," the third tribesman said, striding toward Tara and dropping onto his knees in front of her flexing pecker. "It looks like all three of you are ready."

"Yessss," Tara groaned when the man took her erect tool in his mouth and began swirling his tongue around the sensitive flesh under the coronal ridge of her glans.

"Can I have some of that?" Clover said toward the second native man as he kneeled in front of her upturned erection, staring at her quivering breasts.

"Mmm," he hummed, taking her dick into his mouth while he wrapped his hands around the back of her ass, squeezing her buttocks.

"Uh!" she inhaled sharply, surprised at how good it felt to feel a man's lips around her throbbing instrument.

"Feels incredible, doesn't it?" Tara nodded as she peered over at Clover's hard-on bobbing in and out of the other tribesman's mouth.

"Are you kidding me?" Clover panted. "Now I see why queer guys say once you go gay, there's no other way."

"What about you, Jess–" Tara began to say, stopping herself when she noticed Jessop's head already planted halfway down over the thick shaft of the third tribesman's prick.

"I don't think you should distract him right now," Clover smiled. "He seems to have other things on his mind at the moment."

"Not to mention stuffing his face," Tara chuckled, face-fucking her partner while he pressed his hands between her legs to caress her dripping vulva, slipping two of his fingers deep into her cavity.

"Oh my God," Clover huffed beside her as she felt the other tribesman slip one of his fingers between her ass checks to tickle her rosebud.

"I don't think this is the first time these guys have done this sort of thing before," Tara grunted, beginning to feel her pleasure building toward the bursting point.

"Yes," Clover panted while she arched her body forward over the back of her partner. "This feels a lot different than fucking a pussy..."

"I don't know if it's because of what they're doing with their tongues, or the fact that we're fucking two dudes with our new cocks–"

"Right now, I could come with a rooster sucking my cock," Clover nodded as her buttocks began to quiver in anticipation of the flood of pleasure rising inside her pelvis. "I can't hold it much longer..."

"Fuck, yes," Tara groaned as she grabbed the back of her partner's head, pulling his lips all the way down the length of her throbbing erection. "I'm gonna gush my juices over this guy's face any second now."

Suddenly, the two women heard some loud grunting noises coming from Jessop's direction, and when they saw his partner tensing his buttocks in obvious climax while Jessop jetted his own semen upwards toward his shaking balls in uncontrolled excitement, they both tumbled over the edge in mutual pleasure.

"Uhnnn," Clover groaned as a deep flush rolled over her bouncing tits toward her face.  "Oh fuckkkkkk..."

"Ssssssst," Tara hissed in unison, exhaling rapidly as she squirted her pussy juices all over her partner's face while her erection throbbed in his mouth.

"Mmmft," was all Jessop could murmur as the last tribesman emptied his seed in long, hard pulses down his throat while Jessop humped his hips blindly in the air, climaxing simultaneously without a single touch to his own quivering instrument.

While the three friends squealed and trembled in simultaneous pleasure, they barely even noticed the shifting gazes of the other embedded figures surrounding them on both sides...

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